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07 May 2019 10:31 #1 by Gallion (Gallion)
Building Reassignments was created by Gallion (Gallion)
Building Reassignments
We will make some official adjustments to some of the in-game areas and buildings on camp.

- The inside of the Barn will referred to as “The Town Hall”. Whenever it is not being conscripted as a mod site it exists as the town hall in the proper and is a generalized meeting place.
- The area previously known as Alisandria will now be known as Dreaga’Mire.
- The pavillion area previously known as Dreaga’Mire will at the moment remain unlabeled and be open to public usage.
- The area previously known as Winterdark or the Baronial Manor will now be referred to as “The Manor”. It is a building in the proper sometimes shared by two lands or factions. The building has a downstairs meeting room which is public space and known as the manor room.
- The area previously known as the Guard Barracks will now be known as Alisandria. Those who are not already in the process of moving to another building will still be given the ability to stay in the building for now.

In-game details regarding the above:

- It will be stated in-game that lord and lady Blackthorne are being reassigned to become the lord and lady of Winterdark. Lord Blackthorne’s last act as ruler of Alisandria is to suggest to the Count that the Alisandria Statehouse be utilized by Dreaga’Mire until such time that a new statehouse can be constructed.
- Representatives of the province of Albriar will be taking residence in the downstairs room of The Manor. At times the upstairs of the Manor might be utilized by other lands or factions.
- The Baronial Guard will now stay spread out over the proper in order to cover more ground and be situated in more places at once. The building that was the Barracks will now hold the province of Alisandria.
- Alisandria will be overseen by Knight Protector Nesterin until such time that the Count installs a new lord or lady of Alisandria. Sir Nesterin will continue to house the guard members who have not yet decided to relocate or they may be given the opportunity to stay with Alisandria long term.

These are the only changes taking place. If anyone has any questions about this feel free to message me or ask me in person. Thanks! - James

- James C. Kimball Director, Knight Realms

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