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23 Aug 2017 18:21 #1 by Magnus (hippy g0th)
The Resurrection of Cinder was created by Magnus (hippy g0th)

For those who do not know me my name is Magnus. A few Moons back we lost a good man and a Paladin by the name of Cinder. While the cause of death was known, what happened afterwards is not very well known, Many of the other Paladins and those with similar powers or connections got a vision of dread in relation to the afterlife of Paladins.

There was initially talk of ways to bring Cinder back, but I had requested to wait until we knew more. Sadly after tapping almost every resource we have, the results have come back inconclusive. The only thing we can do from here is actually attempt resurrecting Cinder.

Initially there was great talk of empathic healers, and time lost scrolls being used in this. I ask you to bring ALL of this to the table, as i feel it will be needed.

We will be mustering in Travance's Inn at 11 bells on Friday, after which we will be heading to the Phokus to try what we can.

Thank you, All of you

Lord General Magnus


P.S. I wont be arriving into town until Friday evening so please hold off on the questions till then, it takes a lot to get letters to you from the Chaos Wastes

Matthew Majchrzak


Lord General Magnus

"Not Dead Yet!"
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