Knight Realms Membership DrivesWant to try Knight Realms? Now is the time!

Our annual New Player Drive & Time Lost Scroll are active from April through June 2019! Read on to see what's new this year and the benefits of joining Knight Realms during our membership drive!

npd whats new

  • New Rules! New characters can now fully experience more content than ever before! Our new system allows characters of all levels to adventure together without fear of imbalance and experience more content more often.
  • New Character Death System! Your investment in your character will never be punished for character death. You earned your Build — you keep it!
  • New Roleplay Opportunities! Character classes are now much more flexible, giving you more creative control over your roleplay. Choose your own class and spellcasting rolelpay, hybrid caster type, religion, and even your own new Fringe race!
  • New Personal Plot! Coming soon, our new Personal Quest system will allow you to experience your character's personal story live at game! Pursue your character's goals, tie up loose ends from your backstory, or even discover something new.
  • New Campsite Developments! Our permanent campsite also hosts a Renaissance Festival and is constantly being improved, greatly adding to the atmosphere for fantasy larping!

npd featured story

Following the death of King Aleric, the Kingdom of Kormyre is in the midst of a battle for the throne. While Count Everest, Warden of Kormyre, and the heroes of Travance search for an heir to the monarchy, Duke Balliol has declared himself the rightful ruler of the "Empire" of Kormyre. The war has been a brutal battle through the winter this year. But with the coming of spring, the heroes have learned new information — Lord Chancellor Enzarond Melentres, advisor to Duke Balliol, has been discovered to be collaborating with wicked forces to control the populace. With this knowledge no longer hidden from them, the heroes can begin to plan their next move...

In the Civil War, every action taken towards the war effort affects the story. From infiltrating the enemy to recruiting aid from allied kingdoms, the outcome of the campaign is determined by the heroes' choices. Raise a battalion, reclaim captured territories, and more, all under the banner of the true Kingdom of Kormyre!

npd new players

Never played Knight Realms before? Now is the perfect time to try it out! Your first Knight Realms event is discounted to just $20. All new players who play their first event during the 2019 Membership Drive gain +10 Build which may be spent immediately at character creation. Additionally, if they were referred to Knight Realms by a current player, that player gains +10 Build as well!

Any new player who joins during the 2019 Membership Drive will also gain a new player loot package, full of in-game currency and treasure!

Ready to create your character? Click here to view our Rulebook, and when you're ready, click here to go to the Character Builder!

Recruitment Rewards

Current players who recruit at least five new players during the 2019 Membership Drive will gain +10,000 Service Points for every five players, and upon recruiting ten or more, a player will receive a custom Rare quality Artifact!

npd time lost scroll

Haven't played Knight Realms in a while? No problem! If you've missed the last six or more events, your first event back during the 2019 Membership Drive is discounted to $40! You'll also gain +10 Build to your character, as well as +10 Build to any other player of your choice — just mention this promotion at check-in and we'll take care of the rest.

If you've yet to update your character into the new system, or you want to rewrite into a brand new character, we're here to help! Contact or any Officer and we will help you with everything you need to get back up to speed.

We can't wait to see you!


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