There are some monetary costs for playing at Knight Realms.

Below are a list of prices for a full weekend event.  Prices for other events, such as Festivals, Balls, and Banquets, are covered in their individual pages and announcements.

Please note that all prices are subject to change.

- Player Charatcer - First Time Player
(For your first game of Knigth Realms!  Returning players with new PCs do not qualify for this discount.)


- Player Character


- Additional PC
(Each additional PC beyond the first played at an event)


2 Build, 500 SP
(Up to 200 SP may be converted to Build, per normal conversion rules.)


- 1 Extra Build Point (for all paid for PCs)
(Up to five additional build may be bought at Sign-In, and this additional build will be applied equally to up to three PCs.  Additional build beyond this five may be applied to only one PC.)

$10.00 each

Bonus Build: If you are awarded bonus build for a special case (usually at the Director's Discretion), that build is a single lump sum, and is not applied to each character you have, only one of your choosing.  You may choose to split the bonus up across multiple PCs if you would like. 

Referral Build: If you bring a friend to the game, the first time they create and pay for a full PC, the referring player gains 2 bonus build.

Paying to PC, but NPCing the entire event: If you pay to PC, and choose to NPC for the whole weekend (opting not to play your PC at all), you receive the +2 build and +500 SP on top of your earned PC build. Furthermore, you may turn in lifestyle cards (if you already have them collected before the event) for the +1 lifestyle build. 

Back Buying Events:  If you miss an event you may pay for the event that you missed to still get the build. You may however only purchase events that had been missed within the last 90 days. You must have had your character recorded in the database for at least 90 days before being given this opportunity. 

Please note that we almost always provide what is known as a "Saturday Night Feast". It is not included in the price of admission listed above, but rather it is provided as a free courtesy to our players. Because it is provided to you free of charge, we cannot guarantee special dietary needs, nor can we reduce the price of general admission if you choose not to eat it or miss it or under the extremely rare incident that it is not provided.

You may pre-pay / pre-register by sending payment to the following address:

Knight Realms
403 Williams Court,
Edgewater NJ 07020

Checks should be made out to "Knight Realms."


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