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25 Jan 2018 19:47 - 25 Jan 2018 20:24 #1 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Congregations of the Eodra Church, January was created by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Hello everyone,

The new year brings new life, changes, and goals for all of us. Reflect on the year before, the things you have accomplished, and the things you are set to work on completing this year. Keeping a goal close to heart helps keep one going, no matter how small others may seem to think it is, it is important to you and that is what counts.

As always, several congregations will be held this feast.

All who are willing to be respectful of the mass and those in attendance are welcome to attend.

Midnight Gaian Mass - Location: Kaladonia Altar Space
Officiant: Gothi Caldor
If necessary, this mass will be held after the Count's announcement. Look to see if Caldor is at the inn before travelling.
Topic: "Dealing with Loss"

10:15 Brazen Mass - Location: Kaladonia Statehouse
Officiant: Father Duncan
Topic: "Strength and Resilience through Knowledge"

After Noon - Malyc Mass
Officiant: Amohtar Avaiiden
This will occur whenever she's around and ready. Keep an eye out for her if you're interested.

1 Bell Glomm Mass - Location: Jed's Shack
Officiant: Jediah
Topic: "On Stewardship and Sacrifice"

3 Bells Andorran Mass - Location: The Dragon's Claw Inn
Officiant: Mother Kaiva
Topic: Unlikely Friendships and Happiness in Difficult Times

Noon Bar Mass - Location: Bar in the Dragon's Claw Inn
Officiant: Chaplain Aldric
This ‘Mass’ is for those unfamiliar with faith. Learn about all faiths with some light refreshments and a drink.

If you are not part of the United Church but are clergy and interested in holding a mass, you may send me a missive to update my listing.

Be well!

Doctor Ilana Darkwood Uidhir-Zero
Squire of Pendarvin
Steward to the United Churches of Light
Master of the Mage's Guild

Marcella Torres
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25 Jan 2018 20:25 #2 by Nadia (ChristineR)
Replied by Nadia (ChristineR) on topic Congregations of the Eodra Church, January
The topic of our Mass will be:

Abandoning Structure: Preparing (Or rather, not) the for Chaos Wastes.

Avaiiden Earfalas
Amohtar of the Reckless Hand
The Maelstrom

Orophin Earfalas
Amandil of Malyc, The Fearless

OOG:Christine R.
Storyteller / Marshal

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