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26 Dec 2019 21:07 - 26 Dec 2019 21:38 #1 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Current Red Glove Research and Information was created by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Hello Travance. Here is our current information in regards to the Red Glove.

Caelvan and Khala followed a group of archaeologists to a vault across the rift. It wasn’t long after that when a group of pirates attacked and slaughtered all of the archaeologists. They followed the group of pirates for a while and saw a few other things, including a strange tablet with runes on it. They speculate that it was part of this “Pieces of the Eternal Lock” artifact they are looking for, but are not absolutely sure on that.

Once they got to their base star globes were used and Caelvan and Khala were discovered. They tried to gate out, but a halfling woman used that strange artifact to cause their gates to open up about five feet to the left.

The High Priest of the Obsidian Raptors kept bragging that they are looking for something with the intent of killing everyone in the world. - It is assumed that this is the “Pieces of the Eternal Lock”.

An artifact was recovered and in studying the artifact it was determined that it is made from a Green Weave Strand and is something made by the Weavesmith. The artifact can redirect portals as well as keep two locations open in one place, it also has similar markings to what are on the Gates of Passage.

Django is leading an assault on their naval forces. If anyone would like to be involved in that please reach out to Django. Of note, sailors, be informed to watch out for the individual “Captain Bloody Bess” - her ship has some kind of mystical power connected to it, this is being currently researched, will update with our findings.

The Sagewardens, and anyone else interested, are conducting research on many things connected to this information, if anyone would like to be involved please send a raven to Sagewardens Keep addressed to Khala. ((OOG: I will add you to the ongoing research document))

This posting will be updated as we collect information and the fruits of our research and naval patrols yield results.

~Khala Stormbringer

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
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27 Dec 2019 11:43 - 27 Dec 2019 12:33 #2 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic Current Red Glove Research and Information
The Obtained Weavesmith object.-
The creator found a way to smith the green strand, folding end over end into this shape and make it solid, crystalized almost. It was excited somehow, like the state of matter was changed. It was laid end over end on itself and the different pieces of the strand were forged into a whole, like folding steel and hammering it down. The grooves in it aren’t etched lines, they are places where the strand didn’t bond fully; the way the lines go together help hold it.

The object is fairly old, hundreds of years at least. It’s physical form is as stable as any object, and while it might, in theory, be possible to break it down to reclaim the strand within, that would take effort, and further understanding of its construction. It is also currently broken. Burnt out. It’s connection is severed.

The Red Glove -
There are whispers of a pirate called Bloody Bess and the bodies she’s left behind, but word is passed around in taverns and on ships, and in dangerous parts of the world. Leads are found: directions, names, and ports that will ensure those at sea don’t spend their time sailing around aimlessly. We are passing these leads off to Django and his crew.

It is definite that Bloody Bess existed before Osric was knighted by the Empire. The Obsidian Raptors existed long before then. How exactly they are related, or came together will require more digging.

The Weave Smith -
The Elf known as the Weavesmith, was a crafter of amazing objects who lived and worked in the early days of Quinyaria. The name (or title) could be translated from Tyrelian either to “Weave Smith” or “Weave Forger.” The name as a family name does seem to trace to a time after most Weave Smith objects were created.

The Lock Eternal-
We found a number of works written by a number of academics in which they discuss the possibility that it exists. There’s a lot of theorizing on what it would mean if it did, these works reference something called “The Gauntlet Eternal” as the only real proof that it might. Thanks to an eyewitness account from Darius last feast, we theorize that Ser Osric may already have the Gauntlet - which looks like a red gauntlet decorated with gems.

Academics to Contact-
Colin Flammel has opinions on the matter. It seems a few of the works we found are pseudonyms of his that argue over the different theories of the Lock Eternal. Dr Abner Livingston and Dr. Tara Seigfried have a lot of theories about the practical application of the Weave Smith’s work. Essvale Verrain offers a lot of Elven insight. Isabelle Baker holds the record for Weave Smith artifacts found, including the most recent.

~Khala Stormbringer

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Keladry Aybara

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27 Dec 2019 13:44 - 27 Dec 2019 13:45 #3 by Jenn Cutter (Jenn)
Replied by Jenn Cutter (Jenn) on topic Current Red Glove Research and Information
I have already reached out to Isabelle Baker regarding the Weavesmith and have invited them to tea this coming feast. I will update when I receive their response.

I can also reach out to Colin if no one else has.

Dr. Selby Wainwright
Viceroy of Albriar
Quartermaster of the Blood Spirits Mercenary Company
Acting Guildmaster of the Travancian Crafters Guild

OOG Jenn Cutter
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27 Dec 2019 14:29 #4 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic Current Red Glove Research and Information
I was actually thinking of reaching out to Colin. Always enjoyed getting to chat with him and it would be nice to see him again. But if someone else wants to do it instead I don't mind.

Khala Stormbringer

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Keladry Aybara

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12 Jan 2020 11:59 #5 by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme)
Replied by Khala Stormbringer (Jymme) on topic Current Red Glove Research and Information
I got some small tidbits of information to add.

The Obsidian Raptors are essentially Osric's "acquisitions team". Baliol knighted Osric so that the team could be used for him as well. Bloody Bess is considered part of the "research team" along with two others that I do not know the names of. All I was given about one of the two was that they were a "pirate without a ship". In addition, there are no records of the Red Glove's existence before Baliol's reign.

I urge anyone else with information to send it to us at the Sagewardens so we can continue compiling or even just post it here if you would rather do that. Even if research isn't your strong point, but you have questions that you would like us to look into, feel free to field those to us and we will see what we can do about getting you the answers.

Khala Stormbringer

Main Character: Khala Stormbringer
Alt: Keladry Aybara

OOG: JymmeAnne Walton

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12 Jan 2020 14:32 #6 by Aleister (Aleister)
Replied by Aleister (Aleister) on topic Current Red Glove Research and Information
For those not in the know,. The Obsidian Raptors are a fanatical Galmachian Assassin Guild. Mostly murder for hire, but they take a dear amount of pleasure in their work. Notably, they have attacked in the past under service of demons and other groups who just want easy killers to push in a direction. We haven't heard from them in a while, but they are very dangerous. Sometimes they have been escorted by creatures that appear as floating skeletal hands that rip the souls out of the nearly dead. The only solution to dealing with those is simply keep our allies off the ground.

They have also used a cypher in the past. I will see if I can dig up the specifics of the cypher when I find the book I wrote it all in.

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-Steve Oros
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14 Jan 2020 13:16 #7 by Naranbaatar Aiki (aikichi)
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Obsidian Raptors aside. The man known as "Osric" is being used as an agent to locate legendary anchor points as per my request. A deal has been made as such "Osric" is my charge until our arrangements are met in full. When the war ended so did Sir Osric. When the time comes to meet I ask that I am able to treat with "Osric".

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Yesterday 21:17 #8 by Starling (starling)
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To all whom it may concern,

Over the last night and day, we’ve learned a great deal about the artifacts that the Red Glove have set their sights on, and I have organized and transcribed my notes for any who wish to read and learn:

The Weavesmith, whose given name was Delleras Sol, was a Quinarian sorcerer who lived and worked approximately 700 years ago. They crafted a wide variety of objects that were crafted with, and now somehow contain, weave strands of various colors.

Their goal was to provide the effects of sorcery to those who could not practice it themselves; it seems they did their work in a demiplane known as the Arcanist’s Forge. To our understanding, nobody has been there since Delleras.

These objects are very delicate - being jostled, dropped, or, for instance, kicked, can damage them and render them inoperable.

Known Weavesmith Artifacts:
(all of the following have been proven or conjectured to have been produced more than once)
Iron Cage Configuration: uses a red strand. Seals an object within it, or seals a container closed. Travance has an operating Iron Cage Configuration in our possession.
Unwound Clock: uses an orange strand. Halts aging and entropy.
Eyes of a Thousand: uses a purple strand. Allows scrying.
Arcane Crossroads: uses a green strand. Creates temporary relocation of one space to another.
Name Unknown: strand used unknown. A small gem that wards a fairly large area in the way a Sanctuary might.

The Lock Eternal and the Gauntlet Eternal:
These two artifacts, unlike the others, appear to be one of a kind each, and until recently have only been rumored to exist.
The Lock Eternal is exactly what it sounds like - a lock that seals off another demiplane known as the Tower of the Blinding Glory (n.b. I think this is the accurate name - it was at this point in taking my notes that a bar fight broke out with those who we discovered were hired or sent by Bloody Bess, so if someone can corroborate that I’d appreciate it - my notes are quite messy after that).
Nobody seems confident of what, exactly, is in that Tower, aside from a general agreement that it’s something quite bad. It seems that legend holds that it can only be opened on the twenty-ninth day of the second month of the year. (Which, if you’ll recall, is a date only recognized once every four years.)
The Lock Eternal sealed this place off - and then someone (perhaps the Weavesmith?) split the Lock into many pieces and scattered them, to prevent it being opened again.
The Gauntlet Eternal is, as I understand, the key to the Lock, and we can confirm it is in possession of Ser Osric.

This afternoon, we ventured into a temple in northern Coasthaven, wherein was buried an Iron Cage Configuration in working condition, and sealed. Essvale Verrain and Isablle Baker accompanied us, and proved that their aims align with ours as far as countering the Red Glove’s attempts to secure more of the Weavesmith artifacts. A member of the Red Glove, Dr. Tara Seigfried, arrived, along with a member of the Obsidian Raptors and quite a few of Bess’s thugs. Dr. Seigfried was chased off before she could try to take the Configuration for herself. We successfully opened it, and found inside two objects - one, we strongly believe to be a piece of the Lock Eternal, and one is a stone tablet that appears to be a map that leads to this temple, an Arcane Font that can be used to repair the Arcane Crossroads, and two other destinations we are as of yet uncertain of. (One looks suspiciously like a tower, though.)

With Essvail’s help, we will be attempting to repair the Arcane Crossroads as quickly as we can, well before the twenty-ninth of February. The piece of the Lock and the stone map are under close protection.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if I have omitted something or you wish for a point of clarification.

Aiki, I have a fast question - is there a reason you place Ser Osric's name in quotation marks? Is there something about the man's identity that we should know?

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Yesterday 22:25 #9 by O. Nesterin (kuemanner)
Replied by O. Nesterin (kuemanner) on topic Current Red Glove Research and Information
Sq Talaniel,

I do not know if this is relevant to our needs but I magically memorized the Arcane Crossroads, while it was still working, during our meeting with Ser Osric. If that is of any use in getting it up and running, please do let me know.

Ser Oacenth Nesterin
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Today 07:15 #10 by Aria (Aria)
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I know you are already aware of this, but any way that I may be of service to this please let me know. Certainly I have great interest and very much want to see these items in the right hands.

Tari Zhafirah Stonebar Deldragon
Dean of Arcane Studies of the Darkwood Acadamy of the Metaphysical Arts

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