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14 Feb 2017 18:15 #31 by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes)
Replied by Sergei Petsho (Bran MacInnes) on topic February 2017 Highlights
Getting to play after running the previous event was very refreshing. Super A+ happygoodfuntimes.



WERESPIDERS. Because expect the unexpected. The combat RP from you guys as you faced something new and horrifying was fantastic. So glad you guys all enjoyed the mod. I know I did!


Tea, crafting, and being in precisely the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time.

Actually getting Nigel and Keola time! It seems like we never get to play those PCs at the same time, so getting to do so this event was awesome.

Assisting with the memory ritual. What's that? We need blood from everyone? Hey, how about we do this in a medically safe way as opposed to everyone just cutting themselves like we're at a My Chemical Romance show?

Writing down important memories. Some actually poignant. Some silly. But never forgetting the most important ones.

Nigel's obsession with blood on a scientific level being combined with now being able to do blood alchemy thanks to Visraki blood magic. Being able to experiment and blend science and metaphysics led to some very interesting rp.

Londwyn Fogs and bloodcaine in the Adventurer's Guild.

Seeing the difference cultural experiences make in a character's RP as Nigel lost the memory of being from Londwyn. Honestly, a culture makes so much impact in such subtle ways that it's shocking.

Building upon various hypotheses Nigel has and discussing them with various people. Sometimes it's fun to just be a massive nerd amongst a town of heroes.

Secrets revealed and kept.

Finally meeting and speaking with the Father and the Homunculi. Being startled when they already knew who Nigel was and what his work entailed. I'll have to make sure he has tea and gin ready for when they stop by again.

There will be a lot of really interesting results from this event that I think will be felt for a while. Get excited, kids. It's gonna get WEIRD.

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14 Feb 2017 19:28 #32 by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
Replied by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings) on topic February 2017 Highlights
Wendigdio was the best surprise for grim!!!

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15 Feb 2017 10:50 #33 by Angeliana (Angeliana)
Replied by Angeliana (Angeliana) on topic February 2017 Highlights
Must thank Alisia and Drew and all the crew for a super S+ job. Some highlights:

~ Caldor's mass! Always awesome.

~ Buffing witchunters because they are luring lycans during a blood moon with blood on their faces, only to find out one is vehemently against Gods and the divine. Later having Bob hound me over this but only in the best way possible since he was way too happy for Bob and laughing the whole time. :lol:

~ Getting Soriya's bracelet and the following RP that ensued in Angeliana's head. Ty "Nadira"

~ Waiting outside while younger witchunters were in a meeting with Kendrick and Lady Kleiden, being told Ib's legs are broken in the mage's guild. Sure, I'll go fix it alone. I'll be fine, if not, I yell loudly no worries. Taking five steps towards the mage's guild to have the wendigo jump out of the trees next to the building. "YUP I GOT TROUBLE OVER HERE!" ... "wendi... gone" as the NPC took off to Ostcliff with super speed.

~ Steve's fairy. Nuff said. Hilarity.

~ WERESPIDERS! Witchunter 101, ALWAYS bring a torch. Who had one made before going out hunting by Gideon? This gal. Weather you need to burn bodies, bones or cocoons / webs, generally you will find a use for it. Frantically burning people out of webs, and feeling the terror of being in a pitch black cave with a tiny light.

~ Zipeto's boss spider whooping our asses. Lifegripping Swyft from being eaten by him, only to be revenge beaten into the ground. Getting picked up by Jed's Glommite prayer and the feeling of utter disgust, the look on my face as he goes: "You rather stay dead??", "no, sorry, thanks"

~ After all the turmoil of that mod, including getting harpooned and losing it on the spider that did it, seeing Argyle as Jed's pet undead briefly, and pretty much everyone kiss the ground several times, the finale was great. The cherry on top was Reyna and Corvus's posi burns being taken away then their date reaction and Angel's empathy giving her a positive impact for once. /Consecrate Reyna: "what does that mean?" Angel: "It means this relationship is now consecrated by the Goddess of love" <3 Both of them: "I'm ok with that." you two are adorbs.

~ More time spent Saturday with Soriya's bracelet. A LOT of information acquired. Only, there was no one to report it to because by the time I got back, Lord Aleister and others in charge were not their former selves due to memory loss. "Do you remember yesterday?" Aleister mutters something about a past before he came to Travance.. "right. thank you."

~ Caldor dropping the atomic bomb on Angeliana after 2 months of her somehow not hearing it. She was just trying to talk to Therion and Thalia... then the room just went dark, sounds dulled, everything faded and zoomed away and hot waters poured down her head as her brain processed what that news meant and her control over he emotions SHATTERED. Everyone involved in that RP scene. Thank you. Aella, Trist (YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING), Therion, Thalia, Midori. You are all wonderful people. My heart broke OOG, that's how immersed I was.

~ Falia telling Angeliana that Lord Rudolf is her uncle. "my uncle is a LORD?!?!! WOW!" The she introduced me to him when we ran into him and Larry's perfectly timed: "I haf never seen this voman in my entire life!" A+ lol.

~ Fighting Nadira and Godric getting her ring finally. High five-ing Godric with the bracelet while he held the ring. We're smart like that. Having a private audience with Zharima. Ya the crone is just an old cranky crotchety woman with no concept of empathy. Got it. Oh, she knows EVERYTHING about me now. Ok then. I better not forget them either.

~ Forgetting church and it's members and mass. Sorry! Forgetting the bad news and what it involved. (blessing disguised as curse?) Aldric and Caldor's faces :(

~ Peaches's joy at me remembering him. Then cooking feast with Luis.

~ A special lesson in a special place with a special teacher. Was a spot on lesson thank you master.

~ The surge of emotions from all the memories coming back for myself AND a room full of people at the same time. Way too overwhelming. Collapsing, holding onto the nobles table until a shoulder picks me up and guides me through, the familiar voice, familiar positive energy of a paladin; Oren. Saved me before he even went through it himself. A+ paladin.

~ Father and his meeting. Matt's prop. Super awesome immersion there, loved it man.

~ All of the RP with Grigori. Backstories shared, points of views, and most importantly, those lasts bits of revelations on each side. His and Angel's. First time since Andorra's visit that the following words escaped her lips: "Killing can be a mercy"

Sorry I wrote a book, I'm sure I forgot stuff still because this was such a great weekend. thank you all for being a part of it, see you next time KR family!

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