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01 Apr 2019 12:23 - 01 Apr 2019 12:24 #1 by Nalick (TheBardAbides)
This event strongly reminded me of my early days at Knight Realms. All of my garb garnered from a thrift store or borrowed from a friend (thanks, Chris Horn!), playing a low-level character, bunking in the Inn, and feeling a little in over my head. It was exciting nonetheless.

I had a rough idea of who Samuel Kensington was but Friday night he morphed into a Boar's Tusk employee. At first, bartending, then washing mugs. Eventually, he wandered around sweeping up rubbish in the main hall.

Rule number something: don't leave your personal effects lying around. Also, asking politely might work better than drawing a sword in an orc general's 'general' direction. Matt, props for that scene. If I took a while to react, it was mostly Kensington's stunned silence. Thank you for checking in, though!

The first--and only--resistance meeting I was able to attend, was amazing. I walk into the room expecting the six or so people I figured were in the resistance, but there were closer to 20 if not more. It was so tense and the dim lighting only added to it. So very surprising to see some faces in there that I did not expect.

Arriving in Travance and within 10 minutes, speaking with Ephrem and Cynon. That whole scene and the conversation; Bryan taking something incredibly special out of his pouch and creating a new tradition; Samuel heading off on a new adventure.

Feast. Thank you Byron, Ashley-Lynn, and the rest of our Lord Fallow kitchen crew (we were bare bones). The only remaining leftovers were one and a half trays of noodles, but after Chet arrived in town, those barely lasted their time out of the refrigerator. No, I didn't Garfield-pound the table and slam them back like lasagna--although, I did have a bowl or two.

Also, Kensington making friends just before Feast, calling Inspiring Presence, and immediately solving the problem of where to sit. Best feast buddies. "Wettest man in town!"

The arc between Samuel and General Hogtooth over the course of the weekend, from almost getting into a fight about as short-lived as one with Ronda Rousey to being the shield wall trying to ensure everyone else got out safely (with accompaniment from Jonah the Definitely-Not-A-Demon-Summoner)

The debut of TOM BELL, RATCATCHER. Hat tip to Ben Herman for bringing one of the more mundane-seeming parts of medieval society to life in a most peculiar way.

OOG -- Jeff Balla
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