In the summer of 2005, Knight Realms held a charity fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association in memory of Garrett Kochy.  In November of 1999, Garrett was in a car wreck that gave him a serious concussion.  This lead to the sudden onset diabetes that took his life on March 19, 2000.  Garrett was a long time LARP’er and a member of Knight Realms during the early stages of the game.  He always enjoyed the thrill of competitive combat and the portrayal of several different roles from a player and NPC perspective.

I had come across the old phys rep of a sword Garrett used for years as his favorite character.  Greg of Iron Liege donated an exact latex replica of Garrett’s sword to be raffled off to raise money to aid Diabetes research in Garrett’s name.  As a joint effort with two other LARP’s Garrett played during his 8 years of participation, we were proud to raise $1533.00, which as we understand, became $3066.00 when matched by a corporate sponsor.

We will miss Garrett.  But many of us will never forget the part he played the best, as a friend, brother and son.

Future donations can still be made in memory of Garrett Kochy to:

-Joe B.


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