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02 Dec 2018 08:40 - 02 Dec 2018 08:42 #1 by Gallion (Gallion)
Verbal and Written Warnings was created by Gallion (Gallion)
All previous warning, violation and disciplinary measures are being replaced with the following system.

KR Warnings (Verbal & Written)

A Knight Realms verbal warning can be given by a Marshal or Officer. A verbal warning is issued if the staff member believes that some minor type of infraction was made, even sometimes if the infraction appears to be accidental. A verbal warning is given out as a courtesy to help a player avoid receiving a written warning in the future. When a verbal warning is given, the staff member very clearly states to the player “I am officially giving you a verbal warning about this issue” likely followed with some insight or suggestions. There is no guarantee that a player will receive a verbal warning prior to receiving a written warning.

A Knight Realms written warning can be given by a Marshal or Officer and must be issued in person. A written warning is issued if the staff member believes that some type of infraction was made. A written warning is given out specifically because the staff member believes that a discussion needs to be had between the player and the Director or Assistant Director. If a written warning is placed on a player’s card, the only person who can remove the warning is the Director or the Assistant Director, after they have spoken to the player to their satisfaction. If a marshal wishes to be present for the discussion than they must write that on the card as well. Example: *Warning (unsportsmanship behavior - see directors with marshal *Bill Smith*)

If at the end of an event an outstanding warning is on a character card and it has not been resolved, then that character will not earn build or be able to learn skills or advance in any way until the warning is resolved through the proper channels. In this case the warning will be marked clearly on the notes section of the card with the date that it was given and any details including the reason for the warning and the character number of the person who issued the warning. For example: “Warning - Using more skills than character has - issued by #998”

Whether a written warning is present on a payers card hand written or in print because the player did not yet seek to resolve it, it is ultimately the players responsibility to have their warning addressed. If a player voluntarily goes to the director or assistant director to discuss a written warning, then upon resolution of the issue the player’s docked advancement is refunded. If the player attends 3 events with this warning and the Director or Assistant Director have to seek them out they will only receive a portion of their docked advancement. This portion will be 25-50% of the total, to be determined at the time of the resolution by the Director or Assistant Director.

- James C. Kimball Director, Knight Realms
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