normal Training for All: Combat Awareness and Collaboration

23 Aug 2019 11:24 - 23 Aug 2019 11:25 #1 by Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz (RavynAeronwen)
Training for All: Combat Awareness and Collaboration was created by Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz (RavynAeronwen)
Over the past year, I have been tasked with the safety and protection of a variety of individuals and groups. My time in these roles has placed me in a unique position. This has allowed me to stand alongside my soldiers as we fight, as well as observe from the sidelines.

I have endeavored to train my guards at Sagewood, Darkwood Academy, and Albriar over the past few moons using these methods and have been perfecting the training program ever since.

This training was created predominantly for the Guardsmen of these factions, but I am opening this up to anyone who would like to participate. All are welcome. Any adventurer, any Knight, any common person are welcome. We all are duty bound to help one another in times of great need, and fighting against everything from Blight to Duke Baliol will require collaboration and communication.

Since I am assisting Jericho in the kitchens all day, the training will be at 4 and a half bells, on Saturday afternoon. I imagine it will take just about an hour or so. I shall be present at the Inn starting at 4 bells and gathering people, as well as answering questions, until we depart for the training grounds at 4 and a half bells. I am hoping to utilize the sparring arena near Alisandria Statehouse for this training.

The general agenda is as follows:
Recognition of individual talents and group creation

Explanation of Technique and Group Balance

Communication Techniques on the Field of Battle

"The Wambulance" Method
Training Exercise #1
Debrief and Assessment

"Eye to Eye" Method
Training Exercise #2
Debrief and Assessment

Final Thoughts and Comments

I look forward to working with all of you tomorrow. Should you have interest in this training, please indicate as such below.
Thank you.

In Duty, Honor, and Trust

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Alt: Vespertine Crimson, Owner of the Crimson Tide and Entertainer for the Blackbird

OOG: Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz
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26 Aug 2019 13:28 #2 by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi)
Replied by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi) on topic Training for All: Combat Awareness and Collaboration

How well did prospects perform? Anyone of note?

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