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28 Aug 2018 19:54 #1 by Oren Tenderson (Tormy)
The Deaths of Aria Silverbow was created by Oren Tenderson (Tormy)
In the past week there have been attempts, some successful, on the life of Aria Silverbow. She has refused to give the names of her attacker, or attackers. Any information is welcome. Pass along any information to a guardsman, or send a missive to my office.

I am going to make this perfectly clear. MURDER IS NOT LEGAL. If you believe she should be held accountable for actions, bring a list of those actions to the proper authorities. If you seek her death at your hand, you will be found out eventually, and be charged for the crime of murder.

I am saddened that such a posting must be made to deter the killing of any subject still protected by the laws. What is to come of her time in Eden's court in a time is being deliberated on, but is not assisted in any way by her stream of deaths.

This is an announcement, and not to be replied to publicly.

Captain Oren Zero Tenderson of the Royal Baronial Guard of Travance.

OOG- William Bartlett
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13 Sep 2018 12:46 #2 by Pluvious (Pluvious)
Replied by Pluvious (Pluvious) on topic The Deaths of Aria Silverbow
Captain Oren Zero Tenderson

I to am sadden that you had to make such a posting. You have made your point quite clear and have FULL Authority to take action on the spot for three account of murder on a subject of Travance. After you have enforced the according judgement on the spot. ALL of this persons belongs are now the property of the barony. And if said person had any accomplices Hold them to the same penalty, and all their belonging too are now the property of the barony. Captain you have FULL Authority.

A reward of 200 gold is now issued for information leading to the capture and arrest of the murderer.

So let this be clear. Captain Oren has been given the FULL authority to enforce the Law, and to proclaim judgement by the power given to him as Captain of the guard and in my name Sir Pluvious Knight Protector of the Barony.

Sir Pluvious
Knight Protector of Travance, Castellan to the Baron
Protector of All Physicians & Healers

OOG (Romeo Villanueva)
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14 Sep 2018 10:54 #3 by Chris D (Brogan)
Replied by Chris D (Brogan) on topic The Deaths of Aria Silverbow
Sir Pluvious and I will be meeting on this matter this evening. She was under my protection and still is. I will give those responsible 1 month to turn themselves in. If they do not, I know who you are and I will come collect my debt for the death of one of mine. The Castellan will be posting an update tomorrow after our meeting. An attack against her is an attack against me. An attack against me is the same as an attack about the Shack and an insult to the Sultanate. I would recommend those guilty make the right choice and make it quickly. Captain I hope you can bring this matter to a swift and just end quickly.


Cyan Bloodbane

oog- Chris D
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