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19 Sep 2019 22:07 #1 by Brian T. (Renthios)
Guild Meeting, Sept 1219 was created by Brian T. (Renthios)
Good Evening,

I know it is short notice for a posting, but here it is. Rogue's Guild meeting, 1 bell past midnight on the second night of the Feast gathering. Please be ready to discuss guild business, and I strongly encourage anyone who wishes to join to make themselves known at this meeting, as I am content to be patient, but so far it seems that only a dozen or so of you want the potential to earn a living. The more people that join our organization, the more far-reaching and larger our sphere of influence grows to protect the underbelly of Travance from those that would strike at it while its attention is diverted to efforts of war.

As always, I invite you to approach me throughout any Feast gathering with your questions and concerns.


Father Therion Elrain, Champion of Galladel
Master, Rogue's Guild of Travance

OOG: Brian T.

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