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The Order of the Sagewardens was created by Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz (RavynAeronwen)
Announcement: There will be a meeting for the newly established Household, the Order of the Sagewardens, at 3 bells on the Saturday of Feast in the Dragons Claw Inn. Hot cocoa with whipped cream will be served to all who attend, so please bring your own beverage vessel.

This meeting is for current household members as well as anyone who wishes to know who we are, what we aspire to do, and would like more information. All are welcome!

The discussion will not be long, but it's purpose will be to determine how the Order can best serve it's Members, while also strategically leveraging our talents and resources for the success of the Members as well as the Order itself.

I do look forward to everyone attending and welcome any questions, missives or inquiries.

See you all at 3 bells on Saturday!

In Duty, Truth, and Honor,
Knight Commander Ravyn Aeronwen of the Order of the Sagewardens

Main: Ravyn Aeronwen, Constable of Albriar, Vassal of Albriar, Knight Commander of the Order of the Sagewardens, Commander of the Sagewood Guard, and Professor of Bardics at Darkwood Academy
Alt: Vespertine Crimson, Owner of the Crimson Tide and Entertainer for the Blackbird

OOG: Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz

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