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02 Oct 2019 13:34 - 02 Oct 2019 13:35 #1 by Aleister (Aleister)
Knight Realms Officer Application was created by Aleister (Aleister)
Knight Realms is currently looking to expand the roster of its officer team by an additional 1-2 members and has decided to open the call to all players. This is a momentous opportunity to apply and join the team dedicated to helping constantly improve the game. Fill out the application listed here by the deadline date to apply. We will be closing applications on November 1st. Because we expect to have a large number of applicants, we will not be sending out any emails or messages besides the confirmation of your application when you submit it, and to those who we select for the next step of the interview process. We will be reaching out to those who have been selected for the next step on November 15th.

When applying, fill out all the information in the form. There is NO minimum requirements for applying, so anyone is welcome to submit an application.

Officer Application Form
* * * * *

What an Officer is at Knight Realms:
An Officer position is one of overall leadership and is chosen, not to perform tasks over a certain area, but because the Director of Knight Realms trusts them to be the authority at Knight Realms, the face of Knight Realms, and the force of improvement at Knight Realms.

• An Officer is a leader of the Knight Realms organization who is willing to step into any role as needed to ensure the success of a Knight Realms event. (The Compassionate Authority)

• An Officer is a leader who’s actions and behavior visibly reflect back upon the Director of Knight Realms and the organization itself. An officer by appearances embodies the principles of the organization whether they choose to or not. (The Face of the Organization)

• An Officer is part of a leadership team who works directly with the Director and Assistant Director with the shared agenda of performing actions that improve the Knight Realms experience for all of its members. (The Force Behind Improvement)

Please be a leader instead of a manager. If people must follow you only because your title demands it, then that is a weak position to be in. To be in a strong position, people need to follow because they like you. It is important that you like people and that they like you. If your people skills are lacking you can improve and grow into that leadership, but good people skills are necessary if you want to become a good leader. Learning to be compassionate with everyone, will help you to be liked by those who you want to lead.

It is important to treat every player as meaningfully as you would your best friend. You can deny a request or reprimand behavior while still treating a person with care, empathy, and respect. The way you act is the way Knight Realms is perceived. If you make a player feel like just an unappreciated number, than that is the way that Knight Realms treats its players. If you treat a player with respect and compassion for their problem, even if it cannot be resolved immediately, then you show that Knight Realms does care for its players and their concerns.

Actively seek to begin and finish projects that improve Knight Realms without needing to be compelled to do so. Think of something that is needed to improve, find out if we want you to work on it. If the answer is yes, then tell us what you need from us and check in for direction, but drive that project on your own to completion. Don’t swim in a sea of uncertainty. Think about what needs to be done, or ask what needs to be done; don’t be content until there is an answer and then work on that answer with minimal direction. The state of all things degrade naturally and so if we are not improving, then we are degrading.

Within this last area is where an officer rolls up their sleeves and accomplishes work. It's all about projects to improve the organization; some small and some large. Sometimes those projects gravitate towards an officers specific strengths, but they do not have to be so narrowly framed. Our attention needs to seek ways to improve Knight Realms in countless areas.

Summary: An Officer is the compassionate authority, the face of the organization, and the force behind improvement.

Lord Admiral Aleister Demirosz, the Phoenix

* * * * * * * *
-Steve Oros
Assistant Director
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