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30 Nov 2016 18:25 #1 by Kanas Whisperwood Silverfang (midgetelf)
Silverfang Clan was created by Kanas Whisperwood Silverfang (midgetelf)
Hey, are you bringing in a barbarian and looking for a clan to be a part of? The Silverfang clan is a family of barbarians, romani, and a few other assorted races, with varied job specialties and skillsets. We keep an eye out for one another, and regardless of beliefs or alignments, we will have your back. So if you're planning to play a barbarian and interested in joining, pm me or Erik Daamgard(Wolfgar Silverfang) on the forums or on Facebook. You can be part of the family itself or be a member of any of the affiliated clans if you want.

P.S. If you don't plan to play a barbarian and still interested in joining, please message one of us.

Kanas Silverfang

OOG: Jeremy Schwartz
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