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31 Jan 2017 22:42 #31 by Fenris Nattulv (dhaas987)
Replied by Fenris Nattulv (dhaas987) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
Hmmmm, where to start?
First weekend as a PC, and to be honest it was completely different from what I expected! the group I was travelling with arrived early Friday evening, and discovered that that the inn was booked full, so we set up our stuff in the barn. While waiting in the tavern for Lay-on, I enjoyed several games of chess with Liighka and Haroldson (who totally destroyed me; hats off to you sir, you are very good!) Lay-on was called, so I hung around the inn for a while, and found myself involved in two more chess games (in-character this time, which is unusual for a Northman) with a player whose name I cannot recall. First game I barely beat him, and the second he beat me, so I'd say we're fairly well matched. Two of the best games I've had in a while, though the second was interrupted when a horde of Wendigo burst into the inn. They were quickly driven out, and things quieted down a bit.

I eventually got bored and wandered off into the darkness alone, and found myself in a running battle at the Barracks. I was then directed to escort someone into the barracks, where we were terrified by spooky music, utter darkness, and no way of escape. (Zipeto, that was fantastic. Perfect horror scene description.) We escaped from there, only to encounter it again on the way back to the inn. my companion froze up and couldn't be reached, so I went to get help. After that, I was very tired, so I went to bed.

Saturday I ended up NPCing almost all day. Whether it was being a goofy psionic mime or an angry peasant whose 17 cows had frozen to death in his barn due that the indoor blizzards, it was highly enjoyable. Props to the PC's who actually helped the peasant, I was not expecting anyone to bother with helping him. Feast was fantastic, Thank You to all the kitchen staff.

After Feast, I went back to NPC some more. Late night NPC shift was by far the best, as Ben Harmen came up with the coolest ideas. First there was the massive Decay Creature and its mist monster conglomerations. That was pure brilliance. Then apparently the PC's thought vampires were coming,so he sent us out as nosferatu. I was the peasant sent running ahead to warn everyone of the nosferatu coming, and I was supposed to die in the fight. However, the moment I fell in battle, the PC's brought me back. After the battle, they offered to train me as a Witch Hunter, a Bounty Hunter, a Ranger, and I can't even remember what else! Big props for trying to convince an NPC to stick around, but I had other obligations! :) I was drafted by Zipeto for super secret stuff that went very well. Again, he is a fantastic storyteller. Best descriptive scene-setting I've ever seen! Then after NPC shift was officially over, Ben invited me to randomly wander around with him as an assassin for some recurring plot he was involved in, and that was a blast. 4 on 1 fight in a cloud of darkness, and I barely escaped with my life. So much fun. "Summon women, summon women, summon women!"

I stayed up all saturday night in the tavern, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast Sunday morning.
Can't wait to be back in a couple weeks!

- Fenris Nattulv

-Alt: Jonathan Carter, Minstrel of the Road

OOG: Daniel Haas
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31 Jan 2017 23:01 #32 by Magnus (hippy g0th)
Replied by Magnus (hippy g0th) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights

Tiree Ketensag wrote: the fastest physician in Travance,

it was a pleasure running with you :-p

Matthew Majchrzak


Lord General Magnus

"Not Dead Yet!"
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31 Jan 2017 23:50 #33 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights

Magnus wrote:

Tiree Ketensag wrote: the fastest physician in Travance,

it was a pleasure running with you :-p

I should've known.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
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01 Feb 2017 00:31 #34 by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes)
Replied by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
Oh man! Almost forgot!

Thog is the greatest non-rogue rogue in all of Travance, a majestic bastard, and my personal hero

"What do you take me for? Some kind of big damn hero?"
Sergei Petsho, Voivode and Steward of Inovar, Owner and Masseur Extraordinaire of Magic Hands Massage.

"What, it's for my research, I swear!"
Nigel Whitworth, Gentleman Apothecary, Pioneer Occultist

"Here, kid, suck on this and shut up for a while."
Aengus MacAengus Hesperus, Professional Old Person

OOG: Chris Zipeto

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01 Feb 2017 10:11 - 01 Feb 2017 10:28 #35 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
Knight Realms January 2017 Event-
Like seriously, I never laughed so much at a KR weekend as I did this one. An entire event without a traumatic experience for Swyft-- what a feeling! lol...
From harassing the scariest of priests and straight faced nobles alike with namierra silliness to being brought saucers of milk from Lords, I never had as much fun being katta as I did this event! I cannot express my appreciation of this enough.

A by-product of hanging with the bad kids behind the school was learning how to have hijinks this event. My goodness, what fun.
On Friday night, I waited for Heimdal's back to be turned after he set down his box o' drugs, cat-stealthed over to it, placed it under the table, cat-stealthed back to where I was sitting and watched and giggled with the others as the panic set in when he couldn't find it. This went on a few times... Sorry, not sorry Matt! ;)

Ah, Kardin's dismay at having to arrest Karkat...


Somehow a contest of jump scaring Swyft erupted between Zelretch and Karkat. I don't understand it, but should it continue she will retaliate with more than just confetti.
You've been warned!

Jed's new biography title for Swyft: "She Crept Closer."
(How did you keep a straight face, you bastard?)

Lord of Tears returning? And other Harbingers... SWYFT WILL FIGHT YOU

Dark prophecies for Zelretch...

Ben's manic display on Friday night. Wowie.

Nalick, you man stealer, you.
"I'll cut off his arms if you want." - Cy

Floored by Paladin scritches. Curse you, Amaltheaaaaa!!! *fist shake*

This was the first event Swyft has ever been scruffed. And by two separate people, no less. It... was surprisingly effective. :x

Duncan's impromptu Battle Mass was a fun start to Saturday. They had an army. We had a Jed.

So this one time Cy tried telling me something, but she forgot it at my look of befuddlement at her very expert sidling. She promptly found the fact that she forgot it so hilarious that she just started cracking up. The contagion spread to Maeve, Zelretch and myself, so we were doubled over laughing for literally no reason.

That was friggin' awesome, lol.

I enjoyed helping Mary and Chris with feast this event! It is always a pleasure to spend time with them, and feast staff this time was a delight. Everything was done super on time and delicious! <3

I took distinct pleasure in knocking over cups at the nobles' table. And in Billiam screaming that Swyft needs to get outside because she's not people.

Aleister put me in charge of Drega'mire for main mod, and there were three of us, lol. Stonefall joined up, though, and that brought our party up to a whopping six! Swyft is little salty with Annorra about it, and that's why dead things are going to end up in her bed. (Sorry, Cara!)
However, we were fairly effective as a strike team, even if it did get a little hairy for a moment...


Watching paladin and dark paladin nemeses in action...
Salmons forever.

Storytime with Karkat. 4-Ever. My sides hurt so much, man.

I experienced something new. Punning so much that someone fought me.
Better up your game, Jeff Balla!

4AM Fight Club with Heimdall. Oh. My. God. HILARITY. Matt, you know how to put on a show, man. Those fights were so friggin' great, they were all but choreographed. You are an absolute delight to interact with! Thank you for taking Swyft's "bites" lol! No holds barred!

I felt particularly salty and shady as Swyft this event, and a lot of it came out Sunday. Ah yes, the bandits in the road... Sweet, sweet revenge. All involved were amazing, thank-you for letting me have that moment!

Lord Silverbow is racist! He gave Swyft a saucer of milk for breakfast.
But she liked it.

The Cat Lady of Pendarvin who had 28 cats but really wanted to make it 29. Oh my god, dude, you KILLED me. You were so friggin' hilarious! Thank-you for that! Swyft considers it a contigency plan, just.... in case...

Adam, you were too damn funny as the mystic. Quite an exchange there...

Free for all arenas are so fun. Thanks for putting that together! It was nice excitement for a Sunday!

Thank-you to staff and players alike for providing such a wonderful time. I really needed the mental break and you provided! All of my love!

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
-Knight of Drega'Mire
- Carnifex of Aguara
- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

(OOG: Renée Day)
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01 Feb 2017 15:19 - 01 Feb 2017 15:20 #36 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights

Swyft wrote: Aleister put me in charge of Drega'mire for main mod, and there were three of us, lol. Stonefall joined up, though, and that brought our party up to a whopping six! Swyft is little salty with Annorra about it, and that's why dead things are going to end up in her bed. (Sorry, Cara!)

Damnit! At least do it on nights I'm not there Please! ;P

Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rachael L
Card Staff
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02 Feb 2017 01:23 #37 by Grumpy (Bookwyrm)
Replied by Grumpy (Bookwyrm) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
This was my do-over event, too. And despite some bad elements (no one told me that I would need to sleep in mid-30s temperatures in the Barn; getting targeted for PvP; I couldn't find a single New Player Mod, and the last one was apparently cancelled due to a lack of players, which was a great surprise to all the new players gathered at the Inn), the rest was good enough to get me back.

I arrived with Hannah, Jack, Dan, and Cat (Reyna, Darius, Fenris, and Liighka) early on Friday. That was nice; getting the chance to settle in before Lay-On was better than the rush we'd had at my first event (we have a six-hour drive to get to Travance).

The look on LaBar's face when I showed him his commissioned Galmachian chest! That was great. It was worth more than the sword he gave me in exchange (though I hardly said no). The actual exchange was after Lay-On and in-character, which was awkward for poor Grigori. He had a bad experience with a Galmachian in his past, and so Damien confused him. Healer empathy wasn't reading what he expected, which is why Grigori accepted the sword.

Getting ganked by a possessed PC just as I was going to bed . . . I was only over at the Inn to use the bathroom. The irony is that Darius mentioned that the area between the Inn and the Barn was pretty safe, so he didn't have to escort Grigori. Oops! It was fine, though, once I convinced the other people that no, I can't drop to the ground because of medical reasons. Fortunately, I was still two minutes from Critical when someone managed to get to me.

I got some more RP in on Saturday, when another healer/witch hunter tried convincing Grigori that no, witch hunters don't pervert positive energy with their abilities. Then I went on a demon mod, where I set up a positive energy barrier and healed those who needed it. Reyna noticed, and it resulted in RP later where she tried to convince Grigori that he was a witch hunter too. (He currently thinks the barrier is an outgrowth of his healing abilities.)

So now multiple witch hunters, including two healers, are planning on changing his mind and getting him to accept training. That's fun. ;)

Feast was fun, though the most fun was when Darius got pranked for his birthday by Liighka -- cursed to cluck like a chicken when anyone commented on the food.

Fenris: "The food is excellent, don't you think?"
Darius: "Ba-CAW!" *cough*
Fenris: "Darius, are you alright?"
Darius: "Um . . . yeah." *cough*
Fenris: "Here, try the wine too."
Darius: "Ba-CAW!"

Main mod wasn't much for me; my night vision is so poor that with my handicap I wasn't confident enough to go out into the woods after wendigo, despite multiple parties attempting to draft me. I went back to the Inn and stayed there to heal people. I got to witness an RP with important plot clues when a PC brought in an NPC to be cured of possession; that almost got ruined by PvP, but it ended okay.

Mostly, I spent the time from main mod to bed in the Inn talking to people, reading a tome and occasionally napping by the fire.

Sunday resulted in lots more RP, two job offers, and another healer/witch hunter who has decided to take Grigori under her wing.

The Battle Royale was fun; I was there as a healer, and it was educational to watch everyone go at it. I actually know how to use a sword, and unlearning it to do what people do at KR is a difficult task. One of the biggest hurdles is the way so many players will swing as fast as they can, as if they didn't care about roleplay when it comes to combat. The Battle Royale, on the other hand, demonstrated that the best fighters in Travance are typically the ones who actually roleplay a LARP sword as if it were the real thing. Clearly, there's hope for my retraining yet!

See you all next week! I hope to do more at night, since it's a full moon (no monsters come out especially on a full moon, right? :unsure: ;) ), and I need to bring more stuff for things in the Inn. I may craft some medieval-looking versions of certain board games at some point; I have a few ideas for an original one, too.

Main: Grigori the grumpy healer, adopted member of the Tribe of Berk, adviser to Chief Darius Redmaw.
Alt: Dorian White, physician and alchemist for hire.
Alt: Ruy Sanchez de Castor y Ortiz, the best swordsman in all of Coast Haven!

OOC: Matthew Bowman
Science fiction and fantasy editor, longtime tabletop GM, newbie KR player.
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02 Feb 2017 09:06 #38 by Josephine (mferro54)
Replied by Josephine (mferro54) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
It was a wonderful event for me.



-Wandering into Wendigos when we aren't looking for any and then not being able to find any when we were.
- Accompanying the healers to the focus to bring back the first man to die at the Wendigos hands. I'm sorry but I've completely forgot your name! I swear I knew it for the rest of the event. To the IG father of the temporarily deceased, I got to overhear your rp and it was great! I was assigned by Amalthea to look after he sword and shield while she was on the other side. I helped Sempai! *swoon*
-Being *that* person and opening the door of the statehouse for two great big Wendigos at something like 5am. At least I was told later that I made the right call.

-Early morning adventure with Christoff and Fey
-Finally Becoming a vassal of Kaledonia.
-Receiving my first master warrior lesson, interspersed throughout Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to everyone who helped out! There were a lot of you!
-Standing in line at the Sparta CVS in full costume because I forgot to pack some meds...
-This was my first month in charge of feast and the support I received from everyone was just amazing! My husband and I are very grateful and so pleased there was enough food for everyone and that it was declared hot and flavorful by many. Special shoutouts to Luis, Brendan, Diane, Angry, Charlie, Sharone, Renee, Forest, and brand-new players Chris and Caroline! And let's not forget the serving team that materialized out of thin air! My energy was really flagging by this point, I apologize because I don't know all your names, but thank you so much for swooping in and totally nailing it.
- I slept through maid mod AND pie mod. But boy was that sleep necessary.


I finally became a scholar! An ambition I have had with three characters now has finally been realized in rough-and-tumble Josephine. Go figure. Thanks to Bell and Starling for a lovely Quenarian scholar time! Also to Aldric and Annora for helping me with my homework, and in Karen's case for actually signing my card!

Meeting the Glammor Grove! I can't wait to become attuned to it. Thank you Zach. I had a stupid amount of fun playing tag with motes of energy. What can I say? I'm easy to entertain!

Side-note: I am consistently impressed by our new players and our not-so-new players who have made themselves the people to know in the time of my absence. Y'all rock!

IG: Josephine Weaveforger,
Carlotta OZ
OOG: Mary Bouchard (nee Ferro)
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02 Feb 2017 11:45 #39 by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood)
Replied by Ilana Darkwood (Ilana_Darkwood) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
-Healing bodies found on the road.
-The gift 'Arawyn' gave Keola
-*opens room door with wall up to peek out and see the trouble*
*Gannon cannibal stares and slams door closed*
*gets outside and screams for help*
*Gannon cannibal immediately opens front door and stares. Keola runs away*
-Do not touch the little stick dolls
-Dammit Thog
-Glangsdale reclaimed!
-Playing a homunculi and portaling people around with science to crazy lightning caves.
-Accidentally causing and solving problems all at once.
-(There is this one new player who came to me on Sunday for the loot from Saturday night that I didn't have since I was PCing. If he could message me so I can get him on my list for next event, that'd be great :D )

-Teaching Walking the Elements to Sindarion :D
-Healing teach Snow Absolute Power :D

Marcella Torres
Land System Deputy
New Player Marshal

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02 Feb 2017 14:42 #40 by Angeliana (Angeliana)
Replied by Angeliana (Angeliana) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
This weekend was pretty rough for me, coming back from a break I felt sort of foreign. Alas there were a few highlights still:

~ D: "I kind of want to trap the door with horrible things" Pluvious: "Please do" D: "Huh?? You approve?" Pluvious: "Absolutely, the worse the better" D: "I think I love you."

~ Bartending at the blackbird as D.

~ The tithe. Yes, it is pink. "must be a fake" D: "D is neither Tanwyn nor cheap so nay, tis real" ;)

~ I am not sure how we managed this, but the atmosphere in that room during that lesson, our postures, the fact that neither of us moved AT ALL from the spots we stood in, our tones, the eye contacts and the following "truth" were all pretty impressive. I was actually ready to die at any instant. Walter kudos and thank you. Something was sooo off and eery in the best way. Bill F., you reminded me of one of those chattering teeth toys I wanted to step on and crush. One day...

~ Dead man's chest, always a highlight. interrupted by wendigo. Nay you don't interrupt a pirate while she is gambling. Dispatched nicely and back to the game.

~ A score settled for a friend who seems to think he is my half brother, obviously is mistaken but is a good friend so whatever. Well organized. Well executed. I enjoyed the reactions of the folks who were in the room even tho you put boundaries on what was allowed and not allowed and made it difficult for D to have more fun. I enjoyed the challenge tho.

~ You did NOT just threaten Jack the gambler in front of D he makes her laugh. Now you forget you ever knew the man. Best drag off into the woods for "art" thanks.

~ Angeliana's lessons, all of them.

~ Duncan and Angeliana's emotional talk. A very vulnerable inquiry that might have given away too much.

~ Witch hunters, all of you. Some who think posi is bad to dispose of abominations? Ok you need work, I'll get you there Grigori. Siviks, I am sooo getting to the bottom of that mark on your soul, nah uh, not on my watch. Darius and Rayna and Corvis thank you for patrolling with Angel even though we deliberately wanted to find trouble and didn't. <3

~ Standing behind Aldric's shield voluntarily. Him taking notice of the change immediately.

~ Biggest highlight: Lifegripping Iro(sp?) out of the closing Glangsdale Demon portal as he was wind gusted into it. He was just about past the line as Angel desperately looked on very sad, wanting to help only to remember she can posi lasso people next to her, suddenly he is with her and safe. WHEW! Portal closes. Screw you demons. DEUS VULT!!!

~ Standing with Nalick in the middle of Brogan's argument. Yup, both Andorran high priests were ready to peace the hell out of that shit. A+ rp both of you there.

~ Helping Amalthea and Magnus during main mod, putting them in sanctuaries as they fought wendigos internally, feeling the struggle and pain herself. Then being told by Annora she had no clue what was going on. Losing her shit. Begging Kendric (with emotions running high) to teach her the paladin way. Chris Kane, thank you, you rule.

Until next time KR family. Take care.

IG: Angeliana ~ Healer of Count Sebastien Everest of Winterdark ~ ~ High Priestess of Andorra ~
IG Alt: D ~ Artist ~ Captain of The Crimson Trident ~
OOG: Alice Anderson ~ Marshal ~
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03 Feb 2017 09:36 #41 by Pox (Cinder D.)
Replied by Pox (Cinder D.) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say I really had a blast coming back as Cinder. I forgot how much I do enjoy those seemingly small coversions that end up having big impacts on the characters later on.
I won't go into detail about them, but yeah I enjoy those coversations.

Running around with Korr, starting "The Hunt" once again was fun.

Tari resigned to just never being able to have a conversation with Cinder. (Ironically I spent a half hour running around looking to have a conversation with you and couldn't find you. Guess you were just to busy.)

But yeah I just wanted to thank everyone at the game for a great time.


Brian Hahn
Atmosphere Marshal
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05 Feb 2017 07:55 #42 by Althea Cyeos (juliamaestaley)
Replied by Althea Cyeos (juliamaestaley) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
First event, and First ever LARP as well. I played the high elf Althea. Just Althea. Okay, if you insist it's Althea Loretharin...


Arrived just in time to miss the new player thingy at 9:11, (curse you, work!!) but a helpful Jeff B. sat down and gave me the rundown (thanks, Jeff!!) and thankfully Max and Joey had given me most of what I needed to know in the car. It was recommended I take the first NPC shift and I am so glad I did. Running through the woods as a Wendigo was amazing (Another Wendigo: "This is my howler monkey cry...") and also it gave me time to learn how to actually fight properly. Because I ended up ded ded a lot. Got kidnapped by really nice people to do another Mod at midnight - got to be a Blight. "Come to the darkside, we have cookies." Fun times. I enjoyed that, even when I was dead and couldn't find the plant essence tucked in my bra for someone. (Sorry, hope you got it later when I gave it to someone to give to you!!) I like NPCing.

Went back and because I was lateish to Lay-on, I didn't get a chance to change. But from the moment I returned to the barracks, I realized what I was getting into. I had to sleep OOG because there was no time for costumes or my ears. Poor Maer had quite a night, and I was sort of the weird OOG witness to all of it because things kept coming into the barracks and attacking and I sort of had to just hide in the bunks. (I didn't know I could like, go change in the bathrooms... I didn't know where the bathrooms were yet...and wanted to sleep.) In the early dawn sleep finally happened.

I woke up a few hours later and became Althea, newly arrived at dawn. I met a lot of people. I did a lot of things. Mods, RP, scattering pieces of my backstory around to see what would happen. Singing loudly at bars. The usual.

I had several cool things happen that I particularly enjoyed.

Due to a miscommunication in logistics, we had a really fun time over at the barracks. Kardin, Arradir and I were in there to get... something... and were sort of just RP talking, when there was a knock on the door. Arradir opened it, and there were monster NPCs outside. "Nope!" Arradir said and shut the door in their face. Kardin balked, "Why would you open the door without checking first?" Arradir opened it again and literally invited the monsters inside. They hesitated and came in. Before they could attack, a sanctuary was called so neither of us could attack the other. The monsters were ice elementals, drawn to heat, so they ran over to the heater. Due to the blistering cold that day, it was a blessing for the NPCs as well. Kardin attempted to investigate the elementals and took a sample from one for later study by an alchemist.

Ice elementals: "Show me where he touched you." "He touched me here, and here..."
Then, there was a knock on the door. We opened it. Reptile people stood and hissed at us.
Arradir: "Uh, we already have ice elementals here, so..." They took one look inside and started to walk back down the path. The ice elementals left a moment later. We did realize this was a loophole and Arradir went to logistics later to let them know what had happened. We find out later that if the ice elementals ended up indoors, the room was supposed to get cold. Antarctic cold. Somehow that didn't happen.... But for what it was, it was literally one of the best RP experiences I've had (and I've played DnD and WoD and stuff before) just because what DO you do when you're suddenly trapped with your enemy but can't fight each other. Good times. Funny, too. I know it was like, not supposed to happen, monster ability wise, but this is literally my favorite story from this weekend, so I'm really glad it did.

I stood outside guarding the barracks with Kardin and Maer and a bunch of others, and we all had great RP moments. But I was really cold, and Kardin and Maer squished me. "An elf and northerner sandwich," Kardin said, and Althea was like: "Hmm.... hmmm... trying to see the problem here and not finding one." And when I was still cold, Kardin got Althea a scarf. She was truly touched. At the same time, someone was trying to do something with the Weave. Althea was given a bracelet that let her, briefly, see the whole Weave, and it allowed me to almost break down into tears in character because it was so beautiful. Althea had never seen the weave before. But she mused it must have been like that for her brother Eren, all the time.

Rowan taught me Enchantment magic and that was incredible. I got so in character I forgot where I was. I didn't have an RP points on me, because I did not know I could have them, but I owe her like 2 for that because it was truly an amazing experience. I felt like we were actually working with the Weave. And while Althea still needed work on Feather Weight, it came out fun.

FEAST... and also, other adventures OOG. Enjoyed both. Drunk Northerners made Althea laugh. Got invited to hang out at Kaladonia anytime.

Main battle was amazing and intense. I've never liked undead of any form, so when they show up my heart pounds faster and I get super in the moment. Which means in character panicking and somewhat forgetting incantations. That was fun. I ended up down the hill with a group - not sure if it was Pendarvin at that point of not, there was SO much battle confusion and it was very real. We got to the bottom of the hill and were suddenly swarmed by Wendigo. The front of the group calls out for us to get help and I start to run with Syn (Sin? sp? She was so nice). A hold was called because, those who got to NPC or fight them know, they had the ability to leap or pursue and take paces towards you... So I'm in the back of the group afraid they're going to come for me, but they don't. We get help. Literally everyone up the hill runs down to help us. It's great. I was happy being useful. So was Althea, technically. Also, at one point I got to use Vertigo in the middle of a fight and that was pretty cool. I hadn't felt like I could do very much until that moment and in character that was a realization too.

Bonding with Pendarvin afterwards, meeting people. Searching for Wendigo that were not there now. Meeting a noble high elf, and what comes of that later we shall see bwahaha.

Late night talks, sitting with Syn/Sin and others. Delicious midnight food made by someone. Sindarian came in, and I ran up to exclaim how I am also a harper and we have to play together sometime, and was literally met with a squeal of delight. Can't wait to see that one happen. Got roped into teaching a Northerner Advanced Literacy. (Whoever you are, I OWE YOU THAT ON YOUR CARD! You didn't have it on you then. COME FIND ME NEXT TIME!) Maer: "Please teach him." Althea: "Uh - how - I've never taught someone before-" Maer: "Figure something out." ::Walks away:: Having never taught before I was unsure how to do it, and sort of followed Rowan's example. Next time I teach, it will be better!

Dishes duty. Discussing how Edwin has a 10 damage spoon and has, in fact, killed before if someone annoyed him in his kitchen.

I also got myself engrained with the mages, who seem to be all good dudes. Althea: "I want to learn ALL the magics!" Tari: "Except necromancy, that's bad." Me: "ALL the magics EXCEPT for that!" I joined the mage's guild and got on Ib's ship.

Glammor Grove, and I am going to regret being attuned to this thing, aren't I....

Generally, I met a lot of cool, nice, helpful people. After the main battle, I went scouting with Pendarvin, and when we came back I was really chilled. Someone (sorry, I forget your name, it will take a while,) asked me what I needed, and I was like: "something hot to drink and then just send me to bed." and they were like: "I'm married, so I can't be taking you up on the last, but I can get you hot cocoa." And Althea/(and me) was super embarrassed because that wasn't what she meant, but whatever, it was funny. He came back with hot cocoa from Logistics and I drank it on the steps and just sat for a while.

I've never felt so welcomed by a group of people in my life. I wish I could have talked to more of you, but I intend to come to KR for a long time, so I'll get the chance. I really like RP! (and I'm one of those people that doesn't mind physical RP) so don't be afraid to literally drag me into your stories! You are truly a wonderful bunch. Find me on FB if you haven't already! I tell everyone who knows I LARP this place was like heaven because it was like an MMO and a Renn Faire had a beautiful, beautiful baby. So thanks for welcoming me.

aka Julia Mae

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OOG: Julia Mae Staley
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06 Feb 2017 16:12 - 06 Feb 2017 16:13 #43 by Jack Webb (MichaelCantor)
Replied by Jack Webb (MichaelCantor) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
Oh man! Playing one of the Ice Blights that got invited into the guard barracks was probably my favorite NPC experience at KR!

I'm super glad that you guys enjoyed it as much as we did (and major props to Kardin for being just the type of awesome nutcase to invite a bunch of monsters inside because they knocked! :lol: )

OOG: Michael C.
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06 Feb 2017 16:41 #44 by Midori Suarez (krykit)
Replied by Midori Suarez (krykit) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
I was only there for a few hours, but I still had some enjoyable scenes in there.

-"Miss Rook! Miss Rook! I drew you a picture!" I thought Rachael was gonna die laughing!

-Lessons from Utgard, Haroldson, Sindarion, Amalthea, and Angeliana. It was a big learning weekend for Midori.

-Heart-to-Heart with Jackdaw <3 2 <3

-Discussing important plot things with the Thalia twins

OOG: Kate Iannacone
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06 Feb 2017 16:52 #45 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights

Midori Suarez wrote: -"Miss Rook! Miss Rook! I drew you a picture!" I thought Rachael was gonna die laughing!

BEST. GIFT. EVER. I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard.

Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rachael L
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07 Feb 2017 09:25 - 07 Feb 2017 09:39 #46 by Captain Cade Tanwyn (Cade Tanwyn)
Replied by Captain Cade Tanwyn (Cade Tanwyn) on topic January 2017 WENDIGYOLO REALMS Highlights
I really loved this event and don't have the space to write alllll of my highlights so i'll just touch on a few.

~All these new players are AWESOME

~Chilling at the Nobles table during feast

~some heavy heavy Tanwyn roleplay

~Hanging out with my other Pirate captains

~Friday night was just some great come until 5 A.M.

~Getting Heimdall high. man, that really came in handy Matt. Thanks Bruh.

~Crew talk with Jackdad

~LEARNING TOLERANCE FROM JONAS CAIN. Dude, thanks for the lesson it was a blast. And while I'm vocally against the "winning/losing" mentality at larp, getting an rp point from James himself felt like how I imagine getting a homerun feels like for the sportsers out there.

Co-founder Tanwyn Trading
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Author of the Pirate Accords founded in 1217

OOG: Andy, New Player Marshal
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