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07 Dec 2018 02:48 #1 by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
A request for Aid was created by Grimkjell Eirson (BillHannings)
Hjolda my friends and and comrades.

As most now know, the 6th division which was to hold the pass against the Legions of Gaaldron which were pressing towards Glangsdale have been pushed back. We will need help if we are to send the Skitna Hobgoblins back into Gaaldron, and I have a plan on how to concentrate the necessary forces to oppose their force of mighty warchiefs, and their numerous thralls and spear-carriers.

I know there are many fields of battle that demand attention in the struggle against Duke Balliol, but it is my estimation that the seat of the Church of light must be defended even at the highest of prices. It personally galled me to retreat against a superior force, but the needs of final victory outweigh any personal dishonor or desire for glory that might be sated by a bloody last stand.

So please, when Lord and Warmaster Aleister holds his council Friday night, spare a thought for Glangsdale and those that campaign there. Our northeast flank must not be turned or all our victories to the South and West will avail us less than we might otherwise have liked.

Yours in Service and honor,

IG: Sir Grimkjell Eirson
Knight of Pendarvin
Guardian of Mercy

OOG: William Hannings
Land system Marshal
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07 Dec 2018 15:20 - 07 Dec 2018 15:21 #2 by Ephrem (bamore62)
Replied by Ephrem (bamore62) on topic A request for Aid
It is true. The Sanctus Luminarium cannot fall. This place has held up even against the minions of Xualla during the demon incursions. A loss of such place would put us at a strategic disadvantage both in position and morale.

And I will smite this Duke myself if he seeks to set up an anti-Pontiff.

I am now in Alomialonde in Pendarvin attending to the refugees at the Church of Light Mission House. It seems that the Mission House has become our default hospital and a good waypoint for scouts. It's location has been advantageous as it is protected from most of the fighting. Thank the gods that we made preparations for such possibilities. I do believe civilian casualties have been kept to a minimum because of it. I am leaving for the Proper right now and will see you tonight before Lord Aleister's war council.

I will most willingly give aid to Glangsdale, the land of which I have traveled by foot (and staff) for many a pilgrimage.

Father Ephrem
Primus of the Church of Light in Travance
the Heart of Valos

OOG: Bryan Amore
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