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25 Jan 2016 12:50 #1 by Angry (Angryman86)
Reclaiming our home was created by Angry (Angryman86)
People of Travance,

I am happy to say that we were able to push our way back to the Proper and reclaimed it from the husks.

We were also able to start on the repairs that need to be done. The statehouses fixed, the altars, forge, Cairn, mages guild and Adventure's guild hall repaired. This was able to be done because people came forward and gave what was needed to assist with this things. I am personally going to thank some of these people here.

William Sterling, Thank you for assisting with starting with the repairs. It greatly helped to gain momentum to complete the task.

Siegfried Aldorson for his help with repairing buildings and the forge.

Rudy Stonebar, Burkhart, Edmund Patterson, Elric Ashby: thank you for your assistance with making things for the town while the rest of us focused mainly on the buildings. Your assistance with the buildings was also appreciated as well.

I would like to send out a thank you to those of you that provided the stone, ironwood, food and other things that were needed to make these repairs happen.

There is still more work to be done. This is not over, but it is time for us to keep moving forward and one day in the future we will have our homes restored. Thank you all for your hard work this past moon and for the work that is ahead.

Father Angrin McCoy, Baronial Quartermaster
Bill Schoellkopf - the "Angry" man
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25 Jan 2016 19:14 #2 by Kleidin (Kleidin)
Replied by Kleidin (Kleidin) on topic Reclaiming our home

As we spoke yesterday morn, please send workers to Vadalis Crossroads. A few residents came to Travance to beg for assistance.

thank you for your service,

Lady Kleidin du Tenkukai Weaveforger Laurent-Belmont of Kaladonia
Master Witch Hunter, and Elder Druid
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26 Jan 2016 08:48 #3 by Elric_Ashby (Elric_Ashby)
Replied by Elric_Ashby (Elric_Ashby) on topic Reclaiming our home
If I may, I would also like to thank Illana Darkwood, as well as Danny McKraegar for their assistance with repairing the damage to the adventurer's guild building.

Father Elric Ashby

Father Elric Ashby, Artificer, Priest of Galladel, Master of the Adventurer's guild, Warden of the Phokus.

Dr. Viktor Solvei, Pioneer Surgeon

OOG Benjamin Oakley, New Player Marshal... of doom
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