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05 Dec 2016 08:42 #1 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
December Highlights! was created by JTinney (Swordsaint)
(This is a tale in two parts for me due to time today....)

What a weekend.

Despite the extra stops on the way in, still got to camp with the sun still above the horizon… After making sure all sleeping arrangements were set it was change, lament the damn wind…. And get the game face on.

Friday stuffs…
-Brazen Mass discussion with Father Rudy. This month was to be a joint mass as he was learning the ropes… and we discussed how to conduct it and subject matter.

- The arrival of Arlana MacKenzie and Duncan’s response upon seeing her.
A dropped coffee cup. “Aldric… could ye make sure that nae apparition please…”
“Sure…” *pokes at her* “Nope, quite real and solid.”
“By Brazen’s Forge…. Lana!!” *massive bear hugs ensue*

-Walking Travance and the sound of combat where Apezu was.
“I can’t hurt him”
“Neither can I”
“Whelp, we can pick up bodies…”

-Druid Mod. Very interesting take and story line… and the assistance to the ritual that only Brazen can provide. In the almost 4 years of playing a ranger, this was the FIRST one I’ve been able to be part of as a PC. The first… All the other time it was plot, medical response, specific people only or NPC duty that prevented me going.
Glad to have made it and it was a lot of fun!!

-Brazen Mass. Holding it in the Manor made for comfortable speaking, there was brownies, Hot Cocoa and Coffee for people…. And the subject matter/discussion was excellent. Again, Mass was graced by respectful visitors.

-Meeting Redacted.

-Lupoa… As always, Jed holds a wonderful all faiths discussion. While it is Dark Clergy Centric, his encouraging those of other Faiths to speak is an interesting twist. If you get an invite to one of these, try to go…

-Afternoon diuscussions.
-Evening Discussion… then playing firefighter. Then it was Feast and appropriate Benediction.

“If there is one thing Travance knows how to do, its fight Daemons and send them packing…”

A first- I got to sit at head table. When told the person who gives blessing over feast always get a seat there, I informed the person telling me I’ve never been told this and I’ve done benediction several times… Nice to know now- I’ve had to scramble for a seat before or eat standing… :)

-Orders from Aleister: Make sure nothing gets at that gate. Right.

The players at the choke point killing all the daemons made sure the second line of defense had very little work to do… And to the handful of NPC’s who leaked through the wall of Travancians- good job even though the second line made your getting through end fast.

More later as I gotta go to work.

Happy Monday!

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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05 Dec 2016 09:36 #2 by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm)
Replied by SlightlySaneBillliamm (SlightlySaneBillliamm) on topic December Highlights!
Good morning Travance!
What a wonderful December event, thank you all for coming out and joining in mone and kirsten's mayhem, intrigue, and chicanery.

I ran the event with kirsten and yoy guys were amazing. Thanks to the dedicated npcs, the hardworking setup crew for main mod, and marshals/sts that stepped up to help out.

I had an absolute pleasure wheeling and dealing as Q'arez'l (pronounced carl in the mortal Kormyrian tongue) the ancient imp. The sneaking around, hijinks in the inn, and acknowledging pcs actions from other events in the past. It helps keep the narrative alive and connected imo.

Playing Kapriel again was fun and will lead to future lessons and rp.

Curse the imps sudden but inevitable betrayal.

Finally getting a chance to view the remainder of the weekend as someone else was fun Charles Lively will be back.

Again thank you all for being the main characters in this narrative and their is more I am forgetting or to tired to write. Please share your wow moments and highlights.

Thanks Gene

"Slightly Sane Billliamm"

ooc: gene stern
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05 Dec 2016 10:12 #3 by Kevin (Kevin)
Replied by Kevin (Kevin) on topic December Highlights!
So first, I want to say, it is awesome to see all of you, I love the game and everyone a part of it. It is so much fun having Dominic back, and I look forward to seeing all of you more.

I knew even before game started things were gonna be really interesting and full of mixed emotions which was gonna be so much fun to see. It was SOOO much better than I had hoped it would be, so thank you to everyone I role played with over the weekend.

Saturday I really enjoyed the Visigalian mod, role play was fun with James and Gene, thank you both for how great it was.

I'll post more later if I can think of anything, but right now, brain farts.

Dominic Strong Commissioner of the Drake Guard and Vassal of Drega'Mire

(oog: Kevin Spirig)
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05 Dec 2016 11:56 #4 by Tobias (Tobias)
Replied by Tobias (Tobias) on topic December Highlights!
Wow wow wow.

It's always difficult coming into an event knowing you're going to be gone for a while, but this really was one to remember.

-Friday Night getting called out on my own cowardice and spending the rest of the time facing it.

-Finally getting a reading from Carlos that was frighteningly accurate(tm).

-A long talk with Oren about weaknesses and strength from it.



-Important talks with Sad Guard Elves.

-Doing 3 hours of incredibly complicated surgery, all with incredible ramifications. A special thanks to Zach and Matt for continually working with me and letting us push the limits of Physician techinques. It's always tricky to visualize, conceptualize, and roleplay over bits and pieces of fantasy anatomy and ridiculous experimentation, but I've had some amazing moments.

-On the subject of said surgeries- Surprise, you thought it was Zach but it was me, ZIPETOMOD! PREPARE TO BE HORRIFIED

-Getting to line up a lot of ideas that can keep rolling without my presence. I believe in all of you!

-For once getting more lessons than I gave! There were some great moments this game about teachers and students and what that bond means.

-Having a crew of six absolute heroes for Sunday shift- you guys were amazing!

-Tidying up some loose ends and some promises always feels good.

Tobias Armitage-
OOG- Jason Feldman

Monster Marshal
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05 Dec 2016 12:34 #5 by Grashügel (HAZMAT221)
Replied by Grashügel (HAZMAT221) on topic December Highlights!
All in all, it was a fantastic event. A huge thank you to everyone that made this weekend possible both IG and behind the scenes.

Some notable highlights-

-A nice look into some of the more ancient history of Arawyn.

-By far, Friday night’s druid mod was a blast. Not only was the IG objective neat, but the OOG and IG fire and concepts were excellent. Hoarfrosts are now one of my new favorite creatures along with the recent night stalkers we encountered not too long ago. I also have never been so grateful to have an excellent stride, it was nice using it to its absolute full potential for an extended period of time.

- Continuing to learn all the things. It’s nice learning from different people as well. I love seeing the different approaches and philosophies at work and certainly adds a layer of depth.

-Overall, Friday into Saturday was a busy night. It was nice to finally be able to sleep.

-Saturday morning NPC shift. All I have to say is that Snow, you’re a greasy bastard haha. Also had a great deal of fun selling a number of goblin wares to the townspeople. Sorry about the fleas: P

-Resolution of potential issues. I look forward to future cooperation

-Medical Procedures and a brain hand? That was quite the experience. Gras keeps telling himself that he’s seen it all now, but he is always proved wrong..

- Jeff, as always, your puns are on point. Gras loves his banter with both Chet and Nalick.

-Resisting a curse during feast. That was certainly interesting and troubling as my character tries to be nice with everyone he interacts with; he will certainly look over his shoulder more than he wishes to. Also, it’d be nice to fully enjoy feast without having to worry too much.

-The preparation for main mod was fun. Not only did I interact with a number of people, but I chose a new path within the light to follow.

-Main Mod was a blast. There wasn’t necessarily any role playing, but there was a lot of fighting. All I can say about that is scourge dolls are fun. A lot of demons fell that night.

- Post Main Mod was relatively slow. That is until Ben Herman’s NPC block started ;) Shrike Mod was a blast. Who knew torches could be so handy? It was also great to see cooperation between two sizeable factions IG to stop what the Shrike was planning. A lot of lives were saved. We were also able to ensure that no one was lost to the Lanius which is a victory in itself. I am excited and a little scared to see how this will all end up haha. Thank you to the NPCs on that run, you were all great.

-Homunculanius….. so much nope, but so much yes at the same time. Thankfully, we know how to take down both. Matt, you’re a great fighter and a pain to keep up with haha

- Sunday proved to be a relaxing and fairly enjoyable. It was nice interacting with everyone. Thank you to the yule faeries whoever you may be ;)

Overall, it was a great event. The only downside that I can think of is that we have to wait nearly two months to play again haha. Needless to say, I am looking forward to it.

Oh yeah, slowly getting the pieces in place to finally answer the two great questions Gras has had since the beginning of his time in Travance.

Sir Grashügel
Baronial Knight of Travance
Observer of the Moon and Stars

ALT: Estabon "Blackwater" Cortez

OOG Taylor Meise
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05 Dec 2016 12:40 #6 by Angry (Angryman86)
Replied by Angry (Angryman86) on topic December Highlights!
Let's see, Drop off round 1, round 2 drop off, run around to get things ready and to the kitchen with Sharone to chop the veggies.

Everyone and their mother saying Pluvious is looking for you. Finding Pluvious and fixing the problem.

Saturday, Brazen Mass, Business deals and just setting up shop to run away to do more kitchen things til the wee hours.

Priest lesson. Bout time and I should have been a dwarf with a twin headed hammer.

Chats with James.

Sunday. ripping apart a mail vest to fit another more work orders and New assistant.

All in all a good time.

Father Angrin McCoy, Baronial Quartermaster
Bill Schoellkopf - the "Angry" man
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05 Dec 2016 13:04 - 05 Dec 2016 14:04 #7 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic December Highlights!
I need to be careful what I wish for.

In the week leading up to the event, there was a post on Facebook asking us what we hoped to accomplish this event. I said "character development."


That and several years in, I'm finally getting the hang of immersion and being the character.

...and then there's the possibility that those closing the gate on the Abyss side won't come back... and news about an old friend later that night...

It was horrifying in-game, but being able to experience moments like that, was amazing. Chris and Laura for making it happen (but why god why!?), Stacey and Jason for breaking it to me, and Dara for watching over Nalick into the wee hours of the morning. I feel like there's been a game I was missing the last three years and finally tapped into it.

Alice B., thank you for going OOG for a sec to make sure I was okay up on the staircase. I really appreciate that!

Helping out at Feast was fun, as was seeing Jason's reactions to everyone stepping up and making sure that everybody got fed. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, especially Andy and Lexy for crying over the onions, Robert for lending his prep expertise, and all of the nutty moments in between. Being able to help where needed and still be able to sit and RP when the food was served, was also great.

Thinking back about the town's trip to the gates of the Abyss, just makes me think about Always Sunny episode title screens (thanks, Ben):

"Nalick Goes to Hell."

The shield wall was relatively duty-free, so my mind had time to wander into making every single joke I could.

"I guess hell really did freeze over."
"Man, it really was a cold day in hell when the healers were well-protected."

And so on and so forth.

The Caldor hug. Nalick was about to go storming off somewhere but then Caldor shows up in the doorway (as he occasionally does!) at just the right time.

So many hugs, not least of which Thalia's. Hell did freeze over. How else could we have more than five minutes together?

Finding out that the "higher-ups are watching."

Dominic's return and the difference in how each of my characters reacted.

Swyft's new RP for "Sustain Life" that had me in hysterics and gasping for air. Renee. :P

Chet on Friday night. I only played him for four hours the whole weekend, but it was concentrated Chet. Walkabout with a brand new player who wanted some information. "Loser is the Winner" with Maeve. Arguing with Lord Silverbow about the Chronicle piece that landed Chet in hot, treasonous water and being all "bring it!" that Silverbow could get the Baron to finally have that private meeting. So many great interactions and ending my Chet time with a soliloquy before getting garbed up as Nalick.

All the cheese (and apples) left over in the GIGANTIC bowl after Feast that I brought out into the main room.

Jason F.'s medicine mod. Hands coming out of places. Belegchand using his tome to cast half of my card made me feel happy about Nalick's skill set. The weirdness of it all.

"Lois, Intensify"
*giggling intensifies*

The hand. The screaming. The weirdness. It was great. Thank you, Matt M. for helping to run it.

Speaking of Jason F., your footwear hurts my sole.

Jonas offering unicorn cookies after Feast, particularly one without any of its legs attached:

"Would anyone like to eat this quadriplegic unicorn?"

The Shrike mods. Ever so descriptive, ever so terrifying. Ben, thanks for continuing to run them and run with everything we try to throw at it. Liz' face at all of my one-liners during the day. The bridge fight at night and all the RP after it exploded. Looking at you, Wolfgar.

Caldor and Bear. How every interaction was more pronounced and involved than the last and how it spread from the world's best inside joke between Caldor and Nalick, to all of their mutual friends.

The only downside is having to wait almost two months for the story to continue.

See you, Space Cowboy.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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05 Dec 2016 13:21 #8 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic December Highlights!
I was so busy this freaking weekend that barely had time to think. I had a blast, I can't wait for the next round!

Friday Night, Argyles dark past comes back to haunt him, and has a name. How many souls do you have to free to get just one back?

Witch Hunter moral challenges face all of us. Some hunts don't get to have happy endings, just...endings. It's where and what you do next that will define you. I do the best I can to try and teach, help, and asks others to give you their opinions as well as mine to show you perspective, but in the end, you have do to the job yourself, no one else can be YOU. I'm proud of you, you taught me lesson a this time! Thank you. What a night, huh?

Swyft, we're even now. I got a lot of love for the Stonefall Asylum Crew, odd how the "Bad Folks" are all about jokes, having fun, and working together(unless you mess with one of them.) I absolutely busted on Swyft of a YEAR! It's over, but if anyone noticed, Argyle totes murdered any undead that messed with her! Renee we don't get to RP much, but I had a blast with yourself this feast.

Saturday morning I was blur, but I was quickly brought awake from my daze at Jed`s Mass! That was awe inspiring, that spoke to a good deal of those fortunate enough to attend. I've always said Glomms strongest weapon is truth.

Stacey, Romeo, that was a little intense. Thanks Norm, it means alot to all of us, for you to take time to help others Role Play.

Steph, Dave, and all y'all, thanks again, I had a blast and really needed a chance to just relax and rp some silliness.

Feast; Jason was faced with almost endless challenges going into it, and only had more going forward. I don't have to list them all(way too much to type here in an already long highlights post)but a VERY deep thank you to Alisandria, WV, and everyone else who helped Jason. Thank you all so much Jason as well!

Main Mod;
1. Peaches and I attempted to secure the gate (Traps, barriers, posi traps,a few posi poisons, personnel to guard the flanks, arcane items, and some druidic... Michaela Benton shows up as a demon, wrecks our stuff so fast! Peaches and I just look at each other in shock for a few seconds dazed at how little effort it took to shut down our best efforts.

2. Michaela Benton calling,"Annoint" that sudden realization that I not only made a mistake, but I was going to pay it, I go flying forward, I see Goose dressed as a huge demon, I can only wince as he proceeded to beat me to death, a toss what was left of my bloody mithril canned corpse to the gate, dead, dying, a completely worthless. Grim then started tossing the dead out of the gate(thanks Bill)

3. Brogan asked me," Argyle what happened to you in there?" I look right at him," I broke that demons fist with my face!"

4. Blood Spirits, what a night huh?

I am so sad I missed Chance and Bran. The role play that came afterwards was great. "Well shit, I got nothing on that." Was all I could think to say.

Sunday was teaching more and trying to help people.

I have to miss a few things in here, but when that is over, know that it's in my Recap.

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)
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05 Dec 2016 14:35 #9 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic December Highlights!
And its the first real shot of cold for the area misty and damp. Worst weather for me possible and sick on top. I'm very glad I got to go. Interactions were RP intense. Fighting. Can't touch that with anything I have.

Watched guarding a friend from anything else. Shrugged. I think they got it.

That turned into a great RP session between Maxi and Birgitta. New innoculations and some serious realizations. So seldom we get that kind of time.

Bed sleep sore throat getting better. Breakfast with my spirits a special meeting with some excellent subtle RP there too. Not too surprised the PCs see eye to eye on a lot of things bit amazed how easy it was to find that common ground.

I need the room for a meeting. Get up get out now. And hilarity of getting you all up. 'Kids... You know?' 'Yes I do.'

Labour talks....imp items general info transfer to my crew. Briefs and requested assistances.

No main for me cold damp wet is my bane.

However. As always RP roles with Zipeto are always special. The Orphans Guild. So many wide ranging PCs with actions to take. He figured 30 min tops...2 to 3 hours later... Just amazing how Travance is child centric in so many ways. Still!

To those who defended and danced anyway special kudos to you. Mute means mind talk. I'm a ways surprised to see the top notched head spaced RP. It was a pleasure to watch from behind the NPC.

Those who went with the drift you are awesome. I got to have some carefree fun with you. Thank you.

Lessons with the Count and Mirrormere is deep disturbing and amazing. James thank you for your time.

My Blood Spirits you all get a special thank you. For plays able deniability and for keeping the CO updated and feeling involved even when her player just can't be there.

I wish you woke me for the late night chat but then you wouldn't have all gotten breakfast in bed on Sunday.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
Commander of Training Baronial Militia
Blood Spirits (Cmd/Sgt)
Blue Dragoon

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

Callisto Boyington (Alt)

AKA Leslie McCormack
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05 Dec 2016 16:24 - 05 Dec 2016 16:25 #10 by Ze'hel (BigZ)
Replied by Ze'hel (BigZ) on topic December Highlights!
Impromptu invitation to Edgefest 1216. Lots of fun.

"Don't worry, he's slipping."

Talks with Bob and Kroh. You guys do a great job of roleplaying your faith even if Zelretch disagrees with it.

Dramatic conversations with big gestures in the glade at 0500. And Lore: Dramatic Poses thanks to Cassie. Ben, Cassie, and Steve, you guys were amazing.

Enemies enter stage left and Karkat possessing a wraith. Hilarity ensued.

Alchemical undead? What'll they think of next?

Carl the Imp was fantastic. Feeding cultists to him was probably not what I was supposed to do, but you know, the order was death... so... there's that.

Being incredibly stubborn and refusing hypnosis from Tobias. Jason and Liz, your reactions were priceless.

"Neener neener neener, you haven't figured it out yet." Figuring out what I was being mocked for but asking to be told the answer was an OOG enjoyable moment. I think I've figured out the rest, but have plenty of time to get it right. That entire scene was amazing, thank you to everybody there for the great RP.

Finding out Father has something that I was about to start working on that I thought he didn't have. It's almost like he's had thousands of years to be better at this than me. A bigger push to try to become more creative with how to use Astral energy.

Srs talks with Grim following a bunch of sudden insights.

Not so serious talks with Tari. That were probably supposed to be serious but I couldn't hold it together.

Main mod in the abyss was both terrifying and awesome. Probably one of the first times I felt like I was holding my own okay while punching out of my weight class.

The sudden and inevitable betrayal. What the heck Carl? I thought we were friends

Shrike mod and all it's terrible/wonderful glory. Thank you so much Ben for running it. It was a rollercoaster from start to finish.

Being owed a favour and finding out some stuff I probably shouldn't know.

Serious conversation with Charles Lively, Swyft, and Hasim. And then watching two people cheat horribly at 5 car draw.

Probably more stuff.


OOG: Nick H.
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05 Dec 2016 16:56 #11 by Garlan Tanwyn (GarlanTanwyn)
Replied by Garlan Tanwyn (GarlanTanwyn) on topic December Highlights!
This was probably the most fun/busiest event I've had ever. Just gonna try and list everything I can:

- Managed to go the entire weekend without George unwrapping me, which was nice.

- Friday night was super busy, after the first hour or so of hanging around did a mod for Steve as a sentry undead. Even fancy mages need to know how to be stealthy sometimes or else.

- Getting back to logistics after that to volunteer for Bill's mod where I was just a lowly body guard with Tom and we were expected to defend our employer from a select few individuals who far outclassed us.

- Saturday morning followed Lord Aleister and others to go and fight some demons attacking his lands, got some pretty nice gauntlets off of a demon.

- Volunteered again for Steve, this time as just a body guard in a mod. Used some of the funds from my employer to buy some of Goose's food for lunch (it was amazing).

- Rest of the day Saturday was fairly laid back up until my tarot reading with Carlos which as I'm sure many people can agree is scary accurate. As the cousin of the 5 Tanwyn brothers, getting the "5 brothers" tarot card was unbelievable.

- Main mod seemed to go pretty terribly, stepped through the portal just long enough to nearly take 100 superior fire if not for my single resist, quickly noped out after that.

- Learned the next step in a lesson after main mod, thanks Ven.

- Gank shift 12-4 was the most fun as an NPC I've had, being a crazy tree monster on a bridge was great. Lots of crowd control throws and spider climbing down underneath it made for a fun time. Even more fun was following the group that ventured into the woods afterwards, props to you guys because I would never have wanted to fight all of us.

- After the mod ended we were able to keep up the crazy tree shenanigans which can be summed up as "hide in shadows, shadow leap, subdue +10 strength dirty fighting."

Can't believe it'll be a whole 2 months until the next full event, hopefully I can make it to the banquet!

Garlan Tanwyn

OOG: Sam P.
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05 Dec 2016 17:20 #12 by Nadia (ChristineR)
Replied by Nadia (ChristineR) on topic December Highlights!
Even Though I had originally planned on splitting the weekend between Ava and Leliana I wasn’t in a great headspace so I chose to play Leliana the whole weekend and still had the most fun I have had in a while.
In no real particular order:

- Leliana likes parties!!! Let’s have more of those, maybe not right before I have to LM though because I am sad I got to miss out on some fun!!

-Joined the Mage Guild, so that’s a goal I accomplished. Wasn’t planning to get involved in politics but you all know about best laid plans.

-One thing I love about Leliana is that she is helpful in a way other than “What if you murdered them?” way and was glad I could help some people!

-The best part is when you can make your teacher face palm. Multiple times.

-Being able to be social and lighthearted is sometimes what you need to be.

-Getting to meet a lot of new people over the weekend was great! Some I know as other characters but some I never really interacted with at all!

-Aleister may have started Leliana down the path of Scholar after an interesting talk between mostly him and Falia. Add that stuff to the list of things Leliana needs in order to research things that may or may not have consequences she knew about.

-Excited about getting to continue down this character’s path, it’s certain to lead to some interesting places!!!!

Until next time :)

OOG:Christine R.
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05 Dec 2016 18:05 #13 by Tim P (OrganicGolem)
Replied by Tim P (OrganicGolem) on topic December Highlights!
I think the highlight of my year was when I apologized to a prop for hurting it's feelings.
"Tal'Riel, I've come to bargin."
Took me 5 straight minutes to realize I was interacting with a skeleton in robes.

Other highs include:
Another character changing tarot reading from Carlos, as always.
"Orophin what are you doing?" "Being the big damn hero. For I have heard the squeal of war."
Too much mage politics.
So. Many. Cheesecake squares.

-Tim P
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05 Dec 2016 18:20 - 05 Dec 2016 18:20 #14 by Daggerfist (prawnbait)
Replied by Daggerfist (prawnbait) on topic December Highlights!
Overall this event was a lot of fun. Kudos to the story tellers and everyone running the mods, especially the newer player mods.

The biggest highlight for me involved a sad tale of a down and out peanut farmer and a dead beloved pet. Everyone's reaction was priceless, from people running out of the inn because they were laughing to hard to keep character to Zach's epic face palm when I returned to Logistics with a mug full of money.

Looking forward to January!

Salvatore "Razorback" Daggerfist
Vassal of Pendarvin

OOG Greg P.
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05 Dec 2016 19:23 #15 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Replied by Caldor Eirson (Caldor) on topic December Highlights!
Lets get it out of the way, since I posted elsewhere: Feast was a collaborative effort and I thank everyone who helped. I ended up being both Luis and Ree this weekend, and man, that was draining.

I wasn't connected to the main plot at all, but I had one of the best events in a long time.

Friday night teachings/discussions with Jed. Caldor's view of the world continues to grow bigger and bigger - and this conversation will be a definite cornerstone in his eventual attitude. Swift and Bear being there at the same time was fortuitous.

Midnight Mass was slightly low on attendance, but I was glad for those who were there. I I switched topics last second on an in character whim, and was terrified I was going to blow it.

Druid mod was AWESOME. I love that being a Barbarian with the racials had a direct effect. I adored the ritual and the setup, and really liked the mechanics of the monsters, even if I didn't get to fight them.

Saturday morning Shrike mod. Thank you so much Ben for letting my ridiculous ideas have some effect. At every step of the way I expected to be dying or worse, and I had an amazing time with everything.

Lessons and further discussions with Bob, Merikh, Tobias, Aldric, Nalick, Belegchand, Duncan and Haroldson. Marikh telling me an interesting story.

I spent the rest of Saturday in the kitchen, so sadly I missed a lot.

Saturday night main mod. I loved the set up. Part of me wishes I could have gone into the abyss, but It really wasn't my character's role. I spent 20 minutes dropping a seasons ritual (thanks Tris for your help), and then was ready to rock and roll. 30 Entwine with vines certainly affects the front line of a demon swarm. I also loved hobbling anything that broke through our lines. I heard the imp inside betrayed us, and we weren't surprised.

Back at the inn, I had heavy I fell asleep on Dara's leg at some point. Sorry. I woke up just in time for when I should have been going to Shrike. Instead I get swept off by clergy. Umm.... Steve, Chris, Laura... Damn. I'm just... wow. You drew out some of Caldor's deepest and rarest elements. That mod will have long, deep effects on Caldor, and will shape his person and goals for years to come. Thank you.

Sunday morning was great lessons, kitchen cleaning and interesting fall out of the rest.

Caldor Eirson,

Gothi and High Priest of Gaia
Wedding Planner, Match Maker,
Spiritual Advisor To Kaladonia

OOG: Jason M.
Deputy Kitchen Marshal
Land System Marshal

Q: How many people does it take to teach a barbarian how to read?
A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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05 Dec 2016 19:46 #16 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic December Highlights!
More than playing a villain, more than playing dark heroes, or good heroes, or anything else, it's the interactions that make every moment meaningful.

For everything I did this weekend that I feel was just status quo for myself, it was something huge for those around me. And more than my own enjoyment, the fact that anyone I dealt with took those moments to heart for something more than what I felt they were, you are my highlights.

So thank you to anyone I got to deal with this weekend, you're the reason I keep playing!

In service to The Crown,
-Lord Admiral Aleister Tartaros the Phoenix
-Lord of Drega'mire
-Admiral of the Kormyrian Royal Navy

-Steve Oros
(Officer, Storyteller)
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05 Dec 2016 21:02 #17 by Brenna Cowley (fallenangel720)
Replied by Brenna Cowley (fallenangel720) on topic December Highlights!
Wow I just..there was so much that happened this weekend.

-Friday get there and enjoying some downtime with Maeve. Meet Sergei and hilarious jokes ensue that make me laugh so hard I could barely breath.

-Later bout 1am or so the younger ashby, can't spell his name but I think it's Elijah, comes and grabs a bunch of us to go on a fun quest. Look for the sword he said.. We found it all right, in the hands of a bloody demon knight who we bashed our heads against for what seemed like hours yet was only a few minute. He flew away with the sword and what was left of my pride...
I made some new friends that night though, Bear, Chimera, Alexi, Dagmire and a Romani Psion who's name is escaping me for some reason. If you happen to read this I would like to actually remember your name cause you were awesome.

-Got to be an undead for the first time in the early morning hours. However my favorite part of that night was being sent out as a boar and on my way back passing the inn and getting hunted down to be made into bacon. I wish I could have seen the results of that because person who killed me you were funny as heck.

-Saturday we went to help stop demons from busting into Lord Aleister's house. I got slayed and almost died. Thanks for the save on that one Alexi. Then I got to meet Andre and Aneera and we went on a small woodland romp. Andre your songs are wonderful.

-Finally came time to kick this demon knights butt. We had a small army and Caldor specials, thanks Caldor. We kicked butt! However I did not expect that people would be so kind and give me the gift they did. To the people who were there thank you so much. I will use it in your defense always.

-Saturday night I said nope to seeing the abyss. I do not need that on my passport thank you very much. Got to chill in second line outside and guard healers all night. Easy peazy.

-Oh my god, to whoever played Pree-Pree on sunday, I adore her. That was the best thing ever minus the crazy staff and stabbing elementals. I have never wanted to cuddle something so much as I did her. If you ever come back to apply for the mage's guild formaly Pree-Pree I, Rastiria, will be your personal bodyguard while you travel these unsafe roads.

-Oh also forgot to mention, thanks to Elias for being my teacher on saturday and thank you to the adventure's guild for letting me stay. The cabin was so festive it felt like a little bit of home came with me. Can't wait for next event. Till then stay safe friends.

(OOG Brenna Cowley)
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05 Dec 2016 21:23 #18 by GJSchaller (GJSchaller)
Replied by GJSchaller (GJSchaller) on topic December Highlights!
I needed a break from Adulting and decided to play Carlos all weekend. WELL worth it.

All of the readings. Won't go into details, other than watching people's faces was so much fun.

Running into combat as Carlos, then realizing I wasn't playing Gideon any more... RUN AWAY!

"Can you switch my legs with Josephine's? Maybe that will keep me from running into combat..."

Flirting with a Succubus seemed like a good idea at the time...

Getting my own damn reading. Every time, I know it's a bad idea, and I still let them do it.

Lessons with Jun and the Ashby clan.

RM shift. Warlock Uncorked mod. Clytie coming down the path. "Are you here to fix the (broken NPC)?" "No, I was told there would be pie...?"


Sunday morning Hat Shenanigans.

Lord Gideon Weaveforger of Kaladonia
Steward of Elvalion
OOG: Geoffrey Schaller
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05 Dec 2016 22:17 #19 by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby)
Replied by Dethie Blackeby (DethieBlackeby) on topic December Highlights!
Came in just for Saturday, which was really nice given the cold and that the statehouse was going to be packed. I had just enough of a good time.

Pics, finally, since I (also finally) got to wear my new armor. Thanks to everyone for their compliments and such :)

Was nearly killed shortly thereafter (stupid Boarzhu). I may have kicked someone when I was laying on the ground flailing and armless before being fed to stupid Boarzhu, sorry about that. Many thanks to Ilana and Tris for patching me up and keeping me safe, and to whomever it was that grew my arms back.

Learned Dissect from Lady Kleidin and Intercept from Cyrik. Small but important skills which I feel will help round out my gameplay quite nicely for the time being.

Tarot reading from Carlos... I kept trying to process it IG but dammit, it was too close to my OOG job sitch. Perspective all the same.

Feast was great. Major props to the kitchen folks for making the best of a bad situation. You can't even say they did well with what they had to work with, they did well, period.

Abbreviated Kaladonia Pie Mod because drive home, but still a nice time. Went to QuickChek on the way home and forgot I still had woad on my face. Oops.

Good times, everyone. Until next time!

IG: Dethie Blackeby
Vassal of Kaladonia
OOG: Merideth P.... or you can still call me Dethie :)
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06 Dec 2016 00:09 #20 by Odo Garaath (Odo)
Replied by Odo Garaath (Odo) on topic December Highlights!
It's been nearly 3 years, I suspect, when the last time I played Odo. Maybe less, but it certainly feels that way. All the new faces, old but new faces, old but older faces! Goodness me, it was a shock.

My one out of game highlight came when I played Shane's imps. Seems someone tried to stuff too many elementals in the heating unit and exploded. Heading back to logistics, beaten, ball-tapped, and sore. I stumble past Brian Hahn doing make up. His retort to me bleating out my woes;

"Hey Tom, welcome back to Knight Realms." Indeed, Brian. Indeed.

Saturday, I came back as Odo. Stepping onto the porch of Kaladonia, I am besieged by Imps. Several in fact. My mind revved, my muscles twitched, and before long, I was sprinting down hill, only for the lot to chase after me. Dispatching most of them, a group of new folk came down to clean up as I roared and swiped and bashed and fought.

After I caught my breath and performed 2 Blood Fury moves, a healer comes over and asks "Excuse me, are you okay?" I, not realizing her request was of healing and not well-being simply grunt "I'm fine, how are you?" to a titter by some others realizing the joke before I did. Much hand shaking and hugs by others as I wandered to the Inn for market faire.

To whomever was selling that blanket and the blanket seller's boss, it's SO refreshing to see goblins as shifty cheats than as savage fodder.

The feast was simply amazing. The pre-feast snack was such a nice surprise. I did not have the dessert, but by then, I was full and tired.

The rust on this meat machine is being flaked off and I will be more eager, polished, and interactive next time!

I await more Enax fun as well!

"Praise be to Enax, and blessing to his followers."

(Tom Senger )
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06 Dec 2016 01:31 - 06 Dec 2016 01:32 #21 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle) on topic December Highlights!
I may have been at the event for only like 20 hours but it was amazing. So much rp. Thank you to storytellers and James for the great game

Starting out with a quick scene NPCing a character I hoped I'd get to play again one day. 20 minute scene but SO worth the time to get in and out of makeup and costume. Excited to get to play her again.

Jump into game as rook and immediately get pulled into portal jumping planning meetings. Rook out loud having to say "I understand I will not be returning from the abyss and am willing to take that risk" was kind of a terrifying moment for her. But set up for some fantastic rp.

Making it out of the abyss alive and them being asked to step down as squire. Somehow end up interviewing for the commissioner position (Belegchand is good at twisting words and intentions =P). That entire interview. Probably the most emotionally trying rp I've done. Rook revealing her real name. A tiny bit of her backstory. The super super awkward silence after she revealed that. You could have heard a pin drop downstairs in that silence.

Stepping out so they could discuss if she got the commissioner job. Coming back in and becoming Barak's squire instead. So excited for what this holds for the future!

Lessons. All the lessons. Giving lessons. Teaching climb is my favorite lesson hands down. Learning lessons.... 6 lessons in all! finally started my master warrior lessons! Woo!

The fact that my master warrior lesson turned into "You need to hit me on the butt before I'll pass you" XD rook and annora are too funny together. I enjoyed our romp in the dirt.

Hat shenanigans.

Again, short weekend but so much fun. Can't wait to see you all at the banquet!

Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rachael L
Card Staff
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06 Dec 2016 02:11 - 06 Dec 2016 10:11 #22 by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
Replied by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings) on topic December Highlights!
"Grim. Break the staff!"

Grim shakes his head and says, "I can't."

That was fun. So was NPCing being the incompetent mage who blow'd up a hole into the plane of fire. Massive props to Justin for being my pardner on that one, he was really selling it while I was off causing various kinds of havoc. While getting fired, even IG can be a cringey subject, we somehow made it work.

A talk with Lord Silverbow, and a kind offer.

Throwing dead bodies through a gate.

Realizing afterwards just how many people grim will talk to and work with to do his job, and pursue his goals.

Making real friends with Zelretch.

Learning about what snogging meant. Seeing Matt's face when grim said, "I REFUSE TO BELIEVE" since I know he knows the quote.

Being proud that my idea to help Bear was a big hit on newbie mod and helped kill the demon.

Feast, of course. I took a one month break from serving, and instead hung out with my family and had a very raucous and fun dinner. It was worth the break.

Being a secret sneakybeak teacher to a secret sneakybeak.

Being thanked for doing torches along the path.

Watchin Tobias win at being Pioneer surgeon forever. What a farewell event. What conversations we had. Grim is shook.

The aftermath of everything with Arabeth and Bran. Grim was already burdened because of various revelations. Now he's almost broken.

Fighting demons is always fun, particularly if Chris Zipeto is playing them. I feel like it was bad form to fall back to the battle line, and a little bit of dishonor on Grim's part for doing so, but the goal in the Abyss wasn't to die gloriously, but to win. He won't ever stop feeling less bad about it though.

Goose was a kickass mod boss, and Michaela was quite hardcore on the front lines too. I was suitably impressed.

Shrike mod was of course excellent, making a stand on the bridge, then charging into the woods after Arradir, and confronting the entire group of the weird bushes alone while snarling MIIIINE over Arradir's slumped body was great. Don't touch Grim's people.

Lois and Grim had some great roleplay, from bonding and talking of dreams, to a really nasty verbal confrontation where she apparently shoved him, to a little hand squeeze of reassurance before her brain surgery.

Various awkward talks with Bob about various things, while everyone else is off doing psychic surgery.

Seeing Belegchand at full math elf power, with his scroll for every situation.

Grim seeing Keillor again was interesting. A transcendent being is a worrisome thing to the northman.

Finding out a way to save one of the homonculi, and the possible cost to himself and everyone else made for some excellent moral conflict for Grim.

Having an interesting conversation with Coran about Homonculi and the future of travance, and feeling extremely upset by it. The roleplay was excellent!

Chasing Gene's stupid imp around the inn until being told that sadly, he couldn't just kill the Maleficarum.

Actually going berserk at Karen's boss thing.

Getting wrecked in the face by a horrible combination of plant monster that ate a homonculi. I never minded getting hit by assassinate less.

Realizing grim was in the absolute front of the column as travance marched off to war, and realizing that this was very fitting.

Various rps with jackdaw, Starling, and interactions in passing with the winged Victory. Grim is now more openly fond of them.

The brief interaction with the dealer of the maker's mark runes was also nice.

Waking up to a possible murder investigation, which ended in clearing a towns member and arresting a cultist. Arresting another cultist who ended up dead at Grim's hands after it was clear he was an iredeemable monster. (And had no info we needed).

Finding out and snarling when informed the Mother was behind the Abyssal spear.

Being actually worried coz barak was briefly dead.

Dara being there and instantly picking up on and embracing Bear's role in the family.

Working well with all the other guard officers. Getting to actually fight with Erik, and realizing grim's attitude towards the Lance Squad is rather like of that of Alexander and his companions. They all drink and boast and drive each other to acts of more and more reckless bravery.

Seeing Caldor drunk and sad.

Running around teaching people about dangerous creatures on Sunday.

training shift was great, it was a joy to learn to be a football coach of sorts for my mans, and the undead rush at night on the INn against the witch hunters was a fun battle to watch and direct while white headbanded. I'm glad nobody was severely injured, and people seemed to love the fight.

A thoughtful talk with Swyft.

Hearing Aleister give a warning about the abyss, responding as though it were directedto me, then being told it wasn't.This realization was actually flattering. He knew I knew the risks, and wasn't going to be afraid.

Making a joke with Aleister about whether eating a second cookie was treasonous, and having barak be the one to explain it to him.

IG: Sir Grimkjell Eirson
Knight of Pendarvin
Guardian of Mercy

OOG: William Hannings
Land system Marshal
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06 Dec 2016 02:39 #23 by Wren (Wren)
Replied by Wren (Wren) on topic December Highlights!
Wren and Erik try to fix a possesed man. They mean well but I dont think the man, or the good doctor, appreciated their methods.

Friday 5am, Wren and Dirge are chatting in Ostcliff room. A nosferatu bursts in and is swiftly dealt with. We go back to chatting and think nothing of it, until we hear the whole Inn fighting. Shirtless and shoeless Wren and Dirge shamble downstairs to fight the undead; no shoes, no shirt, no problem.

Saturday parties and relaxing, nap, then mainmod npc shift leading up to the AWESOME Shrike mod. A bit of intense Rp after with a few involved, some much needed decompression snack time with Nesterin and then to bed.

Sunday morning and waking up to enact plan "Yule Faeries". Olivia and Wren dress up as Yule Faeries and drink greater invisibility potions so they can galavant around like bell twinkling idiots and hand out candy and gifts to all. Sky and I had the idea a few days before the event and set about making all the candy packets while we chatted via texts, definately put us in the Yule spirit. We had so much fun and we're glad everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

- Wrenton Revlis
Steward of Sagewood
Headmaster of the Darkwood Academy of the Metaphysical Arts

O.O.G. Adam D.
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06 Dec 2016 03:01 #24 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic December Highlights!

Riverbane wrote: The biggest highlight for me involved a sad tale of a down and out peanut farmer and a dead beloved pet. Everyone's reaction was priceless, from people running out of the inn because they were laughing to hard to keep character to Zach's epic face palm when I returned to Logistics with a mug full of money.

Poor Stampy.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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06 Dec 2016 09:04 - 06 Dec 2016 09:50 #25 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Replied by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood) on topic December Highlights!
-George's 'Writ of Weird Demon Stuff' after acquiring horns for obliterating a demon legionnaire

-All my 'do not use these trinkets. Making pacts with succubi is dumb' posts and the imp thinking he got them all (more than I expected survived the day)

-Actually getting to add to the scholars tome. I did all the research throughout the night and then was able to add notes from last year to try and expand on it.

-Taking the New Players on a not new player mod. It was a shotgun decision and they ran with it so well. I was fortunately called the 'fun new player marshal' by a returning player/friend. Ilana rewarded her brave new adventurers for their efforts.

Pssst, New Players
If you're interested in random 'field trip' mods with the reward I gave you, fill out your event recaps and let staff know/let me know. Ilana is an explorer, I am more than fine taking people to places we should probably not be going (aka vote for Ilana/Mars to be Ms. Frizzle. You'll make my new year. It'll be fiiiiine.)

-Dirge noticing Oros on the mod and going 'Wait, is this not a new player mod? I can take the gloves off?' *Me looking at the NPCs* "Yes, please Dirge. Take them off" and Tom's ' :lol: ' face.

-George's birthday party mostly a success (and briefly attempting to drag Boarzhu up the Ostcliff hill to the party for George to 'eat'. Too many people in crit to play that game though)

-Becoming a Master of the Mage's Guild and trying super hard to be 'official' and not my usual snark about mages:
"We need to be the governing force on magic here. Our word is law. Are we all in agreement?"
"Um, well, past experiences are causing flags, but I will get used to this eventually."

To George outside: *shouting* "They're in here talking about mage stuff! Just give me a minute."
To everyone inside: *quietly* "Er, right, eventually get used to this."

-The 'betrayal' of Karl. I think we just wanted to 'root' for the little guy ("...she can dominate imps. Are we really surprised?")

-Arabeth D: I won't be super detailed, not my place, but the usual vindictive Ilana decided to give up her vendetta against Mother as a result and to enjoy what gifts she has been given. Has the river finally settled into a lake? (or at least a stream?) We'll see.

Marcella Torres
Land System Deputy
New Player Marshal
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06 Dec 2016 09:51 - 06 Dec 2016 09:52 #26 by Maeve Hesperus (gwennieofsidhe)
Replied by Maeve Hesperus (gwennieofsidhe) on topic December Highlights!
I got 10 people to play "Loser is the Winner" Friday night. It was only two rounds, but I had fun trying to talk people into participating. Some people even bought the loser candies separately just to try them and see what all the fuss was about!

Maeve got a reading from Carlos. It hasn't started to make much sense yet outside of the near past part, but I am sure it will. Carlos also gave her a tarot deck, which was very special to Maeve. Maeve has spent a lot of time around Sergei and his kin and she knows the importance of the gesture. I am looking forward to learning more about the art of tarot reading so I can do things with it IG as Maeve.

Yelling, "George! Welcome back to the family!" across the inn after seeing he had horns again on Saturday morning, but also having some great 'you sure you got this?' style RP about it over tasty garlic bread and telling him he probably owed Ilana something pretty for causing her so much worry.

Lovely chats with Leliana at George's birthday party, which was interrupted by demons attacking Ostcliff.

Tris: Morwenne, can I knit you a cocoon?

White headbanding to witness Bran's steep descent into crystallized madness. To everyone who brought their A game with that scene - you have my utmost respect as roleplayers.

I didn't do a whole ton this game, but I didn't pressure myself either, which I think was very important. I had the best time I have had at KR in a very long time. Thank you to everyone who interacted with Maeve, no matter how big or small the interaction.

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OOG: Renée Ballard
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06 Dec 2016 10:52 #27 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Replied by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood) on topic December Highlights!

Maeve Hesperus wrote: Yelling, "George! Welcome back to the family!" across the inn after seeing he had horns again on Saturday morning, but also having some great 'you sure you got this?' style RP about it over tasty garlic bread and telling him he probably owed Ilana something pretty for causing her so much worry.

^^^^^ (My inner Ilana thanks Maeve <3 )

Marcella Torres
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New Player Marshal
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06 Dec 2016 11:31 #28 by Midori Suarez (krykit)
Replied by Midori Suarez (krykit) on topic December Highlights!

GJSchaller wrote: Running into combat as Carlos, then realizing I wasn't playing Gideon any more... RUN AWAY!

HAH! Best!

OOG: Kate Iannacone
IG: Midori Suarez, Mercy's Daughter

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06 Dec 2016 11:45 - 06 Dec 2016 11:46 #29 by Magnus (hippy g0th)
Replied by Magnus (hippy g0th) on topic December Highlights!
My plan - Play heimdell and run a new player mod

What actually happened - run 3 new player mods, mm boss for gene, marshal hours of research, team up with Ben Herman to entertain players till 6 in the morning... Spend 75% of my game in various headbands running mods...

In essence "everything went better then expected "

Matthew Majchrzak


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06 Dec 2016 12:44 #30 by Starling (starling)
Replied by Starling (starling) on topic December Highlights!
In no particular order...

- Reminding a good few people of the actual status of Jackdaw and Starling's relationship and getting to watch the awkward. (I think Caldor wins for best reaction this weekend.)

- Running upon the Apezhu fight down by Alisandria on Friday night involved a lot of really timely healing. Exciting fights to heal in are my favorites.

- Sunday morning circumstances allowing for Alexei to conveniently do a series of healing lessons on the same very unfortunate target. Sorry, Nightingale....

- Staff lessons with Aiki, consultation and encouragement provided by Red Kestrel... which included actual lessons, because I'm monstrously awkward with any weapon.

- Saturday Brunch, healers and physicians meeting, everyone there was stellar. <3.

- Starling really enjoyed getting to know the Heargens a bit more, and learning more about their family and their culture. It made being up early(ish) on Saturday totally worthwhile.

- Late night Research lesson with Belegchand that veered in directions Starling was absolutely not anticipating, it was a really incredible, quiet, but meaningful moment--and involved questions nobody's ever thought to ask her before.

- Winged Victory CIVIL WAAA--I mean, internal strife. Magpie, Nightingale, Peacock, Albatross, you all make me so proud OOG and so completely frustrated and angry IG. Starling actually had to put on her Starmom hat and scold the children.

- The lead up to main mod and Starling telling people they weren't allowed to die. Sorry, nope, not permitted, you'll be grounded if you don't come back from the Abyss. (the feeeeeeeelllls). Extra points for emotional moments to both Kestrels, Jackdaw, Amalthea, Thalia, Rook. Starling stepped into a role in the Not In The Abyss fight that she'd never tried before (thanks Amalthea) and it went surprisingly well!

- Continued strife with Jackdaw. Clarification of marital status and an awful lot of "Stop doing that, I'm not delicate."

- Winged Victory goes back to alliance with Drega and promptly has Such Great interactions! Negotiations, meetings, more negotiations, surprise! vassalships, actual ships, various he said/she said/wait what moments. Good stuff, Drega'mire.

- Late Saturday night: I'd already gone to bed when HomuncuLanius showed up.... in the sweet spot of acoustics where the fight actually sounds like it's happening IN the attic. Thought about it for a while. Decided I couldn't sleep and probably someone might need to get healed, so came downstairs in my pajamas and found Ergos by the door. "Are they dying out there? Do they need healing?" ".... they seem fine, but it's really cold." "Why don't we just... stay here and see if they need us." That lead to a very interesting very sleepy conversation. Healing buddies! Starling now believes homunculus are probably real. Probably.

Squire to Lady Angelica Tartaros

OOG: Alice Bryson
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