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14 Aug 2019 16:05 #1 by Moostrav Potrevski ()
It's all gone. was created by Moostrav Potrevski ()

Could someone please get me in touch with a member of the guard. This had to be people right? All my livestock are dead from the chickens to the hogs, I have literally nothing left. Whoever did this better get his head rolled. I just don't know what to do here, least I got money from the past slaughter to try and rebuild. It's just disturbing to think people would mindlessly kill so many bloody animals like this.

I don't have much to spare but if you're looking to make a small bit of coin on the side, I could use help cleaning up.

Your concerned neighbor,
Sully McFillan

Moostrav Potrevski
1 of the 8 Heads of the Potrevski family

Jacob F.

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14 Aug 2019 16:18 #2 by Darius Goldmane ()
Replied by Darius Goldmane () on topic It's all gone.
Rest assured Mr. McFillan, whomever or whatever killed your livestock will not be allowed to continue their destructive path. Furthermore I can assure you that you will be compensated for your lost animals. I will be at your farm shortly to inspect the damages. I would request that you not seek to exact justice on your own. I believe that whatever did this to your livestock is far more dangerous than it may appear. I strongly suggest that you and yours make your way somewhere safe for the time being, or at the very least remain indoors after nightfall.

Darius Goldmane
Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard
Vassal of Kaladonia

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14 Aug 2019 22:46 #3 by Ephrem (bamore62)
Replied by Ephrem (bamore62) on topic It's all gone.
Sergeant Goldmane,
I received your message, but I am posting this publicly on the board for any who might also need aid.
The Church of Light has mission houses in each of the lands, the largest one in Ostcliff. We have food, shelter, and safety for any who are in need. I myself am in Alomiolande in Pendarvin, but there are also mission houses in Niedrillion of Kaladonia, Stortmouth of Dregamire, and Mordavia in Ostcliff - our largest which could hold the most refugees. We are even building one in Alisandria, but that is still in progress.
Send any who are in need to these places and we will see to their safety. We may even have Church funds that can help somewhat in the restoration of the farmer's livestock, although the lord of each land might have more resources to aid in this regard.

Yours in the Light,

Father Ephrem
Primus of the Church of Light in Travance
et Cor Valosi

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15 Aug 2019 20:16 #4 by Moostrav Potrevski ()
Replied by Moostrav Potrevski () on topic It's all gone.

Ain't them all full with them troy folk, whole bunch them other peoples been taken in I thought? Don worry, lot of us just stayin with family closer to the proper, should be safer. Well, I mean some worry'd be nice in regaurds to these blights you talking bout.

Kevin J.

Moostrav Potrevski
1 of the 8 Heads of the Potrevski family

Jacob F.
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