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24 Oct 2018 10:04 #1 by Gallion (Gallion)
Clarity about KR and some of its staff positions was created by Gallion (Gallion)
I would like to take this opportunity to bring some clarity to some areas of Knight Realms that may not have been spelled out clearly in the past. We are looking at updating the Knight Realms website sometime in the near future and when we do, we will make sure that some of these key details as well as any other important information is easily findable.

What is Knight Realms?
Knight Realms is a live fantasy game in which having fun while engaging in escapism is its main purpose. Another benefit and reason for playing is to be or become more social as well as make and maintain new real-life friendships.

What are the main Principles of Knight Realms?
- Players of all the worlds diverse identities should feel included and appreciated
- Our real-life environment should be friendly, caring and kind
- Our game environment should be enjoyable and active
- Our organization should grow, learn and seek to improve itself constantly

How is Knight Realms Run?
Knight Realms is owned and operated by James Kimball. It is largely a volunteer and community driven organization. The volunteers who work to make it what it is, do so selflessly because they want to see the organization grow and prosper. With the exception of mandatory NPC shifts during an event, no one is ever required to volunteer their time or efforts. Its staff tries very hard to listen to the desires of the community and change with the times in order to keep things fresh and friendly for everyone involved.

What is a Knight Realms Officer?
A Knight Realms Officer has three main responsibilities, including the responsibility of facilitating and promoting Knight Realms main principles. The first is to be the presence of authority but to exercise that authority while being compassionate and kind. The second is to be the face of the organization and set the best example for its players. The third is to be the driving force behind constant improvements. While several of the officers are working on projects related to the area in which their personal strengths lie, they are not intended to be labeled as officer of those areas.

What is a Knight Realms Player Rep?
A player rep is a Knight Realms staff member whom is an additional point of contact that you can bring any concern to. The player rep will listen to your concern, make a record of that concern, and if deemed productive will converse with you further about that concern. A Player Rep should also be facilitating and promoting Knight Realms main principles.

What is the process a Player Rep Uses?
When a concern is brought to a player rep, they decide whether or not the concern is something that they can help resolve on their own, or if they need the help of the other player reps and or the officers and director of the organization. A concern that requires investigation and or action may take anywhere between one day to one month to bring to completion, depending on the details. If you believe that your issue required a follow up with you and you have not received it, then you simply need to inquire with the player rep that you originally brought your concern to. In all serious concerns, the Director is made aware of the details and weighs in on any suggested actions to address the concern.

What is a Knight Realms Story Teller?
A Knight Realms Story Teller drives and directs the fictional narrative of the game world. A Story Teller is either running the main plot of a weekend, or is running several side plot arc encounters. A Story Teller should also be facilitating and promoting Knight Realms main principles.

- James C. Kimball Director, Knight Realms
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