unanswered Master of Ceremonies Announcement for Moresca 1219

03 Nov 2019 17:13 #1 by Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz (RavynAeronwen)
Master of Ceremonies Announcement for Moresca 1219 was created by Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz (RavynAeronwen)
Subjects of Travance,
It is my absolute pleasure to be your Master of Ceremonies for the third year in a row! I am exceptionally excited for the festivities to begin in just two short weeks at the Black Keep. The Count has made wonderful preparations to make this year’s Moresca Ball a memorable event! A few elements to note. This year, I am seeking assistance with the following activities:
- Storytelling Circle
- Singing Competition
- Parlor Games

Alas, I cannot be everywhere at once and last year proved to be quite a joyful, but busy night. In one evening, the people of Travance came together for mirth and enjoyment, and justice was served. We do sincerely hope that this year’s event requires less investigative work and more sampling of the fine delicacies everyone has prepared, along with the variety of beverages served by the BlackBird.
Should you be interested in assisting me in the activities above, you will be compensated for your time. Duties would merely include rounding people up at a set time for the activity and presiding over it. Your participation would be most appreciated and I do look forward to working with you to make this year’s Moresca Ball a spectacular night.
Please contact me via missive or find me at the next feast in Travance if you are interested.

With Excitement and Glee,
Ravyn Aeronwen, Master of Ceremonies for the 1219 Moresca Ball

Main: Ravyn Aeronwen, Constable of Albriar, Vassal of Albriar, Knight Commander of the Order of the Sagewardens, Commander of the Sagewood Guard, and Professor of Bardics at Darkwood Academy
Alt: Vespertine Crimson, Owner of the Crimson Tide and Entertainer for the Blackbird

OOG: Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz
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