Odo Garaath (Odo)

Odo Garaath
Br. Odo Garaath
Dorian Birchwood
"Praise be to Enax, and blessing to his followers."

(Tom Senger )
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Master Mason Odo
Church Grand Inquisitor Mordecai Versinious
Dorian Birchwood
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  • Odo

    There were many little things about the ways Odo interacted with the Orcs this event, that made it apparent Tom has been largely overlooked in his RP as an Orc, until now. His racial role-play through various scenarios throughout the weekend got him noticed by many. Congratulations Tom, keep up the good work!
Dorian - Choke Out
Odo and Zahir
Walking 2
Ib and Dorian

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