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03 Apr 2019 14:49 #1 by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi)
To the Refugees of Grimwyr & Travance was created by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi)
Allow me to openly offer my assistance and resources to you! If anything of my skill set as the former Castellan to Corvancia and now Squire to Count Count Sebastian Everest, Warden of Kormyre can offer please do not hesitate to call upon me. Come this gathering I will commit all that I can to the people of Kormyre.

Naranbaatar Aiki
Squire to Count Sebastian Everest, Warden of Kormyre
Former Warlord Castellan to Corvencia
Legionnaire Commander, Kormyrian Army
"In service to the people"

OOG Name: Robert "Ira" Torres [MARSHAL]
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