It is painful to lose a member of your family.  Knight Realms felt such a loss when Morgan left us around Thanksgiving time in 2009.  To honor her memory, our aim was, with the guidance of the McGinnis family to create a scholarship for a culinary student in Morgan's name at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY.

As with any charity fundraiser we sponsor, we always give 100% of the proceeds to the causes we support.  Morgan's scholarship fund was no different.  I am pleased to let everyone know that the members of Knight Realms and friends of the McGinnis family were able to raise a combined donation of $6,133.00 for a memorial scholarship in Morgan's name at the CIA. I hope everyone is as proud as I am that we were able to come together for such a meaningful tribute to her memory.

Thank you to all the staff and members of Knight Realms and the family and friends of the McGinnis family.




R.I.P. Morgan Kaylee McGinnis


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