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11 Jul 2018 13:36 #1 by Not An Assassin (Salem)
Thank you all was created by Not An Assassin (Salem)
Knight Realms Family,

It is with my deepest regrets to inform you all that I will no longer be making the efforts to continue coming to Knight Realms events. As of today, I have been asked to leave where I have been living, and after contemplating where I could go, I have decided to return home. I made a promise to myself that if I couldn't make it on my own anymore, and had to return home, that I would drop everything and focus on repairing my life. That day has come, and I will be staying true to my word.

I want to thank everyone for being my family for the past five-and-a-half years. I will never be the same because of you all. And I hope that I will see you all again.

Thank you for having me.
Your friend,

Salem Noire, Lieutenant Commander of the Blood Spirits

Lieutenant Leon Drekken of House Zezima

OOG-Reece Belmont
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