Award Ceremony and Banquet

At the beginning of each new year, Knight Realms holds an OOG Banquet to celebrate the last year's activities.  This banquet is held at our home at Camp Sacajawea, in the Main Building (the Inn).

The food will be buffet style. The Hall will be done up very nicely and will be heated. Details on Alcohol are stated below. Players will be allowed to stay overnight if they wish.

Cost: $40, (+ option to purchase up to +5 build at $10 each.)
Paying for Alts are $20 each 
- Any of the build purchased for the first character will also transfer to any Alts paid for. 

Dress:  Formal

What else you get:
•   10-15 build depending on the admission you pay (10 build blanket + 1 to 5 extra build)
•   Chinese auction of In-Game items. (Everyone gets 1 free ticket + 4 tickets for each build bought)
•   Service Point Auction. In-Game items will be auctioned off to any players with service points.
•   Another opportunity to see and hang out with your Knight Realms friends!
•   Anyone who purchases extra build may self-teach themselves one skill.
•   Over a dozen Awards will be presented to Knight Realms players.

Important Details:

Payment and Pre-Reg:
Prior to the event we must carefuly plan the food ad the seating for the event. Because of this, you must pre-register for this event. Pre-registration is a promice of payment, not a payment, and payment is only excepted at the door upon arrival. Because we are purchasing food and planning for the specific number of guests on the list you will be held responsible for the fee whether you show up or not. If you are in the guest list but cannot make it, you will still recieve all of the build and all of the compensation that you could possibly get without physically being there. 

Main Auction:
There will be a main auction in which three prizes will be displayed next to jars. One jar is next to each item. You are given one ticket at entry to bid on which ever item you’d like. You can purchase additional tickets for one dollar each. Also you will receive 4 free tickets for each point of extra build you purchase.

Service Point Auction:
There will be five service point auctions. One for players who fall within the (1-1,000 SP Bracket), one for all players who fall within the (1,001-10,000 SP Bracket), one for players within (10,001-30,000 SP Bracket), one for players within (30,001-70,000 SP Bracket), one for players within (70,001-150,000 SP Bracket), and a cashout option  for players with 150,000+ Service Points. Cool, in-game items will be auctioned off. Character cards will be made available so you can see how many service points you have to work with.

Self-Teach Skills:
Anyone who purchases at least one of the extra build will be aloud to self-teach their characters one skill, provided they have the pre-reqs and the build for the skill. The criteria are as follows:
•   You must have all the normal pre-requisites
•   You must have the build available. You may use build you earned at the Banquet.
•   You may learn a Lower List, Lower List Skill, or Higher List Skill. You may NOT learn a Higher List.

Over a dozen awards will be presented to the winners of the categories. Also Director Accolade awards will be presented.  Please visit the Forums, or our social media sites for the link to vote!

If you cannot attend:
If you cannot attend, but still wish to participate, you may pay the normal price listed above to receive the build, and learn a bonus skill, subject to the rules above.  You may also have someone place Raffle Tickets on your behalf.  You may not participate in any Service Point auctions or raffles without being present.

The brackets this year will be:
First Bracket: 1,000Sp - 10,000Sp [This bracket is Raffle Only]

Second Bracket: 10,001Sp - 30,000Sp
Third Bracket: 30,001Sp - 70,000Sp
Fourth Bracket: 70,001Sp - 150,000Sp
Fifth Bracket: 150,001+ Sp (This bracket is a Cash Out option for anyone who attends the banquet and has over 150k SP. 150k service points are taken, in exchange for a unique reward agreed upon by the player and the Director. Anyone within this bracket should speak directly to the Director or Assistant Director after the banquet to cash out thier SP.

Sign-in will be held from 5:00-7:00. Please be sure that you have arrived by then.  I do realize that some of you have to be late because of special circumstances. Sign-in must go as quick as possible. There will be a table in front of the room. At the table, everyone should form a line and have their money ready. After you pay you'll shift over to the right and one person will give you your card; shift to the right again and one person will sign your card for the build and give you your auction tickets.

You get one for coming and four extra for each point of build you purchase.. If you wish you may purchase more for one dollar each. Make sure you separate all your tickets and write your name on the back of each one of them before putting them into one of the three containers.

With so many people it can be hard to hear what's going on if your talking, and that's fine as long as no one is speaking at the microphone. Please, whenever you hear someone speaking at the microphone please, immediately get quiet and listen. This is extremely important for both the flow of the ceremonies and the respect given to the speaker. I can't stress this enough. We didn't have a problem with this at all in previous years, and Id like it to remain that way. Thanks for your cooperation in this.

It starts at 7pm. You can come to sign in as early as 5:00. Please, be there on time! Try to factor possible traffic into your travel schedule to be safe. The banquet is four hours from 7pm to 11pm, and everything is fit into a tight time schedule. If you arrive after 7:30 you will start to miss VERY important aspects of the banquet and if you come even later than that you may miss the dinner. So please make every possibly effort to be at this function on time.  If you are nominated for an award and will be late please make sure I know so I can push back that particular award until after you arrive.  

This is definately an event to have a blast and talk with all of your friends. And for 75% of the event it's expected and encouraged. However, please make sure that when someone steps up to the microphone and begins to speak, (especially for the awards part of it) you give that speaker your utmost respect by paying attention and listening quietly.

If you are not staying over night, we ask that you depart the campground shortly after the banquet is over. Space is first come first serve, and I will not be able to save anyone sleeping spaces.  If you are staying over, please be sure to lend a hand in the morning cleaning up before you go. If in doubt on what to do, please ask me.

You might be chosen to come to the floor and read the envelope for an award. If this happens, please make sure that you do so in the following manor:
“The nominees for (name award) are… (Read each name clearly and loudly and wait for applause for each nominee),
"and the winner is…” then open envelope and read winner.

Alchohol Policy at the Banquet

Zero Tolerance
There will be a "Zero Tolerance" policy in effect for the banquet.  If at any time a person is found to be in violation of this policy, they will be dealt with as prescribed in the section labeled "Disciplinary Action".  There will be no favoritism, nor will there be any bending of the rules.  The policy is the policy, and anyone who is in violation of it will be dealt with swiftly.

Type of Alcohol allowed at the Awards Banquet
There will be only beer, wine, and malt beverages (Smirnoff Ice, Mike's Hard Lemonade etc.) allowed at the Awards Banquet.  No hard liquor is allowed. 

Quantity of Alcohol allowed at the Awards Banquet
Each person who wishes to drink at the Awards Banquet may bring either 1 six pack of beer/malt beverages or 1 bottle of wine with them.  You may not bring both a six pack of beer and a bottle of wine, it is one or the other.  Do not bring more then that, because we will tell you to return it to your car.

Procedure for bringing Alcohol to the Awards Banquet
If you wish to bring/drink alcohol to the Awards Banquet, you must follow this procedure upon your arrival:
1. We will be set up inside of the area that is normally the "Bar" area inside of the inn.  You must come to the table with the alcohol you brought with you.
2. We will check your picture identification to ensure that you are of legal age to drink.  Upon doing that we will either stamp the back of your hand or give you a wristband to wear for the remainder of the evening.  Do not remove that wristband or give it to anyone else.
3. We will then take labels and label the alcohol you brought with you with your name on them and a signature on them.  Do not remove those labels.

Disciplinary Action
If someone is noted to be visibly intoxicated, they are cut off from all alcohol for the rest of the night.  They are not to be permitted to drive home in the instance that they are visibly intoxicated.  Anyone seen to be visibly intoxicated is suspended from KR for 1 month.

If someone is noted to be visibly intoxicated and is a disturbance for the banquet, they are immediately removed from the banquet and placed into a room to sober up.  They are not to be permitted to drive home in the instance that they are visibly intoxicated.  Anyone seen to be visibly intoxicated and a disturbance to the banquet is suspended from KR for 3 months.

If someone serves alcohol to a minor (knowingly or unknowingly) they will be immediately escorted from the banquet and asked to leave.  That person will be suspended from KR for 6 months.  In the event that alcohol is served to a minor, the local authorities will also be contacted.

If a minor consumes alcohol they will be asked to remain in a side room for the remainder of the banquet.  They are not to be permitted to drive home that evening.  That person will be suspended from KR for 6 months. 

Spirit of the Policy
If at any point we feel that a person is violating the spirit of the alcohol policy, they will be dealt with based upon the severity of their actions.