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15 Aug 2019 03:05 #1 by Darius Goldmane ()
Blight Confirmed was created by Darius Goldmane ()
I can now confirm that we are dealing with blight. Lieutenant Silverfang and I visited Sully McFillan's farm yesterday and found a scene of carnage. Every animal had been slaughtered, mutilated, and left to rot. This was not a small farm either, the whole place was truly gruesome. It positively reeked of blight, and not just one if the level of destruction is anything to go by. We interviewed several other farmers in the surrounding areas, and they all reported similar things. These attacks are widespread, and according the reports I have seen appear to be coming from all over the proper. No pattern has yet emerged in the attacks, but I encourage everyone to begin searching for one. The sooner we can find the epicenter of this, the better.

Darius Goldmane
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15 Aug 2019 03:40 - 15 Aug 2019 03:46 #2 by Caelvan (Caelvan)
Replied by Caelvan (Caelvan) on topic Blight Confirmed
While I'm not glad this information is true. I am glad that we now know what enemy we are dealing with for certain.

Important things of note:

-Blights are weak to Starlight energies. If you have any way of using/obtaining these energies please use them.

-Blighted ground will look "dead" from a distance, however upon closer inspection it will look more as if the life was sapped out of the area more than if things have died.

Each individual Blight has a different strategy that they use to fight as well as a different part of nature they hunt.

If you see or encounter any feel free to post here for answers from those who know, or if you see me feel free to ask as I have a detailed journal of all the Blights that we have encountered so far in the Proper before this month.

Thank you,
Caelvan Renaith
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15 Aug 2019 10:45 #3 by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks)
Replied by Winks Sharpthorn (Winks) on topic Blight Confirmed

This seem like the best place to put down I think I run into these things too. Mates and I were clearcutting some dead wood, looking for stuff for the fireplace and also clearin' off the game trails. Come across a couple a full grown trees that shoulda been nice and healthy, but seemed all gray like. Billius, he walked up to it cuz he got an eye for such things, and I swear to any gods that'll listen somethin big jumped right out of the bark and ate him! Looked like some giant fish but what was made o' wood. And the teeth on it were huge! Ate up Billius in two bites, it did. I sure hope we don't have any cold nights anytime soon cuz I ain't for goin back out there for any more firewood.

-Marlon Gerrick

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15 Aug 2019 23:54 #4 by Django (Topgunwov)
Replied by Django (Topgunwov) on topic Blight Confirmed
As I sift through the plethora of messages left pertaining to this bizarre outbreak, I am unaware of what has been and hasn't been mentioned. I will say, however, that from me and my crew scouting the afflicted lands, we could find no clear "epicenter" of where the outbreak may be stemming from (our goal was to divine the existence of such a place.) It seems to be affecting everywhere relatively equally. We ended our mission when the presence of some unknown entity was felt to be following us. I remain unclear as to whether or not this entity, or any entity, has continued to follow us. I have taken to gathering at my ship to continue my surveillance along the coasts, but it seems there is little to no noticeable activity along the shores. I will let it be known if I discover anything new.

If I am not present in the proper upon next Friday evening, assume the worst.

Commodore Django, the Sunseeker
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16 Aug 2019 04:16 #5 by O. Nesterin (kuemanner)
Replied by O. Nesterin (kuemanner) on topic Blight Confirmed

To this day we do not know where blights come from, how they are created (other than rituals by blight druids), and how they form every time they appear. Unfortunately, despite literal years of fighting these things we are no closer to finding any sort of epicenter for any form of blight.

You probably felt the presence of a Nightstalker. When their trail goes cold, you become the prey. Watch your backs at all times and do not travel alone.

Ser Oacenth Nesterin
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16 Aug 2019 11:12 #6 by Cara Easton (Raeelle)
Replied by Cara Easton (Raeelle) on topic Blight Confirmed
Blight is Druidic Aberrations, and we don’t know much more of them than that. Hopefully we can continue to study them to learn how to stop them.

In my time around the proper and in the outskirts of Albriar the last week or so I’ve found confirmed cases of Blight, including colorless formless flames that are attacking people. My experience with Druidic Aberrations is admittedly less thorough than Arcane ones, so I’m unsure if we’ve encountered Blight such as these before and if we know much information on them.

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16 Aug 2019 16:03 #7 by Darius Goldmane ()
Replied by Darius Goldmane () on topic Blight Confirmed
Those sound like Greyflame, which has been seen before. Caelvan has posted a complete list of all the blights he has encountered, and he has some details on greyflame blights in it.

Darius Goldmane
Lieutenant of the Baronial Guard
Vassal of Kaladonia

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