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11 Sep 2019 23:30 #1 by Magnus (hippy g0th)
Tournament spotlight #1 was created by Magnus (hippy g0th)

From the Jungles of the Jaxuarian lands We present to you “The Beast Men”. These talented demi humans vary Drastically in appearance in comparison to the likes of their more uniform distant cousins, the Jaxuarian.

The Beast men have entered the tournament with next to no bribery needed as the two things their people seem to enjoy most are honorable combat and good food. They are lead by 3 beast Generals as well as a Beast King

Travance will be Facing off against the Beast Men at approximately 11:15 the evening before the Baronial Feast



“Come test your skills in acquiring the flashiest of silk ribbons Anasusia has painstakingly hand crafted for my…..YOUR….EVERYONES AMUSMENT. The game is simple. Acquire the most ribbons that participating contestants are wearing to acquire the most extravagant of prizes.”

How it works:

All participants must wear designated colored ribbons. Ribbons must be worn in an open accessible area and not concealed in any fashion. Ribbons acquired must be worn somewhere visible on your person.

GET CREATIVE! Anything goes, all that matters is that you get those ribbons. The more ribbons the more points you have. The participant with the most points wins the game.

Here is where it gets interesting contestants. Good sportsmanship and the most stylish flashiest way will earn you STYLE points. STYLE points are “YOUR SO COOL AND AWESOME POINTS”. They are so awesome that they can increase your score even if you don’t even have as many ribbons as your fellow contestants.
Staging will begin (10 Bells) at (The Inn ). All those interested in proving that they are the most cunning, the most flamboyant, the most dashing, the best of the best, and most importantly want a jolly good time of healthy competition must be present during staging. The game will go on until an hour before the great feast. At such point a winner will be announced during feast and tales can be spun of the great antics for the sake of good sportsmanship. In case of a tie there will be a POSE OFF. WHO CAN FLEX THEIR MOST INCANDESCENT SELF THE BEST!!!! ROUSE THE CROWD WITH THE BEST OF CHEERS TO REALLY RESONATE YOUR VICTORY! Man sure hope there is a tie now.

(please See Robert Ira for questions on this one )


1 AM Casted abilities only In the CAGE


The Witness have summoned creatures of legendary taste and danger and released them into the wild (On the Beast Men’s Request) Its up to you to hunt them down and bring them in to be cooked for Feast, Those responsible might be getting first picks at dinner.


Matthew Majchrzak


Lord General Magnus

"Not Dead Yet!"
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