unanswered Notice of Public Execution: Dr. Murdoch Kroh

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28 Feb 2018 14:12 - 28 Feb 2018 14:23 #1 by LoisMaxwell
LoisMaxwell created the topic: Notice of Public Execution: Dr. Murdoch Kroh
Let it be known that at the hour of midnight on the Saturday of this coming Feast, Dr. Murdoch Kroh is hereby sentenced to burn at the stake for knowingly and willingly aiding the Abyssal Lord of Ice against Baronial order; for keeping knowledge of stated Enemies of the Barony from the Barony; and for endangering the Planes by assisting the demon known as Eris in taking the Abyssal Throne of Earth. The pyre will be lit at the stone slab just off the beach.

(( OOG Warning: The scene will involve special effects not limited to: live flames (at a distance); smoke bombs and/or artificial fog (at a distance); and flashing lights. Due to the special effects and the likely emotional intensity of the scene, participation is completely optional and viewers may leave at any moment. Before the scene begins, a safety perimeter will be established which only those pre-approved my pass. This is for your safety as much as it is the performers. ))

Dr. Lois Maxwell
Seneschal of Travance

Alt: Sister Liadann McKraegar of Galladel

((OOG: Cassie Stanley, Logistics Deputy, Land System Marshal))
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