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25 Jun 2017 19:51 #1 by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
June 2017 Highlights. was created by Caldor Eirson (Caldor)
Wow... full time NPCing is something very different than I am used to, and very exhausting.

I arrived on Camp at 6 am and immediately took a nap, so when logistics opened I already felt like I was in camp!

Angry - thanks for breakfast and all you do for the kitchen.

Twisted Fish Nyads wakeup mod was awesome fun - I loved being an Angler Fish based monster and using dominate for strange things. The crew I rolled with was a lot of fun. Highlights:
1) Two us tried to Dominate 3 people in a tent... and the rotation of Dominate - Clarity bomb between them was nearly a comedy sketch. It reminded me of early Order of the Stick team cleric.
2) Dominated someone to stand between me an his allies ... he stuck around for the rest of the mod and RPd like a champ.
3) Chet dominated to walk into the middle of the more dangerous monsters, and Valenye (sp?) dragging behind him grasping on his belt trying to stop him.
4) After many attempts to dominate people into finding Clytie and the pearl... one person actually did!!!

Sediq!!!! Man, so good to see you and such great casting. Sad I was too late getting back to NPC out with you, but You were amazing.

I think the empress daughter was the best NPC casting ever.

I got sent out as a major Goblin Assassin (disguised as a human). It was really funny how many people thought I was caldor despite wearing all black and carrying two very large swords with me....
I scouted the world fair for a while and got myself introduced,... but really had no idea how I was going to kill people with everyone in such a big group, and being guarded so carefully. Then... the greatest chance encounter occurred and I had the best thing ever. I went back to the Inn for something, and as I'm leaving A newer guard member sees me and offers me 5 gold to help carry the ale barrels down to the worlds fair with him. .... I completely innocently helped. To anyone who got the death poison in the ale, sorry/not sorry. The attempted questioning was fun, and the Interrogate resulting in "Yes, of course I poisoned the ale.. VANISH" was fun... It was nice to be on the other side of marco polo tracking. Sadly, I couldn't possibly stand up to Winks when he caught up. It was a great, great post death fun.

Later in the day, I went out as an Orc in Jeremy's new player mine mod - so, amazingly fun. I won't summarize it all here - but it was really well written, and A blast to play out.

I also main bossed the high risk/high reward NPC. Wow... that was great. The chase afterwards, when I escaped would have been even better if all my pursuers weren't so much younger and more fit than I was. But a very fun mod. Again great NPC crew.

Renee - thank you for everything you did to get feast ready, especially since you took it over last minute. Great job! Post feast clean up was amazingly smoothe, and I thank everyone who helped.

Main mod was a little rough. Again great crew of NPCs and great set up and story. I had hoped we'd hold out longer, as it was fun.
One thing I've noticed is we need to find a way to get more spackets to respawning NPCs in the field. I hope people will donate more to logistics!!!! I did take a few headshots that kinda took me a few paces and caused me to pause a little mid battle, but thankfully nothing serious.

Post main mod cool down was necessary - and the "Creepy Chroniclerite" mod was just what the doctor ordered. I absolutely loved being obsessed with details about shoes, both the dignitaries and the people we spoke to about them. YOu all played so well, both those who responded seriously and those who made it more of a joke. Best use of Truth evasion ever. Also, I loved using Detect Truth only for people's shoe size claims, and know age on shoes.

Had to leave around midnight, but it was an action packed, fun day.

Thank you to James and Goose for everything.

Caldor Eirson,

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A: 1 knight, 3 squires, and 1 master of the mages guild.
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25 Jun 2017 20:39 #2 by Liz (Liz)
Replied by Liz (Liz) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Soooo tired...


Friday night: Having a fairly quiet night until:
Cue allll of the experimental sorcery! That basically turned into: "How much posi/healing/white strands/everything good in the world can we put together?" It worked!!
-Gabriel ripped it apart in 10 min *laughs*
-Helping Clytie with another skull
-All of the compliments!

-I should NPC Friday night more often. The amount of energy I had compared to the second day was amazing!
-GREAT GROUP: Karen, Chels, and I were awesome together
-Argyle: "Lore: Undead!" *Karen says what she is* "Ooooohhhhkay. Alright. You?" *Chels says what she is* "....Got it....Ok." *I tell him what I am" "......Well. We might be losing witchunters tonight! Ok then! Bring it!"
-Argyle again: "You know what Im going to do to you? You are going to laugh so hard." Me: "Ill even take it! Bring it!" Argyle: *swings* "5 Posi" Me: *cracks up laughing*
-Allll of the fighting. That was honestly awesome and knowing you guys had as much fun as we did was great!

-Taking the coldest shower in the universe
-Putting on makeup!
-Getting the decorations put up
-Getting dressed
-Allll of the compliments! Cassie is amazing at sewing and I am thrilled how that outfit turned out
-It all going well!
-Running across Aleister and Cara on the road and having them both bow waist down. Mae was so proud of them and of the fact that they paid so much respect to her countrywoman. She was proud and thrilled of everyone who came forward and might have tried to stack the deck so to speak to try to impress her haha
-Katie- it was a pleasure :)
-Certain conversations and resolutions that made Mae almost cry in relief
-The little one!! Omg so cute!
-Lord Silverbow!

Coming in as Allyce to research for a few hours alone at the scholars table. Getting a few questions answered by others and had a few conversations that helped immensely. Look forward to research questions!!!!!

I had a ton of fun and I cant wait til Dexcon!

Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard

Mae Fang Zhang
Healer of Khitan
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Lt. of the Baronial Guard
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25 Jun 2017 21:08 #3 by Annora (Karen)
Replied by Annora (Karen) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
*sass fan thworp*

Ravani Amadre, Vassal of Kaladonia

OOG: Karen Y
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25 Jun 2017 21:26 #4 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
Replied by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Had an amazingly fun event. Thank you to Goose and the NPCs, and everyone I interacted with, especially James, Steve, Tori, Matt, Alice, Walter, Alisia, Geoff, and Drew.

Some of my favorite highlights off the top of my head:

managing to be at the right place at the right time in a fucking downpour and saving Meander and Tobias when they were almost killed in their sleep;

bonding with Aleister time during the faire;

dramatic posing(and standing and walking) lessons with the Count that went on for over an hour;

experimental magic time (aka "discovering" new mage with a bunch of awesome mages);

sassing her (great x who knows how many) grandpa so hard he killed one of her best friends in front of her and she could do nothing about it

Dealing with knowledge she can never share and the question of whether or not what she is will prevent her from being who she wants to be.

See you all at the con!!

OOG: Rachael L
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26 Jun 2017 06:49 #5 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
An oldfriend and cross being back in the proper and everything that happened regarding that.
Some slick RP in thT briefing.

All the skull work friday night. Being woken 1 hr after going to bed to come out into the pouring rain to find two missing Blood Spirits. OK at the Inn by the tome I walk up. The briefing from Argyle nearly incoherant with excited fear worry and the calm nodding responses of Birgitta seeming to effect everyone at that table. Positively. No pun I swaer.

The Count at the encampment repeatedly plans needs forfilled turn into the following highlights.

Presenting a small parade bringing the count to the field.

The pellet with the poison plan at feast. I still don't like that bard. Keying off his antics even though we had a plan in place too... he was a good distraction. And the poison yeah... it still wouldnt have worked...

Forgotten assets patrolling

Pendarvin. Talking with Kitan Night Undead. No the Empress of Jade is not here. Not saying you got the wrong Lady... then Pendarvin gong Ham. You want em. 'Darius never get between a Knight and his seen duty.'

The outer ring Patrols Jeds assistance the three in Ostcliff who were not the promised three but became the promised three. Because. Excorts down where we could and still run patrol... i thought the guard would be doing this. Ok you you and you. Excort detail! And some of mine split again.

Jed's questions leading me to confront two hundred undead alone...talking. What? 'Yeah. Its good to be out of the cold.'

Teleporting in NPCs... that has to be a portal. Tracking undead walking patterns alone back to source. Oh my. The above confrintation then sending in The Hunters to do work.

Assassins and their attacks poison attempts. Watching two particular npcs and finding out later rightly so.

Then finding out though i only met a couple of the delegates for a moment they somehow knew who we were and what we were doing. Um OK.

A la cart highlights

Dragoon lore teachings twice and realizations for the young ones. You all rock and I look forward to other RP and sacrifices with you.

Watching the Counts hate for Goblins just everywhere.

Hearing about Dragoon plot. Realizing I was likely the only Dragoon not there because... Peaches... doing Peaches stuff. FYI if Dragoon persue personal stuff Birgitta does not ever interfere. She will assume at a certain stage you know what you are doing.

Watching the Tug o War and walking away seconds before the collaspe by sounds of it.

Being fed feast while assisting with interrogation of the newly dead. Alex/Tess I love you.

More realizations of changes in the Merc C/O. Personality as well as overtly.

NPC wake up call done right the killing being in the second round not the first Ostcliff you are amazing.

Mis spawning turning into great NPC RP..

My Spirits standing up in unisen when asked a dire question. You make your boss proud and awed and also knowing others not prsent would have done the same.

Great show wish I could have seen more of it but...busy.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
Commander of Training Baronial Militia
Blood Spirits (Cmd/Sgt)
Blue Dragoon

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

Callisto Boyington (Alt)

AKA Leslie McCormack
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26 Jun 2017 12:12 #6 by Liighkaa Potrevski (Liighkaa)
Replied by Liighkaa Potrevski (Liighkaa) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Well, let's see.

-Alcohol. So much alcohol. Liighkaa tried so many new beverages this event, and decided she likes most of them. She's spent the past several events complaining that Travancian ale tastes like gross tea, and people have been fairly consistently responding to this by giving her various interesting imports made by dwarves or elves or whatever. She's slowly acknowledging that, even if nothing good comes from Travance, quite a lot of good ends up in it.

-Speaking of alcohol: getting unspeakably drunk on salt wine in the Djinn and Tonic with Moostrav. Touching Moostrav's psionic focus so that she can watch the pretty colors -- while she's hallucinating vividly, AND while he is playing with the psionic energy of her mind because he wants to and is bored.

-Liighkaa has a brother!! She was so incredibly excited! The brother is Moostrav. This particular discovery was made during aforementioned drunken mind-digging. Be very afraid.

-Learning stuff from Amizar. :D

-Philosophical conversations with Father Ephrem about the nature and source of law. Taking that conversation to its natural conclusion: visiting nearly every single visiting dignitary to ask them their opinion about it. Oh, also, if anybody is curious about the Count's views on the duties of the people towards the state, she asked him, too.

-NPCing a crystal miner. That was a fun mod, especially in the end, where I was pinned with a stalactite and had to have my leg burned off with acid. To all of those PCs who dragged my character out at the end, y'all did some awesome role-play!

-Jed at feast. OH MY HEAVENS. Visually speaking, the part where Jed captured the spirit of the assassin was second only to the physrep of Icarus for sheer beautiful madness.

-The three traveling tradesmen who Liighkaa knows simply as "The Healer, the Gambler, and the Quinari." Congratulations for becoming important enough for Liighkaa to recognize, but not important enough for her to bother remembering your names.

My anxiety was acting up all weekend, and it kinda' came to a head after NPCing Main Mod. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to do more. The game as a whole was very fun, and everybody was great.

~Liighkaa Potrevski, daughter of tribe Berk

OOG: Cat Jackson
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26 Jun 2017 12:25 #7 by Not An Assassin (Salem)
Replied by Not An Assassin (Salem) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Lay-On fight scene with Forest along with the RP with Sam (Merikah[sp?]) and RJ (Peaches) as we brought Leon Belfast back into existence.

"Wait...That's NOT a plot NPC?"

Skepticism...Skepticism...Oh? Someone's in trouble? Sprinting to help in the pouring rain.

Having that thick accent and dark voice. "Where are you from?" "I'm frum Kormyrr." -Puzzled look on his face-
"Okay...And how old are you?" "Nineteen." -Puzzled look on their face-

Watching with a crescent brow the barony of Travance, the antics, the shenanigans, the crazy, the bold, the flat-out weird...etc...

"A grand get-together of powerful figures from across Arawyn is coming? I guess I'm not eating or drinking anything that I haven't prepared myself then." And boy was I right about the tug-o-war poisoning.

OOG teaching swordsmanship, learning that I'm actually good with a bo staff.

My school of "nope" was on point. Parrying everything (except for AoEs) and regressive sliding away from frontal assaults. Also, Jeff...I love every other time that you're up behind me, but not when I'm scooting away from bitches. -Scooting intensifies-

I swing 5s..I get possessed, I take down a PC...My assault game was on point, too. Remember, guys...20 5s is 100, and that's something, right?

Goblin Reece blowing up the pathways. "Okay, the goal is to get the area, unseen, plant the chest, and leave unseen...Can you do that?" "Dude, it's Reece...You already know that he is going to be successful." And yes...Yes I was.

Apparently I'm sexy in leather pants. Enough so to make someone who is in heavy combat get distracted long enough to get molly-whomped. Side note; Leather pants are bad for hot days...1/10 would not recommend, unless I hate you.

Naps are good for you.

More later! Maybe...Probably not.

Salem Noire, Lieutenant Commander of the Blood Spirits

Lieutenant Leon Drekken of House Zezima

OOG-Reece Belmont
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26 Jun 2017 12:59 #8 by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt)
Replied by Argyle Del Dragon (AngryCelt) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
This event, was exactly what I needed. Goose and his team did a wonderful job. It was a treat to really get to see some of the cultures in a roleplay fashion rather than combat. I greatly appreciated the work that went into it, I felt like I was more than an undead killing stick jock.

The Great Diddling of The Housed Mortal Hunters!!! Look, I love this. Tim and Christine have delivered on a scary, fun, and unifying mod/encounter that was rich. Christine, you nailed it, we loved every battle, ever last drop of detail we got. We railed around the tables and every Torturer, Psion, and Bounty Hunter we could find to get information, then the attacks REALLY began. Blue Kes, Bob, Moostrav, and of course Marika(my pc of the btw) all of those whom stood with us as the sun finally rose up that morning...That hunters vigil, I have no words. Beautiful scene. Jake and Hannah, GREAT roleplay. That slap and yelling scared the crap out of players.

So ya wanna be KR rp star? Rebecca, We tossed you at every last thing we could. I had a blast running all around with you, and really hope you did too. Took down a waaaay bigger foe. That was impressive, you can feel free to be proud. When I don't have to fight, hell I could have lit up a smoke, that fighting at Main Mod was theocratic and thematic, good job.

Billiams woad; the sweat running it of my face at the end of the battle, was perfect. Thank you Gene, I got to show a side of Argyle through that prop and skill. When we took the manor and I screamed,"WE HAVE TAKEN THE MANOR, BATTLE CRY!!!" I really felt like a Celt taking back his home. (Yes, Faydeith was with me for that too.)

I love my darker friends, proving that dark CAN have honour.

Swyft being knighted, I sat down JUST to watch and to stand up....

Speaking of which, that damn assassin, my BEST tomahawk toss yet.

Dark Avenger; Scalping that gobbo for Lois Maxwell, said I would, and damn it I did!!!

I was going to ask Goose to write a few cards up for me, but took one look at him after Main Mod, and just said it could wait. If ANYONE gets it, Cassie I know that you do.

(Also taught dissect that following it that night AND morning.)

Rudy, you're my boy!

ALL the rp I could get with the Dwarves and MY ppl! I loved it.
(Nick you're my NPC of the month, what you brought out on that role, and what you gave the players and the story. Take a bow, you really did kill it.)

Jason Marion, killing as so many great roles, that I wish there were two NPCs we could pick for a month. I got my first Roleplaying Point from that man. 3 years, I about cried, and went to brood of and smoke, I felt so proud. Thank you Jason. Just so y'all know, I am NOT turning that card in. It's on my dresser... I might frame it.

Main Mod; I was ordered to kill the General battling my Goblin Bro Wynks. Sir Danny and Argyle squares up folks! Honor verse loyalties, and BAM, The Count orders me to stand down. That scene, was GREAT! Folks backed up, looking around at each other, had you not seen me...honestly, that roleplay was worth it to the story. It's something we can build on, and I absolutely will remember it for years to come. It counts in Argyles mind as failure, but he is super proud of Wynks. Had you dropped him, the storm of death I'd of rained down on Zach made we glad we are cool oog. If nothing else, I had your back Walter. EVERYONE who was at Main, PCs and npcs alike, it was rough but I thank you all, I had loved every second. Yes, even when Steve and Matt helped me up a hill face in all my armor.

Starling is going to make Argyle a civilized Celt yet, kicking and screaming maybe but she is on it. Classing up the down is her mission, and she is killing it. Alice I had a blast, thanks.

That moment when Argyle doesn't have 4 gold on him.(oog that was funny to roleplay.)

Reece, good show. I'm sad I missed more rp with you, but we WILL continue the story. WE ARE GOING TO THE GRAVEYARD NEXT EVENT IF YOU HAVE TO DRAG MY DEAD BODY!!!

Renee, Alex, Nick, Kevin, and ALL those who helped us in the kitchen, thanks.

Padma, WE love you. I can't wait!!!

The late night Saturday Crew, y'all are family, thanks for letting me be me. Looks like we have a new member too.

Rob Ira, that encounter, was a work of art. I rarely get to PC on a Sunday morning, so I really got into it. When the Magistrate lets Argyle publicly execute someone to prove a point...I am so sorry/not sorry about all the land actions pointed at you from that.

Renee Grace, thank you for feeding me! Argyle won't stop, but Forest is in fact a human animal and should consume food. It meant the world to me, and I owe you one.

See all the old faces and meeting some new ones, it really mattered to me that y'all came out to play and hope to see every one of y'all return.

I'm so pumped up for July, always forward. Drew Benton is a ST that fear. There is so much going on folks. There is so much going on, come back to see what happens next. Until next time, be well to each other.

Del Dragon, Argyle
(OOC: Forest Dougan)
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26 Jun 2017 14:36 - 01 Jul 2017 02:59 #9 by Maeve Hesperus (gwennieofsidhe)
Replied by Maeve Hesperus (gwennieofsidhe) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
So many thiiiiiings happened this event. Maeve has her little fingers in so many different stories right now and is even learning more about her own! It has been a long and slow journey, but her circle keeps expanding. All the love to anyone who dragged me on adventures. You're my own personal heroes.

Personal Highlight: Yelling at Grim for making Nemuth hold his sword during battle, which made Nemuth a sitting duck that ended up with his limbs broken 6 times. Nemuth is a cinnamon bun made with activated charcoal. I know he looks a little wrong, but he is a sweet bean and will probably purify you from the inside.

Here are some of my favorite interactions with PCs this weekend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Sergei: *trills on ocarina* A mourning dove!
Maeve: I don't blame it. I am listening to this awful noise and mourning too.
Sergei: *pets Maeve's shoulder* Shhh, my little dove.

Maeve: This is a tolerable amount of rain. It actually feels quite nice.
Swyft: I agree. It isn't enough to ruin my feathers.
Maeve: But if it was... would that ruffle your feathers?

Sindarion: I have not been able to do that since the incident.
Maeve: *perks up with curiosity* Oh? What incident?
Sindarion: The one I do not talk about because it never happened.
Maeve: That sounds a lot like liar talk to me, but since it is you, is it harp and lyre talk?

Dark Arani: I know everything.
Lady Angelica Tartaros: But do you know why kids love tiny cinnamon toasts?

File Attachment:

OOG: Renée Ballard
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26 Jun 2017 16:48 #10 by Fortier (Greysect)
Replied by Fortier (Greysect) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Some shout-outs:
*Sarah Brand and Ashley Firstbrook (is that your OoG name? Sweet). While working at Logistics, they had the patience to write out one hundred essence cards after I cashed in my Survey Maps. I helped a little.
*To the players of the Selendrian (?) Wilinde, the alchemist Bacon, and the Romani Esteban Cortez. All of them are Pretty Cool Folks™, and I hope to continue to role play with them.
*The player of Moonstrav the Romani Psion, who seems to be playing a challenging character. Hoo boy. Here's hoping it gets as wild as I think it will.
*Andrew Randolph, for organizing the intervention with a cousin gone astray. I don't typically go to main mods, so these late night dramas are what keep me hanging around.
*Nic White, for trying to conduct his ceremony to his "Goddess". Sorry it didn't go as planned, but I hope you enjoyed our talk about symbols and rituals.
*Chris Zipeto, for being there and being cool. And to Sergei, for caring so much.
*Will Bartlett, for giving me my second Archcaster lesson, and for being subjected to another one of my Viktor's spirited rants.

Viktor Zalost, owner of Jani Jo's Magical Services.
OoG: Sean Hallahan
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26 Jun 2017 17:14 - 26 Jun 2017 17:32 #11 by Selphatos (Selphatos)
Replied by Selphatos (Selphatos) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Lots of laughs and chatting with people and introducing one of my oldest friends and first-time LARPer to my KR friends was heartwarming and enjoyable.

Discussion on Quinarian philosophy with Gideon was enjoyable.

Discussion/debate on religious beliefs with Father Ephram was especially fun. Always nice to be given food for thought, but also able to give such an intelligent and well versed man of faith something to chew on as well. Remember the pie, Father.

Must really be turning into a Travancian, because as I walked with my companions out into the woods, we were warned of multiple Dark Elf assassin sightings and dangers lurking. To which I shrugged and figured if its my time, its my time... So we kept walking and enjoyed ourselves XD.

Taking a solid 10 steps down the road talking with Clytie before her old Pod decided to hulk out angler style and go deep ones on us was interesting, unexpected, and pretty fun, considering.

Saturday New Player mod was quite the ride- more players than I'd seen on NPMs before. RIP slaves- better luck next time? Walked...hobbled out of that mine/cave half High Elf, half crystal porcupine. Also, lanterns make for terrible footing.
Great job to everyone who ran that mod - would do again!

Meeting, then re-meeting, then re-re-meeting, etc. a small, heavily accented barbarian girl throughout the weekend and discussing life and death got both deep and oddly infuriating haha.

Educating on an "Old, but longstanding Quinarian tradition" to the guy who decided to give me many /hearty/ pats on the back, followed by a heat object on one of the crystals still there from the mineshaft mod. THAT was quite enjoyable... I say with both sincerity and sarcasm. I'll let you figure which is how much.

Spending almost 4 hours seeking various tomes, scouring libraries, tables and people for information- special thanks to my companions for both helping and tolerating my lust for knowledge.

Sharing my imported Quinarian wine and teas seemed to go over quite well with lots of folks and I enjoyed being able to add that little flair to the evenings. Even getting to have the barkeeps come out and do a sampling as we discussed the ingredients, brewing methods and flavors. A+

Sunday morning NPC shift was one of if not possibly the best NPC shift I've done since I started KR. Rob did a fantastic job and the people I was with made it all go so smoothly and beautifully. 1st mod doing wakeup call as Goblins scavenging for supplies to make the trip back home after main mods whooping of us- we were met with skepticism yet odd amounts of compassion and kindness. People from all camps we hit up, especially Ostcliff, just THROWING goods and supplies at us. Hell Ostcliff insisted we gobbos become honorary members of their land.
I wish I could have seen the faces of/read the minds of the players sitting in the tavern as a crew of goblins marches into and through the inn chanting "po-ta-toe...po-ta-toe..."
Being asked about what we're doing by one of the guardsmen and nudging him on the arm saying "well we had a hell of a time takin that manor last night, y'know what I mean?" then saying we needed supplies to leave. Like essentially walking up to a cop and goin "committed a B&E followed by some murder, now we're looking to loot and pillage before bookin it. Awesome right?"
Argyle taking us outside the tavern to 'talk' and telling us to scram or die. We goblins shared an uncomfortable laugh and as I leave I mention "Oh- yes- of course- right away good hoomie. You and your people are so nice and generous. We'll /definitely/ tell everyone back home about it and I'm sure they'll wanna come back in even greater numbers!" ... ... we're walking away to their mixed laughter, confusion and talking before we hear "WAIT WHAT?!"
And that parting sentence led to mod #2 being my first time LARPing as a zit- cause man did I get POPPED.

Those mod 1 goblins were taking the supplies to a supply running goblin crew down by the caravan.. well one of the goblins defected, told the people i nthe inn and I think 85% of the active PCs on Sunday morning showed up? Gideon yells "Whats going on here?!" to which someone else in the mob stated "Does it matter?!" aaaaaand I was dealt over 1,000 damage before I could move a foot. Respawned back in the woods and they finished the job promptly. I guess some dumb gobbo mentioned word getting back , so they couldnt let this supply line leave? Whoops.
I had a blast even though I got utterly slaughtered though!

Finally, mod 3 - Poke'mod. Elemental Cockfighting Ring.
People seemed way more interested in how they could rig the fight/screw with the bookie than actually powering up one of the three elementals to win the pot for them.
The real fun came in the actual fight- since we three elementals are RL friends we agreed to fight harder than LARP fighting so the mixture of cheering and horror at the things we were doing was stellar. BARELY came out on top. Shout out to my friends Air and Fire elementals for putting up a fight and giving their A-game.

Rob Davis
Builder for Grumpy Dwarf Forge
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26 Jun 2017 18:38 #12 by Blackfarrow (Roman64)
Replied by Blackfarrow (Roman64) on topic June 2017 Highlights.

-> Got to play a Ronin Undead Kansai from the Empire of Night on search for the Khitan dignitary we were told was the Empress. Had some amazing RP with Brigitta and Mae and Oren and am learning I definitely love RP NPCing than just being an enemy. I would've loved to have some Honor Combat but it didn't hit me to do that until afterwards.

-> Got to Devour Chet Hardwick's left arm as an Undead Ogre. Delicious! Also got an RP Point for dying straight into a mud puddle and taking it like a champ xD

PC: Jurian Blackfarrow

-> Watching Winx and others torture the two Goblin Generals at Main Mod really taught Jurian something about torture, and how he may not be ready for it despite hopes of becoming an Inquisitor. One of them was fed his own kneecap, and I tried to convince the other General to give us information with the promise of a quick death. Nonetheless, Jurian's going to do some research on Travance's history and the "horrors the Baron and the Count have spread amongst the people".

-> Fought in the Ostcliff Fighting Tournament and lasted much longer than I expected. I beat the Dwarven Prince Dignitary in the first around but lost to Fenris in the second round with us coming down to three tie breakers. Great fights!

-> Actually DID my job as a Guard and managed to wrangle two assassins in manacles and get them back to prison for future interrogation. One got away because he sweet-talked a Swashbuckler into letting him go and I almost pursued him but he got away. So angry about that xD

-> Basically played Crow in the Main Mod and was dragging bodies left and right back for the healers to fix up. I also mistook Count Everest for Jonas due to my OOG tiredness, and ran once I realized my mistake.

Overall I had a great time and some really good development for Jurian! Thanks to James and everyone who makes these moments come alive :)

Jurian Blackfarrow
Private of the Baronial Guard of Travance

OOG: Isaiah Roa
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26 Jun 2017 21:40 #13 by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon)
Replied by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Long, rough weekend for me, but it had some highlights! (even though I left early)

Friday night. Those of you who know who you are gave me some great roleplay.

It's never what I expect when I see Jed.

Argyle throwing Reyna into a table in the Inn and then getting slapped by Darius for her stupidity was absolutely fantastic! The stunt roll I did and then actually getting slapped by Jack was very fun.

Saturday's honor guard, and the other times I got to spend with the Count. Carrying one of his flags around the town was great.

That goblin mine mod was the best!!! Jeremy, you blew the intro to that plot out of the water, and I can't to see where we take it!

Running after the assassin during feast was fun. I don't know how many time's I've abandoned my food during feasts, but I do it often.

I left early due to personal shit, but I'm very glad I came. Goose, your Faire was amazing!

Reyna Del Dragon
Daughter to the late Argyle Del Dragon Reign

OOG: Hannah Sneeringer
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27 Jun 2017 12:32 - 27 Jun 2017 12:53 #14 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
See You On The Other Side
NPCing for Andy's first mod and seeing his face light up at various moments. A+ casting and I can't wait to see where you take it, bud.

Ben O. and I helping Jeremy run a mod he wrote. So many people showed up, but we made sure nobody was standing around. Especially Mileof. Gladu, thanks again for being a great sport! Jeremy, I'm proud of ya and I'm along for the ride.

Chill in the Air
Standing on the sidelines at the watchtower field, Chet watched as the dignitaries filed in, cracking jokes as they did. All of the sudden, there was a huge gust that blew through.

"There's a chill in the air. The Queen must be arriving!"

All of a sudden, who comes past the tree line and starts walking toward the field? The Londwyn gentry. Chet buckles over laughing. After they arrive and set everything up at their booth, what does he do? He walks over to tell them the joke he told, getting the dirtiest glare from Lady Farrington(?).

Before any dignitaries showed up, no fewer than five people told Chet to "play nice."

The Proper Cup of Tea Requires a Bit of Concentration

It'd been a while since Chet crashed one of Meander's tea parties--only this time, he was invited. For once, Chet thought, she's drinking tea the "right" way. With booze in it. So many giggles, especially at Amalthea's "deadpan style."

Chet putting his empty glass down and realizing everyone else only had a sip. Whoops. Siegfried's jokes, Midori's trademark "grumpiness." It was a great crowd and just the right size. Poor Marcus in the... phrase I may have promised never to use again.

Hang On, We've Got a Presentation
Stupid O'Clock came back, with your hosts Dominic and Nalick. Late night Saturday, Peaches needed help in the kitchen, so Nalick and Dominic jumped in to help. After a good bit of cleaning we took leftover cheesecake out of the fridge and decided we needed to share it with the world. But there was no one else in the bar, so we had to take a look around. Hearing voices nearby, Nalick went over to scout. Three people outside. Perfect. He goes back to the bar room to discuss strategy with Dominic. It was the goofiest planning we'd ever done.

Dominic gets to the back door of the Inn and sees Reese coming up the steps. "Wait, hang on, we have a presentation," he says as he ushers Reese back down the stairs. He clears his throat and gives Nalick the cue, so I come through the door with the cheesecake tray in my hand. I get halfway through my line before giggling uncontrollably.

Don't worry, it gets better.

We get inside and eat our cheesecake, and then Dominic says the line again. I literally fell off the stool onto the floor and started cackling. What does he do? He joins me. So we're on the floor taking turns saying, "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese... CAKE!" for almost an entire hour, laughing like idiots. Marcus eventually joined us. It was amazing. Kevin S., we were already the best of friends, but it bears repeating.

Dancing with the Storm
A familiar sight, Chet outside the Inn with two new townsmembers, laughing it up. Krystoff was outside seeming a bit apprehensive, so Chet milked that for all it was worth. Chet meets Storm Roberts and El-Laden and start trading barbs with them, most of them at Krystoff's expense. Krystoff finally gets the hint after Travance's weirdest role-play of Instill Confidence. Storm, El-Laden, and Chet wander around the building, snickering like schoolkids, to spy on him. It was so silly, and I want more.

Cheer Up Boys, Your Mascara's Running
Angrin and Amalthea's back-up plans. Choking up a bit. Nalick trying to play catch-up with Oren and crew during the goblin fight and finding new appreciation for that white hood on a dark night.

People, Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout My Best Friend
Bob shows up at the best and worst times, regardless of which character I'm playing at the time. There is no in-between, and it's never just a hello/goodbye--especially Sunday when there was a lull. Here comes Bob dragging a man in a fancy hat. The Magistrate is calling for everyone's attention as he sets the man's head on a stump. Chet is nearby with Mouse, but the demeanor and tone in that conversation went solemn right quick. It was a bit of character development--something I can't seem to escape whenever Ben Herman is there.

Pretty Much The Opposite of Stupid O'Clock
The right combination of seeing someone you've been meaning to talk to for a while, remembering why you needed to talk to them, and the both of you actually having time to sit down and chat. Nalick finally talked to Annora about philosophy. It was broken up into pieces because several other discussions branched off from it--which was nice for a couple reasons. It gave Nalick time to digest what was being said and also, seeing Bob and Annora and Grim go at it with an intelligent conversation, was a sight to see. The discussion with Annora was nice because it gave me an excuse to RP with Karen--while somehow managing to *somewhat* refrain from dad jokes. Somewhat.

Your Tea Is Getting Cold--Well, Yes, That's The Point!
Nalick sitting down with Selphatos and Ziran for tea. Then having to get up at least four times before finally being able to enjoy their company. Selphatos asking Ziran which drink he'd like to start with and he silently reaches for the one bottle that had booze in it. Brilliant. The teas were really good and Nalick definitely chose correctly. "If gentle had a taste." You poetic bastard.

See you in July!

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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27 Jun 2017 19:54 #15 by Khala Greycloak (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Greycloak (Jymme) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
I'm still in awe that as a level 6 character I managed to go to Evernight twice in one event and survived both times! Although Khala had to be told by Peaches not to give herself to the chaos at the Well of Souls. She really thought it was pretty though!!

Honestly, my friends kept me busy. And NPC shift was AMAZING!!! Playing one of the corrupted Nyads for wake-up mod and getting to hiss and be creepy. Then getting to be a creepy necromancer. Huge thanks to the players fighting me who helped me out when I stumbled over my sixteen billion skills I was given. It really amazes me how amazingly helpful and awesome the players at KR are. I really had a blast this event!

Khala got some super amazing character development. Which just makes me feel amazing! There is more to come!

Main mod... OMG MAIN MOD!!! This was my first time really getting to participate. And because of Peaches' doing his thing to share part of his dragoon powers, I got to do some interesting role-play of a rage filled Khala being unleashed onto a battlefield. She might not be strong, but getting to dart around like a madwoman was so much fun!!! And being a part of the Ostcliff fighting force and working with them... just... it was such an amazing feeling!!!

I can't wait for next event already. <3

Character: Khala

OOG: JymmeAnne Walton
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29 Jun 2017 11:03 #16 by Angeliana (Angeliana)
Replied by Angeliana (Angeliana) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
Friday night - best torturer event ever yet for D. She was actually sought after for it by several people and groups, specifically requested for her skills. Finally... I am so proud. She did not disappoint. Everyone got all of the information they needed from all 5 tortures. Favorites included;

The Coast Haven Yule tide pinata (Tom's npc), then dropping the rest of his body behind his companions in front of Bob to give him all the information he needed in a very short period of time because she had to run off to another job (torture). The fear in their eyes was glorious.

Beating Jeremy's mortal hunter with his own severed leg and feeding him his own lung. Oh and those mithril lightning toothpicks came in super handy too. Ripping out vertebrae one at a time and juggling them was also fun.

Promising Taylor's NPC she will be safe and alive when I'm done with her. I mean... she was, barely alive with no eyes, no tongue, no limbs, gift wrapped with her intestines in a boat floating away ready for the hydra to feast on. But hey! She was alive and safe in that boat when I left her. D kept her promise ;-)

Bob's willpower lesson. This was a challenge, I know. How do you teach someone who enjoys pain willpower? I guess you fuck with their mind. Btw. worst chess game ever mate. :P

All the things I can't talk about, except to say I legit parried a waylay from a drow assasin because at the last second I felt it coming and thought turn around NOW. It was awesome! Come get some Don Kellard.

Gauge lesson with Pops, always fun :-)

Saturday hanging out as Angeliana at the gathering to receive the delegations.
Playing drinking tug of war, winning, but losing skin on my hand = dedication!

Fighting a lot of undead. Witch hunter bonding time with Blue Kestrel.

Watching the Ostcliff fighting tournament. Well done all!

Lessons with Sunny and Amalthea. Always great to see how two masters have very different methods of teaching students. And although it broke her heart and she hesitated, Angeliana opened up the way for another to walk the path she does. Hopefully this student will succeed at bearing the burden.

Feast! Enjoying it with Iro and Jasper and company when suddenly I'm asked to chase a spirit to get some much needed answers. Angeliana opened the veils and rushed after the assassin to gather what information she could. Except, it's not safe in the spirit realm and hers wasn't the only chase happening. She made it out with some info at least.

Argyle's big faux pas and the following bottle of dragon's breath. Didn't expect him to super duper poison my bottle tho... >:( insert sleeping for fifteen minutes in the middle of the inn and snoring. At least he did it out of love. Praise Andorra.

Playing shut the box with Fyde and Jasper at the bar while drinking some more. Good times!

HAMMAH! <3 Nalick.

Sticking to his Grace the Count throughout the big battle, a damn near impossible task. Making sure he was alright with all his blood rage and lust to murder goblins, throwing himself into the frey non stop. He was fine. Angel? not so much. Ripping spines or chopping heads of living things near a very empathic person hurts them too mmmk? Regardless she did what she could and when she thought she failed, the Count was quick to tell her she has not. Post main mod convo about his goblin hate vs. her view of redemption and peace for them. Then the difficult position of leadership and the hard decisions that lies on one's shoulders.

Argyle asking Angeliana to go to bed because she is falling asleep in the middle of the inn. Ya well... that led to the most sleep I ever got at KR, so thank bro.

Until next time KR family. <3

IG: Angeliana ~ High Priestess of Andorra ~ ~ Healer of Count Sebastien Everest of Winterdark ~
IG Alt: D ~ Artist ~ Captain of The Crimson Trident ~
OOG: Alice Anderson ~ Marshal ~
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02 Jul 2017 18:12 #17 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic June 2017 Highlights.
My dance card was filled for the Event.
Started off by walking to Ostcliff and speaking a bit about its founding to a small group. Others chimed in what they knew, and all in all all the high points along with points of view were covered.

Spoke to some newcomers and underscored the need to have a plan if they are attacked in their tent. I get a kick out of their reactions.

Used the sanctuary on the SH to put paid to three superior undead at stupid o'clock. Didn't even have to leave the sheets, or really come fully awake.

Lunch was well received. I meet a wide cross section of people and overhear lots of conversations that people have no idea I overheard. I conduct a sufficient amount of other business that people knowing I will be there at that time makes things easy.

NPCing as a slave for Jeremy's first mod. The PCs were hopeless. I hope to reprise the NPC in the followup. Jeremy, your mod was successful and entertaining for all, even if it did not go as expected. Remember, if you don't want surprises, you cannot allow the players to roll the dice.

Tea with Meander and Trent, interrupted by Jason Marin leading 4 other NPCs. I had the opportunity to try a different approach, one which would take a bit longer to dispatch them, but would also require a much lower expenditure of my defenses. It worked fine.

Crystal Olsen and Sasha, along with three others NPCing a group of robbers and attacking me as I was pursuing two assassins who had, literally, just treed Gideon. After dropping Crystal, the others took my (and Gideon's) offer of not dying if they surrendered, but surely dying if they resisted.

This is the place to mention that I liked the way Goose organized the fair, in an open ended way.

Giving a few talks on Goblinoids, per the scholar skill.

At main mod, buoyed by the Count's agreement that we should kill them all, I came up with new (non-tsunami) ways of breaking their line across the road. Five times, thrice on the right, twice on the left, each time pushing the total front back 10-15 feet. Again, it was a new combination designed to overcome creatures with a few natural resists without my having to employ defenses.

Lessons from Beligchand on Planes.

Maybe I will think of others

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

An ethical person does the right thing when no one is watching.

OOG - Charlie Spiegel - Kitchen Marshal

"War is a matter of vital importance to the State..."
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03 Jul 2017 09:08 #18 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic June 2017 Highlights.

geezer wrote: Remember, if you don't want surprises, you cannot allow the players to roll the dice.

Jeremy, we're gonna need more dice.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
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