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27 Sep 2016 05:22 #1 by Trent Mayfair (Chad Brayman)
Bards on Strike! was created by Trent Mayfair (Chad Brayman)
To all Bards of all lands.

It is with great sadness that we now tell you of an egregious breach of justice on the part of the courts of Travance. Many Moons ago, whilst Trent Mayfaire and the Creepy Bard were performing, they were viciously attacked with intent to kill, mid-song, by a man named Silas Crone (unsure of exact spelling).

When Silas Crone was brought to trial for these actions, the defense he apparently offered was, "They couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!". The court charged him a minor fine to be paid to Travance for practicing Black Sorcery within Travance and nothing more.

Our fellow bards, this defamation cannot stand. When anybody can kill a bard and get away with it, it means that none of us are safe! We therefore ask all Bards to stand with us in protest of this series of events that have been laughably called "Justice". Let no Bardic Spell Song be sung, let no ballads be told, and let no performance ring out, for the next time that you do, know that you may be killed by a random audience member and they will not face any penalties for their actions against you.

Until the one known as Silas Crone is truly brought to justice and has paid appropriate compensation to the two bards who were attacked with wanton intent to kill and then slandered in his defense, and until the judge who accepted such a defense as legitimate is removed from his position of power, we hereby call for all Bards to join us in protest.

Let it be known across the lands that the bards are now on strike, with the exception of off-key protest songs!

-Trent Mayfaire and The Creepy Bard
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27 Sep 2016 08:31 #2 by Andy (Andy)
Replied by Andy (Andy) on topic Bards on Strike!
If you sought personal compensation this is not the way to do it.

Calling for the removal of his Excellency, whom presided over the court, would be treason. Calling into question his judgement would be abuse of one of noble title.

Guardsmen, remove this writing whilst saving the original and submitting it to your captain as evidence.

Trent Mayfair and the man known as "Creepy Bard" are to present yourself to the Baron for judgement. Failure to do so will result in your arrest.

- Sir Hurgar

-Sir Hurgar
Knight of Pendarvin

Rules Marshal
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27 Sep 2016 11:36 #3 by Burkhart Jarlson (steel_enigma)
Replied by Burkhart Jarlson (steel_enigma) on topic Bards on Strike!
Trent, Creepy,

Despite the immediate threat of legal punishment to you for letting your voices ring out in the face of injustice know that your words have not fallen of deaf ears.

The fact that one would allow the assault of its town members as a whole go unpunished is contemptible to say the LEAST. For one to accept the abuse of a bard to be attacked while doing what bards do, helping to maintain the calm and peace of the town, with a defense as flimsy and insulting as such is abhorrent.

And what's worse, for one to try and silence you even now that you are bringing this travesty of justice to light is cowardly at worst and criminal at best.

Know that you have others behind you. My muted lute shall not play as one of your cause.


Fen the Fun Faun

OOG: Josh Leib

Burkhart Jarlson
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Fen the Fun Faun
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27 Sep 2016 12:04 #4 by Lois Heimdell (LoisMaxwell)
Replied by Lois Heimdell (LoisMaxwell) on topic Bards on Strike!
This posting is now closed for discussion. ((OOG: Could someone with the ability to do so please lock this thread?))

Trent, C.B., and Fen - you are all to report to one of the Baronial Guard upon your next entrance to the Proper. Guard, Trent is to be charged with two counts of abuse of a noble, C.B. and Fen with conspiring to break the law against abuse of a noble. You will then bring them before me for a preliminary meeting.

Sir Hurgar, though your dedication to order is commendable and the above posting is indeed a crime, I must remind you that you do not set the Baron's appointments. If His Excellency decides this requires his personal attention, and only then, will these bards be brought before him.

To clear up any confusion sown as a result of this posting, Syllus Crone was punished both for his former practice of Black Sorcery (which, I will remind the town, he no longer practices), and for assault on the bards, and the punishment was not just "a minor fine". Should you have questions regarding the specifics, you may approach me for an explanation, but I will not continue this here.


((OOG: Cassie Stanley, Marshal Deputy))
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