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28 Jul 2017 12:24 #1 by Blackfarrow (Roman64)
Relatively New Arrival Seeking Witch Hunters was created by Blackfarrow (Roman64)

I've been present in Travance for about five feasts now and I've noticed a large problem with beasts such as Undead, Demons and the like, and I've been told by many a person that the people who deal with these "Negative Energy" creatures are known as Witch Hunters. I seek to investigate and learn about these creatures so as to deal with them appropriately so as to keep the Proper safe, but I don't know where to begin.

Folks like Reyna and Peaches have been overly kind enough to show me the way, but I unfortunately do not know much about the organization if there even if one, or where I would start off on learning.

Is there anyone who can give me advice? I'm already planning on seeking out the Scholar's Table and reading up on as much as I can.

Jurian Blackfarrow
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28 Jul 2017 13:26 #2 by Mantel (sigma-j)
Replied by Mantel (sigma-j) on topic Relatively New Arrival Seeking Witch Hunters

Both Reyna and Peaches are members of the Witch Hunters' Academy, headed by Master Lorelai K. Sinhon VonRitter, Master Ehlenathelasa Blacktree Reign, and Master Kleidin Du Tenkukai Laurent-Belmont, all three being Shattenjagers (or Shadow Hunters) and representatives of three major Witch Hunter houses. Speak to any of them and notify them of your status as Aspirant to the Academy. There is a process to it, but they have been welcoming. I would encourage you to speak freely and often with those you wish to associate yourself with.

I look forward to hunting alongside you. It seems our paths have become rather parallel--far too much so for us to have never met in person! I look forward to such an occasion, friend.

--Mantel Warrane
Aspirant of the Hunters' Academy

Mantel Warrane (AWz., QMA; AM, WSS)
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