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12 Nov 2017 20:46 #1 by Nadia (ChristineR)
November Highlights was created by Nadia (ChristineR)
Crying my real tears. That's a big one.
Dragoon Cairn Meditation with Philidin and co was awesome :)
Making friends with Reno as Natheriia was pretty great too :)

OOG:Christine R.
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13 Nov 2017 00:20 #2 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic November Highlights
Stupid O'Clock with Imrahil and Ravyn. Laughing for five minutes straight. James Brown has nothing on Brendan.

More Stupid O'Clock with "Jer-GOTCHA" and Ferrian, with special guest star "Tom from Ravenhurst." Cody, that was amazing. Thank you for rolling with our literally insane shenanigans.

Special thanks to Kirsten for making a combat safety announcement before the night-time main mod kicked off--very much appreciated!

Chet remarking on a youngin who "stumbled upon the secret to Travancian politics." So many jaws falling to the floor.

Hilarious moments in the Inn on Sunday morning involving a shovel.


Clytie. What a sweet moment that was, especially after being on a war path down to the Manor.

So many OOG friend-making moments, the majority of which were in the middle of the night in or near Logistics.

Jingles, Django, and Giggles.

Hanging with Matt Bowman in the kitchen and overhearing Magnus in the bar room loudly meeting the first Jaxuarian Travance has seen in a while. Walking out to see the hubbub and... just wow. He appeared the next day, albeit without all of the excitement "going to his head."

I've never heard so many people happy that the town lost while we were retreating after main mod. It was a strange, pleasant sensation.

Bob leading a room full of people in Londwynian physician studies, with help from Moostrav. It was just as horrifyingly enlightening as you can imagine--and I would like more, please!

Chet in a blazer and absolutely no one believing that he's an actual professor.

Garb and RP improvements are in the works. Onward and upward!

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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13 Nov 2017 11:02 #3 by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon)
Replied by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon) on topic November Highlights
OH MY GODS, MY SISTER IS ALIVE!!!!! (and the 180 personality change that happened with that, we'll see if it sticks. I like happy Reyna)

Somehow I managed to only get into one fight outside of lessons and training all weekend. That was interesting...

Don't get severely dehydrated and hypothermia kids, it's not fun!

Overall though, this was one of the best events I've had for Reyna in a while, and I can't wait to come back in December!!

Reyna Del Dragon
Daughter to the late Argyle Del Dragon Reign

OOG: Hannah Sneeringer
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13 Nov 2017 14:55 #4 by geezer (geezer)
Replied by geezer (geezer) on topic November Highlights
Counter mugging on my way to the Bank of Travance.

Research, all the research. I only do research on topics that I enjoy.
Some research with a new scholar in the Penarvin Statehouse. All the comfortableness

Cheesy Sorcery with Ib.

Feast was perfect for the weather - good job from prep through clean up.

Six earth imps who thought they could prevail

Keeping calm and calling on the correct defenses in the Statehouse. Defense in depth with redundancies is the new order.

Easily figuring out my approach to the fight Saturday afternoon at the Inn.

Edwin Haroldson
Master of the Mages' Guild

An ethical person does the right thing when no one is watching.

OOG - Charlie Spiegel - Kitchen Marshal

"War is a matter of vital importance to the State..."
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13 Nov 2017 15:40 #5 by JTinney (Swordsaint)
Replied by JTinney (Swordsaint) on topic November Highlights
November highlights… more than a few.

Friday Night- Obsidian Weapons are a thing… I can only hope Pendarvin doesn’t have another disaster in the making…

The Rescue of Cinder… Risk Perming to save another? Well shit, I was bored anyway… The small bomb about the Ascended War and that Which Eats Paladins as Snacks was not exactly a pleasing thing to hear. That the Neutral might be a Key to facing it (in my mind based on information gleaned) actually does make me very curious about where we in the middle fit in…

The Double-Phokus Walk that wasn’t- Kind of a very bittersweet highlight for reasons…
This was an awesome scene were two NPCs were spirits which had potential to cross through the phokus or so Pluvious and I thought. 2/3 of the way through, Pluvious had to go which left me to finish bringing BOTH back through at the same time…. And only one comes through with the other fading away. The answers to the questions to this event are unfortunately left to the mists of time as I was called away for safety marshal/medical stuff (which always seems to happen with things I get invested up to my neck in- even minor scenes)
(Would the monster marshal for Friday Night/Saturday Morning around 2am please contact me?)

Saturday Morning Brazen Mass- Well Attended Mass is a thing for me (it proof I am doing it right!) and having a good dozen folks brave the cold to share the morning Fire in the Manor Pit was a heartwarming gift you gave me on this chilly weekend. Having Leslie make it to game in time was an added bonus.

Dragoon Stuff!!! Oh my god… I’ve been around so much of the various activities of Dragoons, learned so much information through discussion… and been witness to so much at the Cairn as the Neutral Party/Observer…. That to be part of events AT the Cairn with one of the Dragon Eggs… Wow. I have absolutely no idea where some of this is going to go.
And no- this Version of Duncan is NOT a dragoon, just really good friends with a ton of them.

Eodra Plot the Finale. I amd very glad to have been part of this final piece of that plot, having missed every single other part for various reasons. Last Rights, Mercy Killing, being a Lead in the Ritual to fix the “foundation” that the shard needed to be in… way cool.
I’ve not felt this useful as my character with anything divine that wasn’t Brazen Specific or Punking Undead in a while. I suspect it will be another year before it happens again because of the Good/Evil sides of so much within plots/mods. Finding a role for the folks in the Middle is hard and I will savor what I get.

Ostcliff Fighting Ring… One thing to say about this- I wasn’t 100% and paid for the performance but Would still demonstrate the School of Nope when asked.
Ostcliff Fighting Ring… Part Two- Getting to watch a Master Warrior Student of mine give an excellent accounting of himself in a version of his Final Test. Makes his Teacher Proud of him. Good Job Jack/Darius!!

Personal Highlight- Getting to see a background mod gift/plot hook come to fruition after a year of planning and a 36 hour last minute scramble to adjust some things…. And be a superwicked success on so many levels. And the subsequent potential story-mod threads that are radiating out from this…. Borders on the awesome if only for the RP.
Leslie McCormack , I am so happy you are enjoying this….

Yeah. I call this a win that is going to be built upon and be a lot of fun to see play out, no matter the results.
Feast was tasty, Renee!! Y’all can cook, Dark Kitty!
Main Mod…. I hate to lose but sometimes it happens. And to lose because due diligence was not done, I suppose even more appropriate and if asked, I legit get to pick on ppl…

Sunday Morning Exorcism… Getting to see it done Right for a change. Good RP guys! Seriously.

Templar Conferences and an advisement of a Templar Test, Brazen Style. Andrew G, I know its going to be an interesting three month for you…

All the teaching and information exchanges… Thoroughly enjoyed and I always look forward to more.

I know I forgot some stuff- I’ll remember when I am not trying to remember, of course. See everyone in December!!!

Father Duncan MacKenzie

Templar-High Priest of Brazen
Chaplain, Bloodspirits Mercenary Company

Janos Beecham (alt)
Dragoon of No Importance

John Tinney
Safety Marshal/ EMT
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13 Nov 2017 16:20 #6 by Selphatos (Selphatos)
Replied by Selphatos (Selphatos) on topic November Highlights
Where to even start..

Being chosen as a last minute pick to combat NPC for the Cinder mod was a supreme honor and really came off as the "KR experience" I saw in so many pictures and though of in my mind when I was looking INTO Knight Realms over a year ago debating to start coming or not. Glorious roleplay from every player involved even before the combat started.. and nonstop top notch RP from people even IN combat amidst the chaos was really touching.
Again, so happy I could play a part and I hope I at least gave some of your veterans an enjoyable battle.

I went into this event knowing it involved Earth Fairy plot and I was cautious given Selphatos' ... position.
Things went about as expected up to a certain point, and the roleplay I was able to share with Kalen and Avalon was some heavy stuff. I enjoyed them both immensely.

Spending almost the entirety of Saturday researching and questioning people and finding ways to make myself as effective as possible- and being aided by some rather knowledgeable, powerful people really made me feel like I had more stake in this than the usual "guy against the odds" type deal.

SPOILER WARNING- we failed. And while Selphatos is usually 200% carefree about everything... this failure got to him a good bit and he showed it. Internally as a player, however, I was loving everything. Giving my all in the face of what I was sure was certain failure felt good- and the progression and development that came from this really made me smile.

actually having a voice in the plans for how to handle the main plot climax this event was a very different feeling for Rob and Selphatos. Being heard on the battlefield, too, was a change of pace, and my voice is paying that price.

Even though nobody was really around to see it- Selphatos walking alone back up to the Abyss Portal was amazing roleplay and I wasnt sure I'd actually survive that obviously foolish move. Apparently when I yelled to Kalen one last time, people halfway to the Manor could hear me.

Pendarvin plot had a slow, but steady buildup to one of the most unexpected and interesting endings I've had the joy to be involved it- my hat off to everyone involved and who stuck out the almost 90 minute pure RP session crammed into the barracks. A++ on all accounts.

Giving Clytie a bit of sword practice was not something Selphatos wanted to do- but -shrug- gotta bring better practice swords next time...

final demon fight mod sunday was refreshing and enjoyable if not scarier than expected- slays and cripples and incinerates and walls of fire and, and, and... but really, solid combat from almost everyone on both sides, great roleplay (not just tagspam) and would do again.

I'm certain I'm forgetting some things but I am super excited for Dec event and hope I can make it!

Rob Davis
Builder for Grumpy Dwarf Forge
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13 Nov 2017 16:34 #7 by Burkhart Jarlson (steel_enigma)
Replied by Burkhart Jarlson (steel_enigma) on topic November Highlights
While I am sorry to say I wasn't able to see the culmination of plot, getting to sit down with Chris Lotano as Kalen was so much fun. Wonderful roleplay.

Sitting around the ostcliff campfire with a bunch of new players who were genuinely interested in learning lore of the land and acting like a mentor figure... It really made me feel good about the last 4 years i've put into this game, especially seeing how well they took to the lore and how facinated they were to hear an old war horse's stories.

Dying shortly after sucked... but the way it happened was great. Whoever was playing the plant, and Bill Hannings, I forgive you. I am sad to have lost a life tag but I have no regrets to have that moment of "I can take this thing" straight to "Wait... What?"

Burkhart's ressurection with Therion afterwards was so great. Sitting around the ostcliff fire as a spirit and going through the ritual, then being told "I will be leaving now. Do not tarry long in the spirit world. When you are ready to return, put out the fire and you will awaken in your body" It definitely wasn't the 20 degree weather sending chills down my spine.

As always Battle Practice was wonderful and I'm so happy to see so many players improving their technique and getting better as fighters.

and finally....


OOG: Josh Leib

Burkhart Jarlson
Son of the Heargen Clan
Blood of the Dragoons
Shaman of the North

Fen the Fun Faun
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14 Nov 2017 19:02 #8 by Donald MacFhionnlaigh (raidr0933)
Replied by Donald MacFhionnlaigh (raidr0933) on topic November Highlights
this was one that was one of my more enjoyable events in three years.

-running the pre-game mod with nothing but Brawlers and a bane doll was fun.

-Hearing bad news, and going to get the claymore, and then....the night changed from beating someone, to running for my life after getting saved by Magnus, and raising the hue and cry. The ensuing talks were....interesting to say the least. getting taken seriously on advice was nice for a change. Unfortunately, Travance's reputation for being tough to move out of a fight is well deserved.

-helping with Brazen Mass.

-Dragoon stuffs with the Commander and others! Least we now know why things are done as they are done.

-the egg and the shenanigans. "Aren't ye an adorable wee babbie egg!" "Valosian Pain Train has nae brakes!" Yep, still a hooligan at heart, just one Valos smiles on.

-watch the matter what, no matter the level of exhaustion. finally the guard convinced the Holy Hooligan to go to bed once the egg was secure again.

even in a loss, this was enjoyable.

Till Next time....wear your seatbelt, don't run with scissors, and eat a balanced diet.

Donald MacFhionnlaigh
OOG: Sean Farquharson "Jarhead"
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16 Nov 2017 10:49 - 16 Nov 2017 10:51 #9 by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta)
Replied by Birgitta Drexel (Birgitta) on topic November Highlights
My entire day was amazing start to finish from hitting the ground running, to egg and teachings at the Cairn to an amazing homecoming of a lost father. There was not a moment I was just 'hanging around' instead I was 'hanging on' for an amazing ride totally off plot.

Birgitta Drexel (Primary)
Commander of Training Baronial Militia
Blood Spirits (Cmd/Sgt)
Blue Dragoon

"Amateurs Practice Until They Get It Right; Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong"

Callisto Boyington (Alt)

AKA Leslie McCormack
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16 Nov 2017 13:16 #10 by Maeve Hesperus (gwennieofsidhe)
Replied by Maeve Hesperus (gwennieofsidhe) on topic November Highlights
Had an absolute blast this weekend even though Maeve was only peripherally involved in the weekend plot. Made my own fun. Did my own thing. Zero meltdowns were had.

Voiced some serious concerns early on about Kalen being a baddy and Cennius not surviving the feast weekend. Was assured not to worry about either. Womp womp.

Got a genuine compliment from Jed on Maeve's perfume. That was a surprise.

Tried to help Kestrel with some mysterious mysteries. We didn't learn much, but it was fun anyway! At least we found Belegchand and honestly that felt like a mini quest all on its own.

Actually learned some profession style things, so Maeve is not sitting on a giant nest egg of build. Still have quite a ways to go. I have no idea what I am doing still. Wheeeeeeeee! Adventure! Hi, my name is Renée. I have been coming to game for over two years and my one and only character is level 9 because I can't decide where the build should go.

Maeve unexpectedly gained a favor FROM one of the most powerful entities in the world instead of the other way around while doing that whole, bringing some Satyr levity to a serious situation thing. Satyrs don't do debt. Fey are real serious about it. This is going to get interesting. Good thing Maeve respects her elders and is pretty careful with her words.

All of the love to anyone that interacted with me as Maeve this feast. I was in my element and was the most Maeve I have ever been. I couldn't have done it without you. *blows kisses*

File Attachment:

OOG: Renée Ballard
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16 Nov 2017 19:49 #11 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic November Highlights
Getting to play with metal monsters!!! Can't wait to see if that infection affects Khala :-P Also trip to the Chaos Wastes!!! Khala went from "THIS IS GONNA BE AN ADVENTURE!" to "OH GOD WHY DID I CHOOSE TO DO THIS?!?!" Also thanks to Corsair for assisting in Khala making yet another terrible life choice in owing him a favor. BUT IT GOT HIM TALKING AND WORTH IT!!!

Demon-ing on Saturday was FUN. Getting to have boss level stats was amazing and taunting the town as we wandered saturday afternoon was fun. I felt accomplished when Alistair made a bee-line for me at the inn when he heard what I was saying. The people I NPCed with were fantastic too!!!

"Let's make this place! Everything on fire!"
"Uh... we're from the Abyssal Plane of Earth!"
"Oh... right... uh... EVERYTHING ON LAVA!!!"

Yeah... we were a weird group of people lol. Saturday night was fantastic too! You guys did great and everyone was fantastic to go up against and fight!

Sunday I got some legit lessons and one secret lesson. Khala learned a spell that her teacher expressly forbid. *snickers* Now to keep that hidden!!!

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Nethrion Elmindara "Min"

OOG: JymmeAnne Walton

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16 Nov 2017 22:53 #12 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic November Highlights

Maeve Hesperus wrote: Hi, my name is Renée. I have been coming to game for over two years and my one and only character is level 9 because I can't decide where the build should go.

What's a level?

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member

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21 Nov 2017 17:34 #13 by Edmund Patterson (Edmund)
Replied by Edmund Patterson (Edmund) on topic November Highlights
Hello Everyone
I had a blast playing the ba... main NPC for the weekend. I tried to interact with as many people as possible.
Hopefully you had a good time with the main plot line and looking forward to seeing you in December.

In the meantime enjoy some of Kalin's vacation paintings...
Drinking with Dwarves

Enjoying Amon Zad

Reflecting on Honor's Peak

Swinging in the Jax Lands

My likeness on commemorative pottery drinking with Satyrs

Pumpkin pickingin Alisandria

Edmund Patterson
Master of Arms
Master Smith / Artificer
Co-Owner of Anvils and Alchemy
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21 Nov 2017 20:48 #14 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic November Highlights
Never change, Chris.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
New Player Representative
Card Staff Member
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