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25 Aug 2019 16:50 #1 by Woolsey Bysmor (Osred)
Everyone Come's to Woolsey's was created by Woolsey Bysmor (Osred)
Woolsey Bysmor here!

I would like to thank those that came down to enjoy a little relaxation and fun on the blight and shiny Saturday afternoon. I would also like to make a special appreciation announcement to Vasryn Bira and her delightful delectables she was selling right outside my establishment.

We had games of Street Craps, 21, and poker at various times during the day. I have learned that I definitely need more chairs, and perhaps a larger table. I do plan on also increasing the outdoor seating and casual games for those who seek some distractions from the tiresome trials of travancian travesties that torment the travelers that trek through these territories.

I do plan, barring unforseen difficulties, to be present at the next feast. Perhaps, if there is an interest, we can organize a poker tournament Friday night. If you are interested, please scribble on the bottom of this parchment what would be the maximum buy in you would consider. This is for reference purposes only. If there are several who have a modest maximum buy in, we will keep it a modest game. The point of the establishment is to have fun!

Remember, it is smarter to be lucky, than it is lucky to be smart!


-OOG Michael Smith
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26 Aug 2019 07:19 #2 by Vasryn Bira (Lchangeling)
Replied by Vasryn Bira (Lchangeling) on topic Everyone Come's to Woolsey's
My Dear Woolsey,

I am honored that my brief presence and sweets were so appreciated by you. As I have said before, your company is a delight and I look forwards to engaging you again in conversation.

Your poker tournament sounds quite entertaining, and while I myself am not gambler or skilled at such a game, I may know a personage or two who would be thrilled to participate. I shall be writing to them in due time to see if they may have a interest in the challenge.

I shall also return with more sweets, though the day and time has yet to be decided. I shall be in contact with you my dear Woolsey.

Wishing you Pleasure and Posterity,
~Vasryn Bira

Vasryn Bira

(OOG: Jan Keichline)

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