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09 Dec 2018 21:41 - 10 Dec 2018 00:10 #1 by Mantel (sigma-j)
December 1218 Highlights was created by Mantel (sigma-j)
Steve as Aleister at the War Meeting: "There was one other suggestion you made. Let me see. Ah yes, this one. Who is that?"
A reunion long overdue. Thanks to everyone for taking what I thought was a gigantic longshot and making it happen.

Long talks with many townsmembers about old friends. Thank you everyone for your continued help.

An oratory performance in the round with a wandering Faerie Knight about the children of old friends, and the songs of time.

"So I have to ask. You get off a boat full of captured souls, start asking around about ancient mages and necromancers, and tell the Galmachians you have a task for them."
"You're right, it looks bad!"
Thanks Anna C for continued awesome RP, I look forward to more ^_^

Catching up with Moose after many months of imagined animosity

Playing tricks and games at stupid o'clock both nights as sleep-deprived Mantel.

Fun, relatively safe, dramatic theatrical combat on main mod. Thank you to Josh O and Justin W for exemplary marshaling.

Late night at the Blackbird! Everyone should make time to spend over there! Kelley C, Taylor M, and everyone behind them put a lot of work into that space every month for us!

Bonus round, Between last event and this:
Thanks for the Yule gift, Steve! LOL
Excellent RP with Stacey LB

EDIT: Things I forgot!
Mantel: *sits down laboriously next to the first guardsman he finds* "I'm a necromancer!!!" *Maniacal laughter*
Mike, roleplaying with you has been a blast, and I'm excited for more.

Meeting Laurel! Talking about "peaches" and their weird culture and helping her learn a little about history was a blast! Shout out to Rachael L, it's great we finally got to have some drawn out RP after three years and a month of playing KR together lol. Looking forward to more! and I lost it at what you did with your cup of butterbeer lol. I owe you an RP point, too, totes forgot they existed. Will get you next game

Seeing my OWN LETTER printed out and displayed at war meetings and on the scholars' table as primer material for the event! omg I was so proud and validated. Thank you again, Steve.

Mantel Warrane (AWz., QMA; AM, WSS)
Grand Librarian Emeritus, Darkwood Academy of the Metaphysical Arts
Professor Emeritus of Weave Studies, Darkwood Academy
Warden of the Keep, Allied Territory of Corvancia

(OOG Jean M, they/them)

"How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole." - C.G. Jung
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09 Dec 2018 23:43 - 10 Dec 2018 13:44 #2 by Zanthios Tartaros (Zanthios)
Replied by Zanthios Tartaros (Zanthios) on topic December 1218 Highlights
Hey everyone, the following content is the highlight(s) of the November event from my perspective:

Myself speaking with Grand General Jagger’wra Goretusk of the 3rd Legion concerning a plan to free the Ogres from slavery in New Gaaldron is perhaps the highlight of my event. General Gortusk's affiliates, that had arrived prior to him being free'd, spoke of spies perhaps loyal to Gortusk which had perhaps provided the people of Travance insight regarding the allies Gortusk may have in New Gaaldron.

The idea I had proposed to Grand General Jagger’wra Goretusk was relative to instructing the people that may support him to gather the slaved Ogres and provide them passage to Kormyre, specifically and preferably south of Travance and away from the war but that's optional, as the lives they may be able to live may be significantly better outside of New Gaaldron and in Kormyre, away from the war.

I believe Grand General Jagger’wra Goretusk of the 3rd Legion had agree to the plan that I had proposed.
I have perhaps instructed both Count Sebastian and my brother, Lord Aleister, of the potential agreement as well as had conversation in accordance to making necessary preparations for us to receive the potential refuged Ogres.

We can grant freedom to slaves, slow New Gaaldrons production towards the war, and improve Arawyn.

Zanthios Tartaros
Vassal of Drega'Mire
* * * * * * * * * * * *

(OOG Angelo Iudici)
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10 Dec 2018 00:00 #3 by Mantel (sigma-j)
Replied by Mantel (sigma-j) on topic December 1218 Highlights
Just to remind, this is in an OOG forum. But that sounds like a sweet highlight nonetheless. :)

Mantel Warrane (AWz., QMA; AM, WSS)
Grand Librarian Emeritus, Darkwood Academy of the Metaphysical Arts
Professor Emeritus of Weave Studies, Darkwood Academy
Warden of the Keep, Allied Territory of Corvancia

(OOG Jean M, they/them)

"How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole." - C.G. Jung
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10 Dec 2018 12:11 - 10 Dec 2018 12:12 #4 by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell)
Replied by LoisMaxwell (LoisMaxwell) on topic December 1218 Highlights
I had such a great time this event!

The evening in the Blackbird post main-mod was exactly the kind of thing I'd been missing at recent events. Sitting back with some tasty drinks, a grilled cheese, and making fun of Arradir with Gabriel, Nesterin, and Wren was perfect! Thanks to Joey & Luca for being such good sports about all the teasing ^_^ After all this time of saving the world and other big important plots, it was good to remember the fun that can be had just hanging around shooting the breeze IG. If y'all haven't been to the Blackbird, you need to - and bring some "Baronial notes" for grilled cheese, the perfect post-main-mod snack :3 Kelley & Taylor put all that money directly back in to improvements to the atmosphere, and it shows!

87 f-bombs before a priestess of Valos shows up to tell you to watch your mouth, btw :P

Speaking of main mod, I'm starting to see why people like participating in it so much XD I spent 9 years as a support character who was practically a *liability* in fights, and it really wasn't any fun (hence why I almost always took my marshal shift during that time slot). Suddenly becoming (rather nasty) ranged DPS has totally changed my entire experience of combat. I *love* getting to run around and snarl and throw spells and actually be able to take, like, a few hits before falling over XD Crossing my fingers that my back issues continue to improve so I can do that more often!

The "orc names" Onca's NPC, Ra'atak Bloodfire, gave out were great! I'm keeping "Lois Inkrage" and adding it to my ridiculous list of names :-D. It started with Inkblood, then became Inkmaster when the NPC found out what Lois actually did for a living, and after eating a few orc hearts on the battlefield Ra'atak settled on Inkrage, and really I think it's the most appropriate nickname Lois has ever been called :P

Turrok! Lois can't wait to fight alongside him.

Nuru! You were amazing! You really rolled with the sudden 1v1 with that goblin and I'm pretty sure that's what actually won us the Veneir as allies :)

Mantel's ridiculous list of potential allies, complete with names and dates that Jean actually remembered without looking, really puts me to shame as a Chronicler XD. Jean obviously puts a lot of work in between games, and it shows.

Conversations with Reyna are great and I look forward to many more in the future.

Wearing armor as Lois was a weird highlight. My hand still hurts from one of the bracers (I need to make some wrist padding, I think), but I was surprised at how much I didn't notice the chain. It was more a highlight because it really marked the change in Lois that's happened over the last few months in a very visual way. Still trying to settle on a mask, though.

Papa <3 And getting to see Ludwig and Vallius and Cinnamon again!

The whole "past allies" thing really does cement how much of a living world this is, and that the things we do as a town and as individuals *matter*.

I got to witness Ephrem ordaining Cyrik Hale as a new cleric of Valos Saturday night, and it was both a solemn and joyful ceremony and so awesome to watch.

The continuing disgustingly sweet interactions of Lois & Belegchand. Sorry not sorry :p

Probably more stuff I forgot, as usual, but I guess I have to go and do mundane stuff now ;-) I look forward to seeing you all at the banquet!


((OOG: Cassie Stanley, Marshal Deputy))
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10 Dec 2018 19:52 - 11 Dec 2018 00:08 #5 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
Replied by Nalick (TheBardAbides) on topic December 1218 Highlights
Friday night I hung out in Logistics and started getting ready to come out as Ludwig, not really knowing who was going to join me. Then Dustin pops into the make-up room and I get excited--there are no quiet moments NPCing with him; it's either being goofballs getting garbed up, laughter-stifling when we're with the rest of the Brothers, or him walking into the Dragon's Claw during a tense political meeting and announcing our arrival--a perfect fantastic entrance.

That and I felt competent with the Mehron for once (thanks for all the help over the years, Lauren!). The fact that most of our time as Ludwig and Vallius were a series of interactions with townsmembers made it feel all the more special. Literally the second I walked into the Inn, Reno just about jumped off of a bench to greet him with a hug. Some things never change--new faces, intellectual conversations with the words somehow flowing easily, trying new foods and beverages the only way Ludwig can, and good old-fashioned brotherly love.

Thank you to James for working with Matt to bring us out for another ride.

After that, I got to marshal one in a series of mods I've only heard wild stories about--thanks, Will!

Then it was bedtime because I had to wake up on time to snag breakfast and head to rehearsal for a play. Back at 4:00-ish for whatever Chet could get up to. Sometime Friday night, Chet's hat ended up under my bunk and because of its color, blended in with the random pieces of wood stored underneath. It always seemed difficult to be Chet until that hat was on my head, but there were a good amount of times that I forgot it wasn't there. Nope, definitely didn't stop me from having serious Chet Moments (TM).

Being one of three(?) people who didn't leave the Inn when the town went through the portal but having fun nonetheless. Freezing in place (mid-Slav-squat) when Steve called the Hold, but still in that position when 99% of the town went out the door because nobody called a lay-on. Dale, thanks much for the human popsicle RP for that minute or two.

CORKBOARD! So, a couple of years ago a relatively new player donated corkboards and "wooden"-looking tacks but we never could decide where to put them. The one that's behind the war table, I don't know if it's one of the same corkboards, but those tacks are definitely the ones that are donated. Either way, I got so excited to see it used and hosting plot information but also things tacked up by players. As Dale mused aloud, "IT'S THE ANALOG TO THE DRAGON'S CLAW FORUMS!"

Sometime later there's a stampede through the front door of the Inn and orcs chanting "GORETUSK" are demanding drinks. Guess who's the only bartender in town? Thanks to Taylor as Gras for having my back. Speaking of, I guess we're now watching each other's back.

Squire Chet. Do not adjust your set, you read that correctly. Outfit change coming in January.

It's a Hardwick Life for Us
Speaking of that "living world" Cassie mentioned, an old acquaintance coming to visit Chet a little after midnight. That attack was piercing but figuratively, so there wasn't a defense for it. Cue panic, a heartwarming moment with Angrin, tense inner monologue affecting his delivery and actions for somewhere between a half hour and a full one. Thanks, Ben Carlson (and the Marshal duo of Bill Hannings and Ben Herman who sent him out).

Tollin showed up (at a bar, natch) with perfect timing AND a flask twice the size of Chet's head full of whiskey that he offered to share. "Drunk" times were had that showed me the less I try to role-play drunkenness, the better it's portrayed. It was also just plain fun.

Also Cassie, thanks for the tarot reading! Fitting as always (seriously, I can't even with the accuracy and for those of you who have yet to be on the receiving end, please do so) and provided a backdrop for the rest of the weekend, both for him personally and dynamics with other characters--oh hey, Ninnyhammer!

The bottle washer in full effect. Cleaning can indeed be fun. No, it's not a water fountain. If you don't have a bottle or drinking vessel over the spout, please don't press too hard--that is not a great tool for cleaning the ceiling even though it reaches!

Sunday, Mike P.'s Sylph role-play complete with light strumming on a uke. "Cheesy jokes" that drew in the rats.

The following exchange when Chet came over to the war table on Sunday morning:

Chet: "So I talked to Bob last night--"
Aleister: "That was your first mistake."

OOG -- Jeff Balla
Card Team
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11 Dec 2018 12:33 #6 by Donald MacFhionnlaigh (raidr0933)
Replied by Donald MacFhionnlaigh (raidr0933) on topic December 1218 Highlights
Friday just kinda felt strange this time. no fight, and I'm tired.....time for bed.

Staurday started off kinda slow, then goblin attacks kinda brought the "Estranged townsperson" bit to the core. Marcus may never know how close he came to the wrong end of Donny's boot.

Then there was Raven. Mercer's gone? Who killed him? The Duke? Right- Psycho button pushed. Winterdark can wait. Hazel is nowhere around to play Storm to his Wolverine- so game's on. Lets see who makes gobs run faster in fear. Why did no one get Donny when Ravyn was taken? he'd go fighting gobs naked to rescue his draconic cousin, though the Sassenachs might not like that much.

seeing the spider people was cool again. then there was wee orc lass. now wee orc lass MacFhionnlaigh. Onca, seriously, that was great.

Discussion of events with Gideon- Donny's personal Professor Xavier.

Squire Chet? Yes, Donny openly laughed at that. Why? because Chet as a Squire is exactly like Donny as a Squire- except everything will be soaked in alcohol instead of blood and on fire. Good lad, but not Squire material because much like the Father, he's not a pretty sort. Donny is very shortsighted about Kormyrian issues and politics, other than "What needs killed, and how can I frighten the maximum of the enemy into running away in the process?"

Secret mission has him out the town between games, so lets see what happens in January.

Donald MacFhionnlaigh
OOG: Sean Farquharson "Jarhead"
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11 Dec 2018 17:35 #7 by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon)
Replied by Reyna Del Dragon (reynadeldragon) on topic December 1218 Highlights
Many talks with many people.

Cassie, it was a pleasure, as always. I look forward to more talks between Reyna and Lois in the future.

Shrooms from Kanas and Keavy.

The War table is always a favorite, I can't wait to use it more.

As far as NPCing went, many thanks again to Walter and James for letting me NPC for you guys! Playing the female Skinwalker and getting to fight as her (once I was able to look at it without the anxiety of mod bossing for the first time) and playing Don Kellard's representative Narla were both fantastic!

See you all at banquet! I can't wait for the next year of Knight Realms!

Reyna Del Dragon Reign
Squire to Lady Lois Heimdell of Albriar
Master Witch Hunter
Robin of the Winged Victory
Daughter to the late Argyle Del Dragon Reign

OOG: Hannah Sneeringer
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