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06 May 2014 21:36 - 06 May 2014 21:37 #1 by Aleister (Aleister)
NPC Requirements and Expectations. Please Read! was created by Aleister (Aleister)
These are meant as reminders about the attitude one should approach NPCing, not only so that people in general are entertained, but also so that you enjoy the NPCing experience.

Naturally, nobody wishes to play a mook forever, and diversity is key to a good LARP NPC experience, and we, as Monster Marshals and Staff, will endeavor to help you enjoy your experience and work with your desires, but in doing so, you also must remember that everyone does their 4 hours of service to the game so that everyone at the game can enjoy themselves.

With that in mind, take my words as reminders, meant for your own benefit, as well as the game's. Most of all, have fun, because after all, it's only a game.

NPC Expectations and Requirements for a full 4 hour shift in Logistics.

These are basic guidelines for behavior and performance. Obviously, not all situations can be covered, and flexibility on site will be required, but these general points will give you the basic organization a smooth running logistics and encounters need.

• Willingness to Participate - It is key that all NPCs understand that they are there to help entertain the PCs, hopefully while having fun themselves, but NPCing is not about "killinating bit**es." NPCs must be willing to take on any role needed to entertain the PCs. While we will attempt to account for certain needs (non-combat status, health issues) you are still there to entertain the PCs, hopefully while having fun yourself. You, as an NPC, cannot demand anything, though you are certainly welcome to politely request something.

• Readiness to Participate - An NPC must be properly dressed and Awake for their NPC shift. Neutral colored clothing and decent boots are a must. Beyond that, there is no excuse for sleeping in logistics or on a mod site as an NPC. You know when you shift is from the time you sign in, you cannot be "Excused" from your shift to sleep, unless you are willing to take the rules violation and return for two consecutive shifts later in the weekend.

NPCs must also present their Character Card, and cannot "find the marshal later" to get signed off. You must carry your character card with you to Logistics. If you feel unsure about taking it with you while you NPC, you can leave your card with the marshal to keep track of, but you MUST bring your character card to logistics. If you do forget your card, you must retrieve it immediately upon finishing your shift so the marshal can sign off your NPC duty.

• Masks and Costuming - NPCing a given creature requires specific garb. In the case of our collection, the basics should work like this:

--- A Mask, Make-up or bare head depending on the roll. Masks must be worn down (i.e. no mask-on-heads). If no mask is available, then Make Up must be used to properly represent the creature.
--- A Tabard, fur, or shirt, appropriate to the roll.

Any further augmentation to a costume is, for the most part, on the NPCs. If they brought a belt, great. If they want to wear pants from the NPC collection, they can if they find an appropriate pair. though it is better just to wear your neutral base-layer. Anything beyond the basics should be done *after* all other NPCs have achieved their basic outfit, though, so no one is left without the minimum.

Upon returning from a module, they must put away their costumes properly, along with their props, as to preserve them for future use.

• Roleplay - Before an encounter group goes out, the Monster Marshal should review with the NPCs their basic Combat and Non-Combat roleplay. (i.e. Reminding wolves to growl, thieves to stick to the shadows, and barbarians to be brash and boisterous.)

• Comprehension of the Rules - Before an encounter group goes out, the Monster Marshal must review all special rules that influence that group of NPCs, and make sure they understand them. (i.e. Ghouls with paralyzing touch, Barbarians with Cripple, or a Lizardkin with poison claws)

Keep in mind, however, that it is also on the players to understand their own rules. If a Monster Marshal has not explained everything, ask, so that you do not mis-use your skills. If you are found to be knowingly mis-using your NPC, you will be issued a rules violation, just as if you are PCing.

Combat and Non-Combat NPC Roles

As I mentioned before, there are 8 shifts spread throughout the weekend. These shifts are carefully spaced to maximize the entertainment value of our NPCs throughout different parts of the weekend. This extends to the need for Combat and Non-Combat roles.

Combat NPCs: These are by far the majority of NPC roles. LARPing is an active game system in which people physically engage in melee with monsters and foes, and without NPCs to play those roles, we would all be sitting around swinging at the air. If you are a player with a willingness to fight, then you should sign up for shifts that need fighters: Friday nights, Saturday afternoon and Main Mod. These shifts are prime time for fighter roles, and as you may have seen this past month, are hurt when there are few to no combat experienced folks playing.

Non Combat NPCs: Understand that these roles exist, but are not common. Non Combat NPC roles are not guaranteed to all players who want them. If you are combat capable, the Monster Marshal will ask you to fight. Do not request a non-combat role. If the Marshal wants you to have a roleplay part, they will ask you. If you are not combat capable (either a Non-Combat player, or physically incapable) then it is your responsibility to sign up for shifts that have non-combat roleplay opportunities: Friday first shift, Saturday Morning and Mid Day. It does no one any favors if you show up for the shift Main Mod is running on and say "I need a non-combat roll" because odds are, there aren't any.

When preparing for your NPC shift, please dress in some form of basic warm clothing that can be added onto for your shift. Avoid things that look OOG when coming to your shift as some of our NPC costuming may not cover up all the OOGness of your outfit.

Something as simple as black sweatpants and a sweatshirt without any logo or designs is great for this. That can easily be added upon and they likely won't detract from the game atmosphere. Like it says in the NPCing section of the rulebook ( ), if you have any other nondescript period clothing please bring it and use it, but if not costuming will be provided.

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

* * * * * * * *
-Steve Oros
Assistant Director
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