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01 Dec 2016 12:42 #1 by Rathnait Eirdottir (dokidara)
Heargen Clan was created by Rathnait Eirdottir (dokidara)
Hello everyone. While the Heargen Clan is a very small, isolated Norman tribe, who do not let many outsiders into our village, we do have trade connections and allies in other villages. If someone wants to have some contact with us - particularly through trade, or through those Heargen members who have traveled outside the village, PM me, as I represent my clan’s trading interests at home and afar, and I will see if my clan members and I can work something out.

For Reference, the Heargen Clan Includes:

Beligor, Caldor, Grim, Aella and Xod Eirson, Rathnait Eirdottir, Burkheart Jarlson and Haila "Fox" Merre

Rathnait "Bear" Eirdottir

OOG: Dara Monasch
The following user(s) said Thank You: Caldor Eirson (Caldor), Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings), Nalick (TheBardAbides), Beilgor Eirson (BlackSnowMan7), Mantel (sigma-j)

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