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29 Jan 2018 09:54 #1 by Dustiria (mytho2)
thank you post! was created by Dustiria (mytho2)

to those who run Knight Realms. What a wonderful event!

to our customers. I love seeing the joy on your faces when we hand over your new items.

To my crew for not killing me. I think only Jed did not threaten to kill me this weekend. Love you all.

To Tsula for not lecturing me after she failed to drag me from the portal in time.

To Dusty's new bestie. What adventure is next?

To both sets of Barkeeps for the laughs and all the Sugar!

To Aaron for putting up with my chatter for all the long hours there and back again.

to Steven Thompson the biggest thank you for taking care of our unexpected sick girl and Shea too. Love you!

Dustiria the Alchemist/Engineer and something else. Let's just say I make all the bombs.

My friends call me Dusty

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