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21 Apr 2016 15:46 #1 by Kaz (vortre127)
Heimriel's Research was created by Kaz (vortre127)
Hello Travance, I have been a scholar in Travance for a couple of moons now and I am working on a couple of research ventures and would very much appreciate any information or assistance with my research. I would mostly prefer anyone that would like to just help out for free or would want to just be able to see what my findings are upon completion, but if monetary compensation would be required then I would try to see what coin I would be able to scrape together. The areas of my research is currently on the lands surrounding Travance, the nobility, and the guilds. I also should like to talk to the Druids more and be able to record their teachings.

I have discovered who all of the lords, ladies, and knights of Travance and the lands are, but I don't know much about them. Would anyone be able to share any tales of glory about them, their professional skills, humble upbringings, or other information about them. I should like to possibly create a book to tell of their greatness.

I appreciate the help and look forward to sharing their tales.


IG: Kaz
OOG: Trevor Butcher

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21 Apr 2016 16:30 #2 by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist)
Replied by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist) on topic Heimriel's Research
There are likely those who are more knowledgeable regarding the subject, but you can always reach out to me for information regarding the Barony. Regarding speaking with the Druids and Rangers, see me next feast at 4 bells past high noon on Saturday. I will escort you to the Conclave's meeting.

~ Pvt. Arradir

Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard
Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Barony of Travance
OOG: Joe Glaser | Marshal & Land Staff

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21 Apr 2016 17:05 - 21 Apr 2016 23:48 #3 by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes)
Replied by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes) on topic Heimriel's Research
Another scribbler chasing the glory of those who came before him.
What happened to individuals putting pen to paper for their own sake?
To scribe works of truth and enlightenment?

You are in luck, scribbler.
Those who attain glory here love to hear of their own doings.
Especially from their own lips.
You will find many willing to hold forth on such a topic.

Should you wish to blaze your own trail, I can speak to you of such matters.


"What do you take me for? Some kind of big damn hero?"
Sergei Petsho, Voivode and Steward of Inovar, Owner and Masseur Extraordinaire of Magic Hands Massage.

"What, it's for my research, I swear!"
Nigel Whitworth, Gentleman Apothecary

"Here, kid, suck on this and shut up for a while."
Aengus MacAengus Hesperus, Professional Old Person

OOG: Chris Zipeto
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21 Apr 2016 18:20 #4 by Verrill Lebastion (Wellby)
Replied by Verrill Lebastion (Wellby) on topic Heimriel's Research
I can tell you some stories.

Keeper Robert Tzaareth

Magistrate of Travance
R. Tzaareth

Verrill Lebastion,
House Elder of House Bastion
OOG: -Ben .H
Monster Marshal

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21 Apr 2016 19:03 #5 by O. Nesterin (kuemanner)
Replied by O. Nesterin (kuemanner) on topic Heimriel's Research
Any information you'd want about druids I'm sure I could help you find. Worry not about that. Like Arradir said, if you have not been shown the druids notice board Arradir or I can bring you to this moons meeting.


Ser Oacenth Nesterin
Knight of Alisandria
Dragoon of House Melebrine

OOG: Nick Culberson
Player Rep

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