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18 Oct 2017 09:36 #1 by Gallion (Gallion)
WINTERDARK BALL was created by Gallion (Gallion)

Lords and Ladies of Travance,

I, Count Sebastian Everest of Winterdark, Earl of the Marches do hereby invite you all to my yearly masquerade ball in The Black Keep.

There will be a GRAND FEAST in which you will be encouraged to add to by bringing a dish that is special to you for you to share with your fellow Travancians. After all guests have been announced, the feasting will begin in the grand hall.

There will be BALL ROOM DANCING, which will take place often and thorough the evening. This dancing will take place primarily in the grand hall and may begin about an hour after the feasting has begun. We hope to do more dancing this year than in previous years.

There will be PARLOR GAMES that will take place in two locations of the keep at various times through the evening. These locations will be the side room of the hall and the Mezzanine leading to the catwalk. These games are very popular amongst the high society of Kormyre and include “Charades”, ‘Pass the Slipper”, “Wink Death”, “Shush” and many more!

There will be GAMES OF CHANCE and GAMBLING, which will take place through the evening. All guests of the ball will be given a buy in credit for all the gambling games.

If the weather permits it then the WINTERDARK GARDENS will be open for beautiful strolls and a variety of activities and wonders to find. Those who have musical talent or skills of a showmanship and wonder are welcome to perform on the outdoor stage to share your art with your fellow adventurers.

At the end of the night there will be a GRAND COSTUME CONTEST where a panel of judges will select ten winners whom in some way have impressed the judges with their attire and or masks for the evening.

- Count Sebastian Everest of Winterdark,
Earl of the Marches

- James C. Kimball Director, Knight Realms
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03 Nov 2017 00:27 - 03 Nov 2017 00:29 #2 by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist)
Replied by Arradir Go-Dringol (DaPhysicist) on topic WINTERDARK BALL
Announcing the Annual Silent Auction at the Black Keep

Under the admirable sponsorship of the Count Sebastian Everest's Personal Collection, Stonefall's Finemann Public Library & Relique will be hosting this year's Silent Auction. The auction will take place at the Winterdark Masquerade Ball, as described above, between the hours of 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM. While you will be able to bid on more than one item, you may only win a single auction and will be asked to forfeit any claims on all but one artifact. Ledgers and quills will be placed next to each of the items for you to record your bid. Keep your eye ever watchful as you never know when you will be out claimed!

To entice you all to check your pocket books and bank ledgers in advance, here are summaries of the three items up for bidding.

Forgefist of Kohzdan Durzenhargg
This hammer once belonged to the great Master Smith of Flamestone. It was said that, to forge this hammer, he dug into the deepest bowels of Torkenna Peak, until he came to the heart of the mountain. It was there he carved the hammer directly from the stone. Legend says that Kohzdan gave up his own hand to replace the stone he took, making him, the mountain, and the hammer as one. It was said that it would shatter even the most sturdy anvils in a single blow, but one who could harness it's force would become a legendary Smith as Kohzdan was.

Skull of Hozirion, the Flash at Sunset
Long ago a horrific aberrant creature walked the face of Arawyn, seemingly invisible to all except during brief moments at dusk and Dawn. Everywhere the creature roamed, the air around it distorted, bringing uneasiness and weakness to those who were unlucky enough to be it's prey. In time, the children of Nimfear had destroyed it, but could not destroy the skull. To this day, the skull still emanates this strange and unusual power.

Omdekar Denesario's Memory Watch
Said to have been an incredible gnomish thief, Omdekar always seemed to have an uncanny ability to thwart his enemies and achieve goals with impeccable timing. Every move was calculated and planned. Upon his death, it was discovered much of his talent came from this watch of his own design. It was claimed that the watch could be used to time and memorize a series of actions to be used at later times.

Sergeant of the Baronial Guard
Vice Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Barony of Travance
OOG: Joe Glaser | Marshal & Land Staff
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