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01 Dec 2016 08:54 - 01 Dec 2016 08:55 #1 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Wildmages / Scholars / Travelers / Pendarvin Locals was created by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Hello everyone! My name is Marcella and I am a veteran player looking to try and help newer characters out. Even if none of these options appeal to you, if you need help with anything, you may send me a message on the KR forums or on Facebook.


If you want to meet other wildmages/at least have one ally in town (discretion is necessary sometimes):

There are three slots remaining for a specific part of Ilana's backstory that may or may not involve a breakout. If interested, send me a PM (friendly and non-friendly wildmages may apply)

However, if you are just interested in knowing another wild mage in town, Ilana has spent a lot of time making various connections through others to get wild mages safely to Travance proper because, for some silly reason, some parts of the kingdom still want to burn wildmages even though they let dark clergy walk around now.

Scholars/ Fellow Travelers

Ilana used to travel a merchant route that covered the outlier of the majority of the continent (excluding Travance's side of the rift) If you think you'd ever interact with a bookish traveler that may have been up to adventure, say hello and we will see if I am a good fit to be friends with you.

Places Traveled:
Kormyrian Baronies: Vorllorne, Loez, Talenthal, Glangsdale, Arkovnia, Travance (all)

'Kingdoms': Highlands, Calisvorin, The Shires, Quinarian, Selendrias, Xilhinthax, Ja'Hagon (aka Amon'Zad), Coast Haven

Pendarvin Locals

Ilana has lived in Pendarvin for eight years and while mainly based in Vindholm, she has at least lived in each main town for six months. This Squire of Pendarvin is a known Wild Mage and if you're interested in getting a feel for how she treats the locals, send me a message! (Or, if you just want a bit of a history lesson to help your character, I am more than willing to help!)

Marcella Torres
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