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05 May 2017 09:19 #1 by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi)
Hanabi Academy & Tea House was created by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi)

I would like to spread the word that come next feast I will begin work on opening Hanabi Academy. The purpose of this Academy is for newer/ veteran individuals in Travance to become studied in various disciplines of martial prowess to set them on the path of self mastery. This is not for those seeking to glorify themselves or to unnecessarily show boat but to learn from each other, grow with each other, and become the Hero you envision yourself to be. Meetings will be Saturday early morning at 7 Bells and Sunday Morning at 7 bells. Location: Open field near Kaladonia

In addition to this Academy I will also begin the ground work for a Tea House in service from Saturday Morning at 8 bells until a bell after noon. It is my intent to expand upon the current options in terms of breakfast & lunch but focusing on those who require special diets to be met. A menu will be posted later in the week and will focus on singular menu of the day style. Location: Dragon's Claw Inn

In the people's service,

Naranbaatar Aiki
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05 May 2017 09:34 #2 by Father Ephrem (Ephrem)
Replied by Father Ephrem (Ephrem) on topic Hanabi Academy & Tea House
Honorable Aiki,

These services you offer are good and just. I am looking forward to participate and I thank you for doing this.

To all those who participate, I would like to offer a short (5 min) mass after the Hanabi Academy session at or after 8 bells in the Dragon's Claw Inn while people are waiting for their breakfast in the Tea House. [OOG rank 1 altar, effect: the use of Courage in this period for those who follow a deity of the Light pantheon]

Yours in Light,
Father Ephrem

Father Ephrem
Primus of the Church of Light in Travance
Pastor of the Mission House in Alomialonde
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05 May 2017 13:12 #3 by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
Replied by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings) on topic Hanabi Academy & Tea House
Hjolda while this is quite early for me, I shall try my best to get there.

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