unanswered Psionic assaults by the enemy

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06 Oct 2019 12:56 #1 by Kleidin (Kleidin)
Psionic assaults by the enemy was created by Kleidin (Kleidin)
Last feast we discovered that our for the “Duke” has marked citizens

He is a powerful psion.

He has marked Seamus DelDragon Laurant Belmont.
This mark can be sprrad by any use of psionics on someone marked,

He was marked usinging Peaches cousin Jack as a conduit.

Peaches tried to break the connevtion to Seamus, and his abilitirs to use chaos as a hexer were lost.

The sense I got was this enemy is extremely order alligned to the point of negating chaos,

He also resinates with an evil I have not sensed since Belfurious walked Arawyn.

Under no circumbstance are any psyionics to be used on Seamus or Peaches at this time.

Lady Kleidin du Tenkukai Weaveforger Laurent-Belmont of Kaladonia
Master Witch Hunter, and Elder Druid
OOG: Diane Sodher

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