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05 Feb 2020 15:26 #1 by Vasryn Bira (Lchangeling)
Vi Gemdelgo Sweets was created by Vasryn Bira (Lchangeling)
For the months of February and March, Vi Gemdelgo shall not be presenting goods for sale at the Dragon Claw Inn.

However, orders may be requested for delivery in Travance at the following prices:

Peanutbutter Cookies: $3 Baronial Notes each or 2 for $5.

Quinarian Kisses: (Choice of Espresso, Dark Chocolate, or Mint) 5 Gold each, or 10 for 40 Gold, or 10 for $5 Baronial Notes.

Tiny Cakes: (Multiple flavor combinations available) 9 cakes for 27 Gold, or $3 Baronial Notes.

Please contact me directly to place your order. Thank you!

Vasryn Bira

(OOG: Jan Keichline)

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