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01 May 2015 19:10 #1 by geezer (geezer)
Luxurious Items Needed was created by geezer (geezer)
Pendarvin is looking for Luxurious items, and to a lesser extent, durable items, particularly bookshelves. To obtain them, I am willing to trade 5 foodstuffs for 4 of the others, or purchase them at market price. Those interested may post below or send me a missive.

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

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01 May 2015 20:27 #2 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic Luxurious Items Needed
I would be happy to trade Pendarvin some of my Ice Wine if the next time I am in the proper.


Caldor Eirson,

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02 May 2015 11:09 #3 by Rowan Uidhir (Teresa)
Replied by Rowan Uidhir (Teresa) on topic Luxurious Items Needed
I may have written some stories, songs and scripts that you may be able to purchase for Pendarvin's entertainment. I'll be in the proper sometime within the month.

Signed and Sung,

-Rowan Uidhir
-Fira Sinclair, Ambassador of Valdalis

(OOG) Teresa Amore

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