normal I need all the help in the world to make a boffer weapon

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29 Jan 2018 10:36 #1 by Kiana Wiley (Kiana)
My boyfriend and I are coming to our first event in March and were all set except for weapons. I've been trying to put together a couple boffer weapons because we really don't want to show up empty handed and have to borrow something. ( I know thats perfectly acceptable and available, I just REALLY don't wanna do that.)

I've LITERALLY followed every tutorial I could find, mixed and matched methods, spent waaay too much money on materials and have wasted it trying to get something to work and look as realistic as possible. Like I absolutely refuse to walk in with something that looks like a pool noodle covered in duct tape. And I dont want to compromise on the look of weapon I want because whats he point in putting all this effort into something I dont like or even want to use and just wanna throw away.

I cant spend any more money trying to commission a weapon , or to buy a Home Depots worth of power tools, like every tutorial calls for. ANY and EVERY tip you guys have on building a weapon I will greatly appreciate.Also what are the ways that others have made their weapons and have been approved. It'll be the worst to show up with a weapon that I love all finished to find out I cant use it. Im going crazy drowning in foam bits and fumes. Send help!

This is what Im trying to make, as a 18" or less weapon:

And something like this for my boyfriend, as a Small Weapon really only 6" :

What I have:
Blue Camp Pad from Walmart
Puzzle Floor Mat Foam Squares
Thin Craft Foam
Fiber Glass Rods
Utility Blades and a Hack Saw
Contact Cement
Duct Tape
Hot Glue
Sand Paper
Spray Paint and Clear Coat

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29 Jan 2018 18:17 #2 by Moostrav Potrevski ()
Replied by Moostrav Potrevski () on topic I need all the help in the world to make a boffer weapon
Msg me on FB @Jacob Ferragamo,

I will happily walk you threw what you need to do =)
other than that im on the discord allot.

Moostrav Potrevski
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Jacob F.
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