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12 Apr 2020 10:26 #1 by OrnakTheDestroyer (Poopypants)
Have question about event was created by OrnakTheDestroyer (Poopypants)
How we sign up for a event this a whole new thing to me. Do we just show up after we send in our payments in the mail or can we pay at the event. Also can we bring my own tent? Thanks

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15 Apr 2020 16:30 #2 by Caelvan (Caelvan)
Replied by Caelvan (Caelvan) on topic Have question about event
Name's Conor, I am a Marshal at Knight Realms.

For payments, you pay when you arrive at check-in on Friday night. That is also when you sign up for NPC shifts.

As far as bringing your own tent. That is allowed. However we ask that you put it in a spot that is not high foot traffic unless it is a tent that looks In-Game. With it being warm by the time we have a live event. if your tent is small enough, you can even put it in the canvas tents we have on platforms.

As a side note, please sign your posts with your OOG name. It doesn't have to be the full name, just first name and last initial works fine.

Hope to see you at game soon!!

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