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01 Oct 2017 20:23 #1 by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
September 2017 highlights was created by Cara Tartaros (Rachaelelle)
You all changed Yoyo's story and saved her. I didn't think it was possible for you guys to manage to rewrite another MattMagnus event, but you proved me wrong.

Whether you RPed with Yoyo or managed to avoid her, or got infected and acted your heart out or were one of the immune trying to save the town, you all went above and beyond trying to make this the best game ever. thank you.

10/10, would play games with you all again.

Alt : Laurel Astraeus

OOG: Rachael L
Card Staff
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01 Oct 2017 20:52 #2 by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea)
Replied by Dame Laurent-Belmont (amalthea) on topic September 2017 highlights
The biggest highlight of my event was being able to play in it at all. I want to offer my most sincere, heartfelt thanks to my fellow players, to the staff who run the game, and of course, to Matt, who wrote this event in such a way that the Big Bad could still come out and play even when the woman portraying her is 19 weeks pregnant. I never once felt unsafe at any point this weekend, and I hope that the way things were written, the necessary changes felt organic and natural to the story. I know they did for me. I love this game, this community, and all of my Knight Realms family. Can't wait to see you again at the ball!

Dame Amalthea Laurent-Belmont
The Heart of Kaladonia
Steward of Auralion
Master Emeritus of House Laurent-Belmont
Paladin of the White Fox

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Lauren F.
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01 Oct 2017 21:21 #3 by Nadia (ChristineR)
Replied by Nadia (ChristineR) on topic September 2017 highlights
You know, I tend to gauge how good of a time I have as Ava based on a few things, one of them is : "Did I fight the town for even a few minutes?" The answer to this question is "Yes, but people never knew if I was altered out right or infected" So that was great!

I haven't fallen that much as Ava in at least a year. It was hard, the intensity was real but never felt forced upon myself.

Ava did lots of Ava things, be emotionally detached and gave crazy (good) advice.

Leliana and Ham Bone. I'm sure Tim regrets bringing me that prop from the rift mod. ((Seriously he gives good high fives) Using Ham Bone to console multiple people including Lilith.

Also; convincing Lilith that she needs homonculcats and if Belberith can make them before Eden, he definitely will have the upper hand.

Family time is best time, even if your brother threatens to rewrite your memories. Also Big Siblings are the best <3

Leliana freaking out that her teacher was literally about to walk to his death going with only two others to confront (read distract) Eden. Him coming back, ultimately failing in keeping either of his companions alive but still calling him a big hero because he was willing to do so much. Also; Leliana threatening to control him if he came back as an undead.

No one supports Giant Necromancy Rituals, but that's okay, one day they will.

Leliana enjoys poetic justice and I hope I can look into that idea with some others. Even if it's not used, maybe it'll be a good jumping point.

Until October <3

OOG:Christine R.
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01 Oct 2017 22:57 #4 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic September 2017 highlights

In service to The Crown,
-Lord Admiral Aleister Tartaros the Phoenix
-Lord of Drega'mire
-Admiral of the Kormyrian Royal Navy

-Steve Oros
(Officer, Storyteller)
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01 Oct 2017 23:20 #5 by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks)
Replied by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks) on topic September 2017 highlights
I haven't done one of these in a while, here goes:

Meeting Yoyo - Nope!
Meeting Lord of Tears - NOPE!
Having a quick but important chat with the Count.
Giving lessons, one of my favorite things to do as this character.

All of the RP with the various Homunculi, of note: Prometheus, Lilith, Abel.
More railroad plans.
For the third time since WitL, technology was instrumental in the solution to main mod. Fills my Londwyn heart with joy.
Rift gets everywhere!
Heading to Valandra, bringing out the KSS Leviathan, and firing 72 out of its 73 cannons.

William had a very intense last few events, time for him to take some time off. Bringing Winks back to the forefront for a while, really looking forward to the next few months.

In Service to Travance
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OOG: Walter Soto
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02 Oct 2017 00:19 #6 by Berek Orino (Andrew609)
Replied by Berek Orino (Andrew609) on topic September 2017 highlights
A trip to the bottom of the rift to find some artifacts for the town was certainly exciting but some of my best times this event was chatting about life philosophies and religious outlooks in the inn while making new friends.

I am still new in town but I have meet may very interesting people that make coming here great.

Baronial Smith & Alchemist

OOG -- Andrew Cook
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02 Oct 2017 07:56 - 02 Oct 2017 07:58 #7 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic September 2017 highlights

After the abbreviated event last month, a very intense Renfaire as staff then a pair of tough weeks, I was hoping for cooperative weather and a reasonable event...

I got most of them former and a bit of the latter.

Friday fights.... and invaluable invokeable Inviolate Form. The fact I dropped like a bad habit six times not so fun; just told me I needed to shake off that rust and get good.

Sat Morning- over the fire Hashbrowns and sausage... Whoever nailed the plate of left overs for Brazen Mass I set down in the inn, I hope you enjoyed them.... and may Brazen let you ruin your next cooked meal. :)

Speaking of Brazen... DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!! Kala and Ostcliff at Mass before wargames. You guys have officially given this poor hard working priest his BIGGEST Attendance ever at 60+. And I thought the Mother Days Mass/Sermon was big. I do my damnedest to do it right and Inspire y'all... And thank you for being willing to listen to me sermonize... It means alot to me. It really and truly does.

The following wargames....
- Raxas Air Drop.
- Seamus' impersonation of a goddamn mountain. (much thanks for the physical RP bro... damn are you a pain to knock over)

Sat Day. Highlight off a horrible thing.... To those of you who responded quickly when Luis got injured then initial treated until I got there, Thank you so very much.... and to those assisting me with the stopgap treatment ONCE I got there, so much additional thanks. The folks at KR do and will step up when needed.... and you guys did.

Sat Afternoon- Deflect Lesson and Critiquing of Others in Constructive Fashion. This Old Man knows what he's doing usually and thanks to you guys for the interaction. Kinda needed it.

Sat Evening- Feast. The Crew of Hat's Mom and Magnus' Mom were spectacular.

Main Mod... the waiting. The thougts of "Did they guard the Bar entrance...." being answered with "Of Course they did't"
- The subsequent street fight to keep more out of the building.... and the desperate holding action that entailed. Swyft being a far bigger hero in this fight than 75% of those who call themselves heroes. (Renee, you were friggin' epic.)
- Divine Wing Flyby Rescues.... are the best rescues.
- Devastating Strike is dope when it hits....
By the end, I had very little combat tags left... and pretty much was existing on sheer skill.

Post Main Mod adventure.... Seal of Defiance is awesome for distraction, even if my arms wound up being tenderized.... Nuff said.

And perhaps the best highlight of all (one shared with Steve by the Inn....) For the first time in months, a dry Sunday to pack up the encampment!!!

Overall, a decent event and here's to next month then Moresca!

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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02 Oct 2017 09:24 - 02 Oct 2017 09:30 #8 by Mantel (sigma-j)
Replied by Mantel (sigma-j) on topic September 2017 highlights
Oh boy, about to do highlights! This don't happen often.

Fulltiming! Was anxious leading up to this event, but thanks to everyone for assuaging that. ^_^ Sorry for the couple issues that did arise, taking steps to make sure shit like that doesn't happen again in the future.

Matt Magnus, some great shit this event. Everything's really coming together and starting to make sense, and as always, your mentality of "for the players, by the players" has seriously paid off. Great event, always looking forward to more from this plot.

Kelley C, you're a lifesaver, didn't get to thank you in person for a thing.

Sleepers, y'all are the best kind of crazy. Rest your voices, for the love of god, and get some rest.

Forest, go to bed. Ben H, go to bed. Matt Magnus, go to bed. XD

Lauren F, thank YOU for coming out, and I'm glad you felt comfortable doing so, hope you had a good time.

Homunculus team: Thank you. You've collectively and individually given so much to this game and world, most of which we players never even get to see. You put your heart and soul into this work, you've put aside so much for the game to come out and give us a story to tell together. Thank you all. It's going to be a weird world when this all finally wraps up.

Matt C, Zack N, Hannah S, Cody B, Jacob F, thanks so much for helping me out after the thing.

Low-level Ostcliff is really budding recently. Oh my god, so proud of Marcus/Cody B. Kaiva/India J's really becoming someone to watch IG, great Andorran priest role-play throughout the event. S/o to all the Ostvolk elsewhere in this posting.

*eyes Zipeto* Really looking forward to next month with those teasers, bud. Hope I can make it. And thanks for being the good people you are, dude.

Had some interesting roles this event! I'm starting to get to the point where I can mentally handle a combat card. Just really gotta work up my combat RP and skill. Swash Buccaneer is disgusting, and throwing Flawed Homunculus' regenerates on top of it was just too much fun.

Me: *On Karkat* Subdue!
Karkat: Uhh, I'll take it, *declares strength profs*
Me: *declares Strength plus a lot more*
Karkat: Oh, well in that case I'll deflect, lol!

Tim P and everyone in that Kaladonia encounter with the infected, Friday night, good fight, sorry we had to interrupt it for my glasses.

Jason F, welcome back, was great to see you. Sorry I had to dip out early.

What happens in the Barn stays in the Barn. But those sets and scenes, though. Great stuff.

God, I changed sides as NPCs so many times this event, it's like half of us got cured, litany of doomed, dominate, or otherwise messed into throwing ourselves into the diseased hordes to become infected again. XD

1v1 me, Mileof. > : P Thanks for being down to clown, smokers' porch.

Nightmares mod was great for the heart strings, great storytelling there.

Main mod a highlight for once? Nice. Going around as an infected Acrobat was pretty damn sweet. Climb for days, devoured Yaya on the roof, climbed/athletic feated past so many shield walls, got to play with Barak and Karkat inside the Inn and barely survived, NatResisted so many Slams, and even got Brogan to blow a Seal of Vengeance and Expert Disarm to give me a solid old school beatdown. Y'all hated me, it was great, love you too.

Thank you all for coming out and playing, I had fun with y'all this weekend, but I have to mention the real MVPs of this event: y'all who stayed home due to plague. We love you, thank you for taking care of yourselves, rest up, and come back when you can. I have suspicion that Faire plague is still filtering through our ranks again, so everyone take care (go to the doctor, it developed into high fevers and/or pneumonia for several people. Mucinex DM is your friend, stock up on Motrin and Tylenol if you can take both, and any anti-allergy meds if you take 'em. The mucus and congestion will be sticking around for a couple weeks.)

Mantel Warrane (AWz., QMA; AM, WSS)
Grand Librarian Emeritus, Darkwood Academy of the Metaphysical Arts
Professor Emeritus of Weave Studies, Darkwood Academy
Warden of the Keep, Allied Territory of Corvancia

(OOG Jean M, they/them)

"How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole." - C.G. Jung
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02 Oct 2017 09:37 - 02 Oct 2017 21:25 #9 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic September 2017 highlights
Logistics Part II: Homuncu-boogaloo was quite the interesting concept and I appreciated being able to walk out the barn door and around the corner when it was Brother time.

Ricky showing up and me being ridiculously excited.

It's a great feeling being in the make-up room and seeing everyone file in and start getting ready, cracking jokes. We really did become a family over the last... wow, it's been literally years, hasn't it? Not a single one where the town zagged when we thought they were going to zig.

Interestingly enough, some of my favorite moments were putting on a white headband not to Marshal an encounter, but just to be there for a friend. It put things into perspective when I went back in-game and I'm weirdly thankful.

Friday night, I had a mod all set for a fellow NPM to run on my behalf, but it couldn't be sent out for the best problem--there was too much going on everywhere.

Wolfgar at the battle outside the Inn. Bandying about the helm after being victorious. Shoving the helm onto his own head and charging into battle. Erik, you were even more amazing to watch than you usually are.

Forest and Dane. It was a mood and spirit lift every time I saw either of you chuckleheads.

Sunday, planning to PC after running a mod in the morning, but still feeling mentally wiped (makes sense) from the rest of the weekend and deciding to tease some friends of mine (Sam, Cody, and Evan) who have been great sports about the things I've been throwing at each of them.

Thank you to Lance and Jill for helping me Saturday night. Despite the initial hiccup (roughly 50 people hopping through a portal a minute after we entered the Inn), that was a lot of fun and we're only getting started!

Thanks to my NPC crew Sunday morning for your eagerness to help out and your creativity. Everyone seemed all smiles when the mod ended and in the aftermath, I made a couple OOG friends (and only one of them doesn't like puns!). As well, having Argyle and Blacktree going with the new players on the mod to have high-level, established characters to meet, RP with, and learn from, was priceless.

That Ben Herman guy.
I was outside the Ostcliff statehouse and heard the screaming coming from the mod site, for what felt like an hour. Everyone around the fire agreed that it sounded horrible. Then when I walked a friend to the Guard Barracks, I saw an almost conga-line of people popping out of the Focus.

Feast. That tasted like a home-cooked meal, at a gathering of 200 people. I can see where Matt got his magic from.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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02 Oct 2017 10:29 #10 by Ergos (arieslink)
Replied by Ergos (arieslink) on topic September 2017 highlights
Definitely the busiest event for Ergos ever, and it would take quite a bit to top it.

Friday Night:
-Short but good talk with Zelretch
-Short trip to Eden's lab
-Being really, really glad I put that last Spell Prof into Heal All Afflictions and drank a Flask of Efficiency
-Getting to bed at a half decent hour after healing all night

-NPC shift was fun with a couple great roles
-Slow afternoon with Ergos, but topping it off with Yoyo's Mind mod was amazing. Honestly one of the best mods I've ever been on, even if I didn't do a whole bunch, it was so well put together that I got hit OOG in the feels and was OOG scared of the nightmares.
-Feast was amazing, one of the best in a while for me
-Calm before the storm of main mod was tense and full of drama
-Main mod was hectic, fast-paced, and absolutely terrifying, but I wouldn't have had it any other way
-Me: "I'm gonna go to bed by midnight!" Dead people and Ben Herman's mod: "lol no"
-Resurrecting Zelretch in what was probably the funniest (for me) and most uncomfortable (for Ergos) manner possible
-Walking back to the inn and being immediately greeted by another spirit, walking them over, and having someone else res them
-Walking back to the inn to find another spirit, walking them back and resurrecting Jackdaw in some of the deepest and most meaningful RP I've had in a while
-Pendarvin plot
-Getting dragged into a nightmare abyss by Ergos' need to save people
-Monstrous NPCs beating the crap out of us while we tried to solve a ritual, then finally completing it while several people are on the ground
-Getting back to the inn and waiting for the spirits to hopefully arrive, then walking 5 souls over to the Phokus and resurrecting Finn
-Sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

-Fire elemental mod
-Talks with Jackdaw
-Alchemical Werewolf mod ft. Undead ("Heal Wounds 300!.. hehehe")
-Lesson and great conversation with Blue Kestrel!

Overall this weekend was wild... I used Heal All Afflictions upward of 100 times. Can't wait for October, y'all.

Ergos, Warden of the Phokus

[OOG: Adam Grimes]
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02 Oct 2017 10:42 #11 by Not An Assassin (Salem)
Replied by Not An Assassin (Salem) on topic September 2017 highlights
Lips are busted, ribs annihilated, ankle is beyond hope, eyes are blurry, head is pounding, copper taste is still in my mouth.

Let's do it again!

Salem Noire, Lieutenant Commander of the Blood Spirits

Lieutenant Leon Drekken of House Zezima

OOG-Reece Belmont
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02 Oct 2017 18:10 #12 by Wylla H. (Tifferzlives)
Replied by Wylla H. (Tifferzlives) on topic September 2017 highlights
This event was super fun. I don't think I have used Veska's skills as much in the past year as I did this event.

Some highlights:

- The barkeeps were back! <3
- "Hey you wanna go find pumpkins?" Yaya: "What pumpkins?" "This pumpkin." (Holds up pumpkin) Yaya "I don't see a pumpkin." "YAY HALLUCINATIONS!"
- Campfires and massages.
- Feast was amazing!
- Getting infected and not having a weapon. Just spam cast stumble from the roof until someone throws a table at your face.
- Climbing on the roof for safety and then having your infected dying body thrown off.
- Running through/over the inn to communicate with the multiple groups during main mod.
- Running to the door to see a dead body slam against it, open it a crack, loot the body and close the door again.
- Just your friendly neighborhood skunk who won't gtfo your tent when all you wanna do is sleep.
- Squeak squeak for foods and candy

Can't wait to see you guys next month :)

Wylla Harlow
Vassal of Ostcliff

Alt: Veska Borruso

(OOG Tiffany Yoder)
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02 Oct 2017 21:09 #13 by Tom (Tomatsu)
Replied by Tom (Tomatsu) on topic September 2017 highlights
I just wanted to say ''Thank you'' to the community for helping Luis out when he got hurt. I was only there for about an hour or so and to see everyone checking up on him or taking him to see a doctor means a lot.


Oog-Tom Polanski
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02 Oct 2017 23:06 - 02 Oct 2017 23:20 #14 by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03)
Replied by Ezequiel Cantor (hectorwatts03) on topic September 2017 highlights
Hello everyone,

When I first posted the report on the homunculi, I was feeling a rush of emotions ranging from “this is rather cool” to “I can't believe I am doing this” to, “wow, I am actually helping newbies”, to “now I KNOW IG the entire town will want me obliterated without question”, and yes, I actually felt at one point I would be Killed On Sight upon startup. However, what ended up happening is that barring a few people in the know, I opened myself to a lot of new and interesting role-plays, inducing the fact that now people know me... so much for my usual anonymity anymore.

What is also to note is that, because of said document, I was fully invested in this plot line to the point that I had to see it through to the end, and therefore I made the decision ahead of time to head to my first Main Mod in over a year, regardless of whatever could happen. This was a decision I would not regret.

So in no particular order, here are the stuff I found to be most interesting. I may add some other things in case I feel necessary.

  • Pre-game meeting with James himself. Thank you for helping me sort out all of my personal worries administrative wise. I'm not going to disclose what was discussed for a number of reasons, but I am glad he was able to reassure me everything is ok with my standing OOG
  • “Ok, just need to avoid all the people I feel I may have pissed off in the process and... oh crap it's Grim. Hide. He probably hates me for posting that doc.” (It was not the case, but rather telling me the plot mechanic for this event.)
  • Added to that, personally searching for Yo-Yo, and calling her name out at random intervals, knowing full hand she was infected with the virus, because Ezequiel felt he could not only try to treat her, but also because he felt she could actually relate to the experiences my IG character went through before arriving in Travance. (Also, they tell me she will find me when I least expect it. I don't work like that. I find stuff, because stuff never finds me on purpose... and if it is, it's a trap.)
  • Finding the Doctors Without Borders NPCs. Two things to note here: 1. Doctors Without Borders exists in the world of Arawyn? 2. There was a quarantine throughout the entire proper?! How did I not know about this?
  • Fun (read: wet) times into the rift, and me having left my fleece hat in the car. Also, the mental quandary as to if it was ok to “deactivate” a Golem, and not count against “thou shall not kill.” on account it was a construct. (Called out I was by one player, and repeated again by the same one at the Inn afterwards.)
  • Although in the report I stated generally that Lilith was cured, I failed to mentioned specifically just what was involved, as my character was visibly disturbed at the truth. Once he found out who just did that and the details of, his response was to the lines of “What the hell?! Do you realize what you have done?! Also, why is she here when Eden is around and can do stuff?”
  • Discussions with Lilith, and finding out what was done with her and Mercy. Ezequiel still had issues with the encounter, but after further discussions with Tobias as to the treatment, and forming quick conclusions later, he decided to let it go. He was still visibly worried about her, as reflected in future scenes, but beyond that, he understood who she was, and her abilities, and felt better about.
  • The encounter with Icarus, and the interactions with Prometheus. Needless to say, I have one more report to write about before I can put this behind me. (Same with Yo-Yo if I am allowed to do it.) I may do a custom drawing seeing as IG I was given one by Icarus. Also, failing to note secondary objectives. This was brought to my attention after the fact to which I face-palmed, but when your personal objective was to speak to her to understand her for research purposes, stuff tends to be dropped in the moment.
  • Having short discussions with almost ALL of the homunculi in the town, and finding out about them more. Even the twins wanted to help me at one point. (Sadly, I was busy with other stuffs, like Yo-Yo's plague.) It was at this point, I realized, that everyone kinda knew who I was, but didn't really want me dead. Also, I missed Lawrence for some reason.
  • All the local people going insane that one time at 3 PM... it just wouldn't stop! Also, I think I was infected, but the ruling was all over the place, so I just accepted it as I got infected, and went with it, only to be cured shortly thereafter. On a related tangent, to those that took me down and got me confused with one of the infected, I was ok with that, as I thought it was really cool people thought I was infected when I was not, and just playing my character's gradual descent into madness. (As for why, FOIG. I am not saying. :) )
  • The encounter with Eden just showing up, and having to fake his presence only to have her realize just who I am, and the quick conversation that followed that felt less of insulting my skills, and more me playing with my own insecurities by owning myself to be bad for the sake of admitting it. (Yes, I am aware that Eden probably was trying to inflate/deflate my ego and/or may not be attempting to put me down and place me in a higher pedestal then Belegchand. Yes, I gloriously owned up to the fact that I took her critique 100%, and essentially committed a metaphorical Slay on my character by comparing himself to nothing, and felt that the entire town wanted me dead since day one. What's your point? Ezequiel never looked at himself positively anyway.) Also, I am not shaking your hand, Eden. I know what you did the last time, and where that thing's been.
  • Walking to Ostcliff and getting some air to get my mind off of things. Thanks for clearing my head to all those there. Also, note to self: Never give the homunculi booze. (I'm looking at you, Abel!)
  • Going into the mind of Yo-Yo, and all of the events unfold from within her mind. This was a major turning point in my character for an IG character reason. See, with the potential rule changes happening after this event, and a job class I took last year, I had thought of two songs in which I was going to play that would reflect my IG character quirk that was being reflected throughout this year. (That being me slowing going insane from using some of my skillsets, so if I did a OOG “I'm ok.” signal, that is why to avoid getting confused with an actual panic attack that did happened at two points.) Depending on what happened this month would result either of those two songs being played, and the scene associate with it being reflected accordingly. After going down the mind of Yo-Yo, and seeing what she has become, as well as the events fold out of her creation, my character could not let Yo-Yo be like this. So what started his quest of being insane for the sake of being around someone he could try and relate to, became a personal mission to remove her of the unnatural insanity, and by doing so, came to a conclusion that finally made him engage combat without restraint. If you interacted with me during that event and main mod, you may have seen a glimmer of what it is come out.
  • Soon after, I realized that I was not the main character in this story, and had to step back and “hold the line” while more experienced players did just that. Kinda sad since I wanted to be on the “Save Yo-Yo” team, but considering my skill set, and what was necessary, well... see the above statement.
  • To those in the kitchen right before main mod. Thank you for giving me a moment to calm myself. Also, I felt a bit of long standing awkwardness to some leave me as a result, as it looked like you all understood one of my concerns here. For that I truly thank you.
  • (Before main mod, with the fireworks in the distance.) ...yeah, that can't be good.
  • Ok... So does anyone needs healing potions, I have a few one shots to get back up and... (sees oncoming horde from the side.) Ah crap, since when did we cross over with The Walking Dead... or for that matter, another system? (+1 if you get why.)
  • (goes into Inn for refuge, and sees battle unfold from within) Ok, just a few mad people over here. Just need to dispatch them from here after we break from a hold in 3,2,1... (hears a maddening cackle. Sees “Clown” Yo-Yo in the flesh. Mentally cue the sirens from Kill Bill... The 15 second snippet, not the other ones everyone thinks about.)
  • So, while this entire fight was happening, there was one thing on my mind, and that was why were the bards still playing in the inn. Unless the soundtrack changed, and I did not know, stop playing! We are being attacked by angry commoners having gone insane by biological/chemical sabotage.
  • The final act of making sure of she was OK. Once Yo-Yo and Lilith met, I felt like there was nothing more I could do, so as a result, I felt my mission was fully complete, and disappeared into the night.

Once that was done, I left the camp soon afterwards. (after saying goodbye to a few people and such.) In retrospect, this was a good thing because had I gone to the fight against the Great Old One, ALL of my progress would have been altered right then and there. (Also, I would have likely gone to the phokus, a place I do NOT want to go through anytime soon.) So barring two scenarios (which involving meeting people for payment due to land actions. Sorry. You were right in front of me, and I didn't realize until I left the campsite. :( ), I felt that this was a fitting end to my character for now. I do not know if he will make a final appearance in October, as I felt exhausted coming over here this month, and was not expecting to push myself before. However, I am happy I got to my conclusion. So thank you all.

"Once upon a time there was a man who died. The less said the better."

IC: Ezequiel Cantor - A "Physician." Nothing more. Nothing less
OOC: Jason C.
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03 Oct 2017 00:14 #15 by Templar Aldric (Selrik)
Replied by Templar Aldric (Selrik) on topic September 2017 highlights

Winks Sharpthorn wrote: For the third time since WitL, technology was instrumental in the solution to main mod. Fills my Londwyn heart with joy.

Of note, the technology had a significant amount of Divine help.

Primus Aldric
Baronial Chaplain
Prophet of the Holy Light
Templar of Valos

"The sacred writings are quite specific on the subject of killing, but are a bit fuzzier on the topic of kneecaps."

OOG - David McCormick.
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03 Oct 2017 18:07 #16 by Ephrem (bamore62)
Replied by Ephrem (bamore62) on topic September 2017 highlights
Lilith almost had me in tears; Alice my RPing hero.
At the news of her brother's death by Eden, at her encounter of the true Yoyo in Yoyo's mind, all of the RP was superb.

I wish I could have been at Duncan's Mass; I always seem to get squeezed into Saturday morning NPC shift because of all the other things happening. Great turnout. Now, if only the pavilion could have had just a wee bit more....

Ordination of Kaiva. India's making a priestly name for her character; great role playing of an Andorran, especially when the game needed one this event. I can't wait until all the Andorrans show up in full force. Love and Peace.

Chris Z. for some great ideas on playing a Valosian priest. I will have to ponder it for Ephrem. No one will expect it....

Feast was fabulous. Thank you for all those who put in that hard work. You're great!

Main mod - everyone pitching in to save Travance. Once again Travance prevails. Kaiva asking, "We are part of the Church faction. How many of us are there?" "" "THREE OF US?!?!" :o ;)
We were the last line of defense and it came down to it. Kudos to Jean's NPC; I think the only one to get that far into the defenses from the porch. Well played, well played! A couple of rear attacks from the Inn almost got through, but the big guns took care of them. The scariest part was when Yoyo came to the rear attack.

The smith's house and fire elementals. Nice Sunday morning mod. I enjoyed that one.

A brute and a Valosian priest walk into a interrogation...

Lots of lessons on Sunday morning. Sincerest thanks to all who taught.

All in all, a great event,
once again.

[Father Ephrem]

OOG: Bryan Amore
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05 Oct 2017 21:15 - 05 Oct 2017 21:16 #17 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic September 2017 highlights
Three relatively new players plus a sleeper in Pendarvin's SH, and Yo-Yo enters via expert entry. After a few seconds I invoked our Holy Sanctuary. Metaphorically, she stamped her little feet and then complained that I was no fun before flouncing off. I must say it was a first rate flounce.

Continuing with the theme of unwanted guests, while outside in the dark, exercising my rights as a male, I noted two people entering the state house. Not sure what they were up to, besides lying to me, but I assume Grim and Ardin will get to the bottom of things.

Got a referral from a past student and started teaching arch-casting.

First rate feast and serving as Cheryl's food tester on her rabbit stew. A special mention to Michelle, a first time Mom (Rachel's) who worked tirelessly in the Kitchen and used her parenting skills to keep Luis from doing anything after his accident.

Guarding the Inn side of the device during MM. This makes the second time I have fought side buy side with Karkat. Frankly, I am a bit disturbed how well we mesh.

New help with Sunday Breakfast. Hulga was first rate. The servers were great.

Going to be interesting when the Baron finds out that the Exchequer stood the town to free breakfasts both days.

Drain life is highly under rated, but will now be a regular part of my repertoire.

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

An ethical person does the right thing when no one is watching.

OOG - Charlie Spiegel - Kitchen Marshal

"War is a matter of vital importance to the State..."
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05 Oct 2017 21:48 #18 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic September 2017 highlights
The following exchange with Esteban:

Me: "I take it someone cured you?"
Esteban: "What?"
Me: "Well I heard you were infected and attacking people at the bar."
Esteban: "What bar?"
Me: *suspicious* "Oooookay... excuse me..." *walks away from Inn only to have him follow me away from others*
Esteban: "Khala! Come here!"
Me: "No! I don't trust you!"
Esteban: "Come over here."
Me: "No way!"
Esteban: "It's okay... I've achieved my final form." *turns and heads back towards the inn*

And that's how we discovered about the fourth stage... XD

I really had a blast. Despite some OOG issues that caused some problems and made me have to white headband sat night into sunday, I enjoyed the event. Matt did a FANTASTIC job!!!

Getting to meet Icarus was amazing. Getting to sit and color with her... I love her and Khala wants to visit her more often. I also now have a quest to find Gilgamesh!

People learned don't just hand things to Khala cause she will do something crazy... like drink a random liquid that we know nothing about!

The next chapter in the alchemical lycanthropy!!! You guys were fantastic and I enjoyed getting to interact with everyone as my NPC!!!

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Nethrion Elmindara "Min"

OOG: JymmeAnne Walton

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09 Oct 2017 18:43 #19 by Swyft (agentswift)
Replied by Swyft (agentswift) on topic September 2017 highlights
Matt M. par the course, ran a fantastic event. Never a dull moment, was there-- it was so crazy on Friday that I missed something pretty important, just because I was trying to keep myself and others alive…

Dynamic interactions with Eden: Lauren is an A+ actress. (Obviously, lol.) And she knew how to press everyone’s buttons. Appearing as Heimdall to taunt Swyft? Damn, that’s cold. I did enjoy hearing all of Swyft’s empty threats come out of my mouth and Eden’s nonchalant reaction to them. ;)
Yo, I wasn’t even sure how to handle finding out that we ate Caldor in a stew. Words couldn’t justify it, so Swyft just kind of sat there in shock. Being as she had promised she would beat the hell out of anyone who hurt Caldor, she wasn’t quite sure how to handle herself in this one. Damn.

The Reappearance (kinda’) of the Lord of Tears: Ohhhh, honey. Hoooooneeeey. Swyft, honey, she saw red, honey, she was all growls and teeth and claws, honey.
It was pretty fun to play Swyft as completely feral and out of her mind with rage, and to completely lock onto the Lord of Tears and repeatedly try to murder him… without success, since he was incorporeal. Stacey, I’m so sorry to have ignored the lady of Sorrow. You looked wonderful! But Swyft was rage-locked onto the creature that heralded her downward spiral of madness.

Front Line Healing: Yikes! Most of Drega’mire was on NPC shift for main mod, and there wasn’t much of Kaladonia, so it was a little scary being forced to fight on the front line. While it was overwhelming at times, I appreciated the challenge, and the fact that I (with the help of our group and a timely assist from Team Sassmouth) was able to manage and survive it really helped to build combat confidence.

Also, I really enjoyed bopping Indigo on the head with a weapon-cast heal and the look on his face; whereupon Alex (who was fighting him) and I couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and had to take a minute to laugh it out. <3

Tinney, Duncan was a HUGE asset. I don’t know what we’d have done with you. Swyft is still a little salty about Caelven and Annorra leaving the group to fight Yoyo and the presence of Duncan and Team Sassmouth helped us not get completely rolled. But honestly, everyone who fought with us was amazing and awesome, and I am super grateful that we worked so well together, despite how crazy it got sometimes! <3

Duncan, that Throw intercept heal, tho. <3 <3 <3

“Go get ‘em, Haircut!” - Indigo to a newly shorn Zelretch. :p

Short but incredibly deep and emotionally stirring RP with Judge, Hannah and Padma. I can always count on those guys to remind Swyft to remember how and why she is Faithful.

Ben’s Lovecraftian mod. Oooooooooooof. That. Was. ROUGH! But oh, man… so fun! Tristan was fantastic as the overwhelming gigantic corrupted monstrosity. Swyft was in an angry feral panic when Nesterin and Peaches took turns trying to land a killing blow on Zelretch after they were Dark Whispered to betray their friends. As soon as I would fight one off, the other would be trying to kill him. All I could do was snarl about it, because there was no time for words! Nesterin was quite the sh*t-talker…

It was a deadly mod, however. We lost quite a few people to the depths of the ocean. A timely heal on Swyft’s part to Aldric right before the ocean rushed in saved her life in turn, because he sprouted Valosian wings to fly us the hell out of there. Truly epic moment! And Swyft was hanging there like, “I should hate this, but also it’s saving my life, so I can’t hate this, so now I’m just going to enjoy the scenery.”
That was awesome, Dave.

Luis: I’m just glad you’re okay. You’re a trooper, and I can’t believe you were on your feet so soon after your accident! Tsk tsk! We love you though. Don’t scare us like that again!

A lot of things happened this game that have affected Swyft’s character development in a powerful way. I’m so excited continue on this journey and I can’t wait for what comes next!

I came home from this event absolutely exhausted and I couldn’t walk right for two days… lol…

Dame Swyft T. Glitterfang-Johnson-Ludwig
-Knight of Drega'Mire
- Carnifex of Aguara
- Designer of Stonefall Couture: "Because you're never too bad to look good!"

(OOG: Renée Day)
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09 Oct 2017 19:06 #20 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic September 2017 highlights
I gotta shout out to the kid who played Merl this weekend.
It might have been short, but getting to just hang out and walk around camp looking for trouble was the coolest.

In service to The Crown,
-Lord Admiral Aleister Tartaros the Phoenix
-Lord of Drega'mire
-Admiral of the Kormyrian Royal Navy

-Steve Oros
(Officer, Storyteller)

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12 Oct 2017 15:03 #21 by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon)
Replied by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon) on topic September 2017 highlights
Biggest highlights:

2 hours hiding in the woods from NPCs hunting. Then more hiding from allies who had been infected.
Mileof calling up a Divine Sanctuary around himself and an infected Reyna just so we could smoke while being attacked.
Burkhart calling out Eden and being instantly dropped to crit. She ignored or just spoke to the rest of us, but I thought we were all gonna die. Glad we didn't and were able to save them.
Abel's psionic message to Reyna when he died. I cried OOG when Aaron told me as I was gearing up to NPC main mod, and then when it hit her IG, she held it together JUST long enough to walk away from the people she was around with a friend to cry. Full on tears, the player had to stop and ask me if I was ok OOG. It was great to see her emotion come out like that.

Also, getting to be infected 5 year old twins during main mod with Alex who dropped at the same time. That was awesome, 10/10 would do something like that again! Thanks for letting us do that, Matt!!!

Reyna Del Dragon
Daughter to the late Argyle Del Dragon Reign

OOG: Hannah Sneeringer
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